Pepsi And 7 Eleven Collaborate To Introduce A Revolutionary Concept Store In Malaysia

The 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store will offer customers with an enhanced shopping experience shaking up the local retail scene.

(L-R) Khalid Alvi, Chief Executive Officer, Etika Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei) and Wong Wai Keong, Co-Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven Malaysia at the launch of the first 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concep
Offering customers with an interactive and unique shopping experience, 7-Eleven and Pepsi today announced that they have collaborated to launch the first ever 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store in Malaysia. Unlike regular convenience marts, this revolutionary concept store located at DA Square at Damansara Avenue not only showcases the beverage brand, but also seeks to provide a unique and convenient experience through attractive in-store activities and a wider offerings selection thus elevating their everyday shopping experiences.

In the post COVID-19 world, where online shopping has accelerated to staggering speeds, it becomes important for retailers to reimagine their business practices and turn attention to how they can take customer shopping experiences to the next level. Along with introducing the latest and in-demand products and services, retailers also need to draw focus on building omnichannel experiences and introducing ‘retailtainment’ experiences for customers.

This means that customers not only come to brick and mortar establishments to stock up on essentials, but instead look forward to having in-store experiences that allows them to enjoy personalised and interactive experiences that are lacking while shopping online.

“Inspired by Pepsi’s brand spirit, we have adopted a bold attitude to experimenting and creating new experiences that our customers will thoroughly enjoy. Whether it is coming up with limited-edition cans or creating a collection inspired by pop culture such as the Pepsi X BLACKPINK campaign,” said Khalid Alvi, Chief Executive Officer – Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei at Etika Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

“Our partnership with 7-Eleven is an extension of Pepsi’s BOLD and innovative attitude as we bring new in-store experiences for customers in Malaysia. With the launch of this unique 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store, customers will be able to enjoy some of our new offerings, personalised experiences and even shop for exciting Pepsi merchandise and fan collection pieces that will redefine their shopping experiences,” added Khalid.

The bold and exciting new look of the first 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store in Malaysia.

Stepping foot inside the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store, customers will be able to experience several interactive activities such as floor projections, infinity mirrors, their favourite BLACKPINK music in the background, interactive pong games and a neon photo area in true millennial fashion to spice up their Instagram feed. Customers will also be able to try some great new snacks at the store’s Lay’s corner, a flavourful wall of crisps from across the globe.

In addition, 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store will also have a café area where customers can relax with their favourite Pepsi products and 7-Eleven’s extensive ready-to-eat meals and snacks. All in all, the concept store elevates the buy and go shopping behaviour, creating a space for shoppers to discover new products and experience a range of fun-filled engagements.

“As the No.1 convenience store chain in the country, 7-Eleven is proud to be partnering with Pepsi as we bring to life our first, of which there are more to come, experiential concept store catering to the needs of our younger and trend-conscious customers. Through this collaboration, we will further strengthen our position as the undisputed leading one-stop convenience brand as we continuously seek innovative and fun ways to enhance our customer’s shopping experience with us,” said Wong Wai Keong, Co-Chief Executive Officer of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

“Our maiden concept store with Pepsi not only provides a one of a kind experience to visitors but also allows us to showcase our wider and improved range of fresh food and beverages. We have delectable onigiris, freshly made chilled sandwiches and other ready-to-eat meals, a wide assortment of packaged bakery and our ever popular skewered snacks, aptly named “Cocoks” that even comes with a selection of dipping sauces. For our beverage selections, the choices are extensive and include our evergreen Slurpee, freshly made to order bean to cup brews and a selection of premium craft beers. Customers can also look forward to an extensive range of imported products from around the world, from confectionery to exclusive health & beauty selections such as Boots, UK’s No.1. skincare brand, featuring its popular Vitamin C and Cucumber range,” added Wai Keong.

Expressing his excitement, Lee Yen Foong, General Manager of TA Global, said “We are thrilled to welcome 7-Eleven and Pepsi to DA Square @ Damansara Avenue and congratulations once again for bringing in the first ever revolutionary concept store to Malaysia. With the new addition to DA Square @ Damansara Avenue, we look forward to providing a new, unique and exciting experience to the community of Bandar Sri Damansara and beyond.”

Exciting contest and exclusive deals in conjunction with launch of the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store
Staying true to the motto of offering new customer experiences, Pepsi has announced an exciting social media contest to encourage netizens to visit the newly launched concept store.

Starting today, customers who visit the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store can click photos of themselves in store and share them on their social media channels with a creative caption and hashtag #pepsiconceptstore. Throughout the contest, 80 Pepsi fans of the most exciting posts will stand a chance to win limited-edition Pepsi x Pestle and Mortar T-shirts. The contest will run for one month with entries being accepted already. For more details about the contest, kindly visit Pepsi or 7-Eleven Malaysia Facebook page or

In addition, Pepsi will also offer a redemption of the limited-edition PEPSI x BLACKPINK premium box consisting of 4 bottles of Pepsi Black Pink, BLACKPINK poster and cards with purchase of RM20 and above on Pepsi products in a single receipt. Only 50 units are available per day on a first-come-first-serve basis so hurry and make your way to the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store @ DA Square for your chance to redeem while stock lasts!

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