Part 1 The Best Of Korean Drama 2020

hi there , banyak gila korean drama yang best best tahun ni. Memang pulunlah layan kdrama bila anak-anak tidur. 
Tengok kdrama pun salah satu cara aku nak ber-ME TIME untuk diri sendiri. Biasanya tengok sebelah malam sahaja apabila baby Nami masuk tidur.
Since ada banyak sangat drama yang best-best, jadi aku listkan korean drama yang menarik sangat untuk korang tonton.
Biasanya untuk korean drama , aku tengok di VIU dan VIKI. Baru juga install IQIYI, not bad. Ada few drama yang VIU dan VIKI tidak keluarkan , so bolehlah layan kdrama di IQIYI. 
Jom semak senarai The Best Korean Drama 2020.
365: Repeat The Year

A story of 10 people who get the chance to go back to one year ago and change their destiny, But they are involved in mysterious events and face a destiny they never expected. Ji Hyung Jo (Lee Joon Hyuk) used to be part of the traffic police but was promoted when he arrested a wanted criminal. Shin Ka Yun (Nam Ji Hyun) is a webtoon writer called “Hidden Killer”. She experiences a sudden incident. Ka Yun along with Hyung Jo and eight others get the chance to “reset” their lives.
Main Cast
Lee Joon Hyuk as Ji Hyung Jo
Nam Ji Hyun as Shin Ka Yun
Kim Ji Soo as Lee Shin
A Piece of Your Mind

This drama is a romantic comedy between an AI programmer and a recording engineer.
Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) is an artificial intelligence programmer who founded the company M&H. He is very serious about his work though he seldom gets angry and is known as being a kind person. Meanwhile, Han Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) is a classical recording engineer who has a positive and bright personality despite her family and social issues. She likes to solve math problems when she is feeling down.
Main Cast
Jung Hae In as Moon Ha Won
– Nam Da Reum as Ha Won (young)
Chae Soo Bin as Han Seo Woo
Lee Ha Na as Moon Soo Ho
Kim Sung Kyu as Kang In Wook
While investigating a mysterious case, a stoic police detective discovers the existence of time travelers from the future visiting the present though a strange hotel called ‘Alice’. The detective tries to prevent negative things happening through ‘Alice’, but ends up encountering a version of his dead girlfriend, a brilliant physicist who seems to hold the key to time travel.Main cast
Kim Hee Sun as Yoon Tae Yi / Park Sun Young
Joo Won as Park Jin Kyum
– Moon Woo Jin as Jin Kyum (child)
Kwak Shi Yang as Yoo Min Hyuk
Lee Da In as Kim Do Yun
Kim Sang Ho as Go Hyung Suk
Choi Won Young as Suk Oh Won
Backstreet Rookie

It’s about a former troublemaker applies for a job at a convenience store owned by the same man who ran errands for her a few years ago.
Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) runs into a group of female high school students, including Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung). The girls look like troublemakers. Jung Saet Byul asks Choi Dae Hyun to do an errand for them, which is to buy cigarettes from a convenience store. Choi Dae Hyun buys the cigarettes for them and Jung Saet Byul gets his cellphone number, but he never gets a call from her.
4 years later, Choi Dae Hyun is now 33 years old. He runs a small convenience store after he quit his job at a large company. He is looking for a part-time worker to work the night shift at his convenience store. Jung Saet Byul comes to his store and she soon starts to work there. She is not a troublemaker anymore. Jung Saet Byul is now a university student and guided by her strong morals.
Main cast
Kim Yoo Jung as Jung Saet Byul
Ji Chang Wook as Choi Dae Hyun
Do Sang Woo as Jo Seung Joon
Han Sun Hwa as Yoo Yun Joo
Ahn Sol Bin as Jung Eun Byul
Bad Love

This drama tells the story of a woman who struggles amidst a big whirlwind of fate, and her unconditional motherly love.Main Cast
Shin Go Eun as Choi So Won
Lee Sun Ho as Han Jae Hyuk
Cha Min Ji as Choi Eun Hye
Oh Seung Ah as Hang Yun Soo
Yoon Jong Hwa as Han Min Hyuk
Birthcare Center

Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won) has a glittering career in her work life. She is the youngest member on the board of executives at the company she works at and is proficient in everything she does. But when she delivers her first child, she is in for a shock. 
Giving birth was far more difficult than she had expected, and she quickly discovers that although she is good at all things work-related, she hasn’t got the first clue about how to bring up a baby. After being discharged from hospital, she heads to a postpartum care center – an exclusive establishment where even A-list stars come to get postpartum care. 
She is dismayed to realize that she is the oldest mother in the center, and embarrassed to notice that everyone else seems to know what they are doing when it comes to looking after babies. Fortunately, the other mothers at the center prove inspirational. 
Among their number is Jo Eun Jung (Park Ha Sun), aka ‘the Queen Bee’ – a seemingly perfect mother whom everyone wants to befriend in order to learn childcare secrets. And Choi Hye Suk (Jang Hye Jin) is the charismatic center manager, having knowledge about everything related to childcare.Main Cast
Uhm Ji Won as Oh Hyun Jin
Park Ha Sun as Jo Eun Jung
Jang Hye Jin as Choi Hye Suk
Yoon Park as Kim Do Yoon
Black Dog

This drama is going to draw a plain and unfamiliar school story. It will tell the stories of teenagers and the things that happen in school. Black Dog is about a story of a young woman who gets a short-term teaching position and does her best to fight for students’ dreams in school. The drama will take a deep look into the lives of teachers and provide commentary on society through the microcosm of a school setting.Main Cast
Seo Hyun Jin as Go Ha Neul
Ra Mi Ran as Park Sung Soon
Ha Joon as Do Yeon Woo
Born Again

This drama is about a detective, his lover, and an obsessed serial killer from the 1980s are reincarnated as a prosecutor, an archaeologist, and a medical student in the present day.
Main Cast
Jang Ki Yong as Kong Ji Chul (1980s) / Chun Jong Bum (present day)
Jin Se Yun as Jung Ha Eun (1980s) / Jung Sa Bin (present day)
Lee Soo Hyuk as Cha Hyung Bin (1980s) / Kim Soo Hyuk (present day)
Brilliant Heritage

This drama is a warm and educational family drama about a 33 year-old unmarried woman conspires to marry a millionaire in his 80s and looking for family love with his four handsome sons.
Main Cast
Kang Se Jung as Kong Kye Ok
Shin Jung Yoon as Boo Sul Ahk
Chip In

This is a mystery tracking drama about the fierce battle of brains over tens of billions of won of property by a famous artist.
Yoo Bit Na (Kim Hye Joon) is the daughter of a famous painter, who owns billions of won in property. A fierce battle takes place over the property, with Bit Na becoming involved. She tries to figure out the truth.
Main Cast
Kim Hye Joon as Yoo Bit Na
Han Soo Hyun as Dok Ko Chul
Oh Na Ra as Kim Ji Hye

The story of a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamed of becoming a cook, and a woman who became a cook because of him.
Lee Kang (Yoon Kye Sang) is a neurosurgeon, who once dreamed of becoming a chef. As a child, Moon Cha Young (Ha Ji Won) once met Lee Kang at a small restaurant in the seaside town. 
There, Lee Kang cooked and gave her a meal, which in part inspired her to become a world-famous chef. Many years later, the two meet again at a hospice ward and together they heal their own emotional scars by preparing meals for the patients there.
Main Cast
Yoon Kye Sang as Lee Kang
– Oh Ja Hun (오자훈) as Lee Kang (young)
Ha Ji Won as Moon Cha Young
– Kim Bo Min as Moon Cha Young (young)
Jang Seung Jo as Lee Joon (Lee Kang’s brother)
– Kang Tae Ung (강태웅) as Lee Joon (young)
Yoo Teo as Kwon Min Sung
Min Jin Woong as Moon Tae Hyun (Cha Young’s fraternal twin brother)
– Kim Min Joon as Tae Hyun (young)
Crash Landing on You

The series tells the secret romance between a South Korean heiress of a conglomerate and a high-ranking North Korean officer.
Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. One day, while paragliding, an accident caused by strong winds leads Yoon Se Ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she meets Lee Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin), who is a North Korean army officer. He tries to protect her and hide her. Soon, Lee Jung Hyuk falls in love with Yoon Se Ri.
Main Cast
Hyun Bin as Ri Jung Hyuk
– Kim Seung Chan as Jung Hyuk (teen)
Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri
– Kim Tae Yun as Se Ri (young)
Seo Ji Hye as Seo Dan (Jung Hyuk’s fiancée)
– Park Seo Yeon as Seo Dan (teen)
Kim Jung Hyun as Koo Seung Joon
Diary of a Prosecutor

This drama is based on the novel of the same name by prosecutor Kim Woong (김웅) which was published on 2018-Jan-19 by Bookie.
It’s tell the stories of overworked prosecutors’s daily lives in Seoul.
Lee Su Woong (Lee Sun kyun) works as a prosecutor in the district office in Jinyoung. He seems relaxed and doesn’t appear to have a desire to succeed. Meanwhile, Cha Myung Joo (Jung Ryu Won) is an elite prosecutor on the fast track in the Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul. One day, she is suddenly transferred to the district public prosecutor’s office in Jinyoung.
Main Cast
Lee Sun kyun as Lee Sun Woong
Jung Ryu Won as Cha Myung Joo
Lee Sung Jae as Jo Min Ho
Kim Kwang Gyu as Hong Jong Hak
Lee Sang Hee as Oh Yoon Jin
Jeon Sung woo as Kim Jung Woo
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

This drama is about a financially struggling pianist with a bright personality meets a warm-hearted free spirit at a small private piano academy in a country village.
Goo Ra Ra (Go Ah Ra) is a pianist. She has bright personality. Something happened that caused her to become bankrupt. She doesn’t have anything now and she is frustrated with her situation. Meanwhile, Sun Woo Joon (Lee Jae Wook) doesn’t care what other people think about him, but he has a warm heart. He is free spirited and doesn’t have a specific dream or goal for his life. He makes ends meet by working part-time jobs. They meet at the small private piano academy LaLa Land in a country village.
Main Cast
Go Ah Ra as Goo Ra Ra
Lee Jae Wook as Sun Woo Joon
Kim Joo Hun as Cha Eun Suk
Shin Eun Soo as Jin Ha Young (Jin Sook Kyung’s daughter)
Seo Yi Sook as Jo Yoon Shil
Do You Like Brahms?
Gifted classical music students pursue their dreams at a prestigious university and just may also discover love along the way.
Main Cast
Park Eun Bin as Chae Song Ah
Kim Min Jae as Park Joon Young
– Park Sang Hoon as Joon Young (young)
Kim Sung Chul as Han Hyun Ho
Park Ji Hyun as Lee Jung Kyung
– Shin Soo Yun as Jung Kyung (young)
Lee Yoo Jin as Yoon Dong Yoon
Bae Da Bin as Kang Min Sung
Eighteen Again

Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) is married to 37-year-old Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun). They have have 18-year-old son and daughter. Jung Da Jung works hard as a rookie announcer and she has a warm heart. She becomes completely fed up with her husband and is unable to deal with him anymore. Hong Dae Young got fired from his job and he is looked down upon by his family. Jung Da Jung hands him divorce papers.
Meanwhile, Hong Dae Young looks at himself as an ordinary jobless middle-aged man. He regrets his life. At that moment, his body changes into that of an 18-year-old year old person, while his mind is still that of his 37-year-old self. Back in his teenage days, Hong Dae Young (Lee Do Hyun) was an excellent basketball player and also popular. Now, with his regained 18-year-old body, he changes his name to Go Woo Young and begins to live a new life.
Main Cast
Kim Ha Neul as Jung Da Jung
– Han So Eun as Da Jung (teen)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Hong Dae Young
– Lee Do Hyun as Hong Dae Young (teen)
Lee Do Hyun as Go Woo Young
Kim Yoo Ri as Ok Hye In
Wi Ha Joon as Ye Ji Hoon
Kim Kang Hyun as Ko Duk Jin
Lee Mi Do as Choo Ae Rin
Noh Jung Ui as Hong Shi Ah
Rye Un as Hong Shi Woo

This drama is about a model high school student who’s steeped in a world of serious crime finds his double life upended when a classmate takes an interest in his secret.
Kim Dong Hee as Oh Ji Soo
Jung Da Bin as Seo MinHee
Park Joo Hyun as Bae Gyu Ri
Nam Yoon Soo as Gi Tae
Fatal Promise
This is a fierce revenge melodrama about a girl who is pushed to the edge of a cliff while fighting the unjust and a man who breaks his promise with her and starts a family of his own, reuniting 7 years later.
Cha Eun Dong (Park Ha Na) is a girl that always stands up against injustice. This places her and her family into a difficult situation. Around this time, Kang Tae In (Go Se Won) makes a promise to Cha Eun Dong. The promise is vital to Cha Eun Dong and her family, but he breaks his promise. His broken promise causes the destruction of Cha Eun Dong’s family. 7 years passes …
Main Cast
Park Ha Na as Cha Eun Dong
Go Se Won as Kang Tae In
Kang Tae Sung as Choi Joon Hyuk
Park Tae In as Oh Hye Won
Lee Chang Wook as Han Ji Hoon
Find Me in Your Memory

This is a melodrama romance revolves around Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook), a man with hyperthymesia with a condition that gives people the ability to remember an abnormally vast amount of their life experiences in vivid detail, and Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young), a woman who has forgotten the most important moments of her life. 
The two people with similar scars fatefully cross paths one day and come to love each other.
Main Cast
Kim Dong Wook as Lee Jung Hoon
Moon Ga Young as Yeo Ha Jin

Flower of Evil

This is a drama about a man who hides his cruel past and changes his identity, while his detective wife tracks down his past.
Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) is a detective. She is married to Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Ki) and they a daughter. Baek Hee Sung seems like a committed husband and father, but he hides his cruel past and lives under another person’s identity. He deceives his wife completely. Cha Ji Won learns of his deception and chases his past.
Main Cast
Lee Joon Ki as Do Hyun Soo / Baek Hee Jung
– Park Hyun Joon (박현준) as Hyun Soo (teen)
– Cha Sung Je (차성제) as Hyun Soo (child)
Moon Chae Won as Cha Ji Won
Jang Hee Jin as Do Hae Soo
– Im Na Young (임나영) as Hae Soo (teen)
– Lee Chae Yoon (이채윤) as Hae Soo (child)
Seo Hyun Woo as Kim Moo Jin
– Jung Taek Hyun (정택현) as Kim Moo Jin (young)
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This drama is about a lawyer and a reporter team-up to fight for those who have been falsely accused by the judicial system.
Main Cast
Kwon Sang Woo as Park Tae Yong
Bae Sung Woo as Park Sam Soo
Kim Joo Hyun as Lee Yoo Kyung
Jung Woong In as Jang Yoon Suk

This is a pre-produced drama. Filming was completed in 2019-August.
A drama about a rescue 119 worker whose life goal is to have more than 5 trillion won in personal assets and a female doctor trying to get ahead in the nation’s top university hospital, enter Miryung Forest where the wounded in soul gather.
Kang San Hyuk (Park Hae Jin) is a member of the 119 special rescue team. He is handsome and smart, but he does not remember his childhood. Meanwhile, Jung Young Jae (Jo Bo Ah) is an enthusiastic surgical resident.
Main Cast
Park Hae Jin as Kang Sun Hyuk
Jo Bo Ah as Jung Young Jae
Jung Yun Joo as Oh Bo Mi
Noh Kwang Shik (노광식) as Choi Chang

Baca: Tonton Forest Korean Drama (Starring Park Hae Jin dan Jo Bo Ah)Good Casting

Baek Chan Mi (Choi Kang Hee) was a legendary black agent for the NIS, but, due to her excessive work, her subordinate died and she missed catching her intended target. Baek Chan Mi was punished for that botched case and she now works in a cyber security team for the NIS. Baek Chan Mi is then selected to go undercover on a case involving intellectual property theft at Korea’s largest company.
Main Cast
Choi Kang Hee as Baek Chan Mi
Yoo In Young as Im Ye Eun
Kim Ji Young as Hwang Mi Soon
Lee Sang Yeob as Yoon Suk Ho
Lee Jong Hyuk as Dong Kwan Soo
Lee Joon Young as Kang Woo Won
Graceful Friends

This drama is about the normal and peaceful lives of a group of 40-something couples is suddenly disturbed, when a murder rocks their town.
Main Cast
Yoo Joon Sang as Ahn Koong Chul (GM of High-Five Chicken franchise)
– Kwon Hyuk as Koong Chul (young)
Song Yoon Ah as Nam Jung Hae (psychiatrist, Koong Chul’s wife)
– Joo Ah Reum as Jung Hae (young)
Bae Soo Bin as Jung Jae Hoon (director of urology, divorcé)
– Han Min as Jae Hoon (young)
Kim Sung Oh as Jo Hyung Woo (X-rated movie director)
– Choi Dae Han (최대한) as Hyung Woo (young)
Kim Hye Eun as Kang Kyung Ja (owner of luxury bar, Hyung Woo’s wife)
Jung Suk Yong as Park Choon Bok (insurance company employee / foreign car dealer)
Lee In Hye as Yoo Eun Shil (Choon Bok’s wife)
Kim Won Hae as Chun Man Shik (civil servant)
– Park Sung Joon as Man Shik (young)
Kim Ji Young as Ji Myung Sook (Man Shik’s wife)
Han Da Gam as Baek Hae Sook (pub owner, the 5 men’s first love)
– Choi Soo Jung (최수정) as Hae Sook (young)
Lee Tae Hwan as Joo Kang San (golf instructor)

Gracious Revenge

A story of a woman who was raised as a tool for her mother’s revenge and her dangerous love life will be introduced.
Main Cast
Cha Ye Ryun as Han Yoo Jin
Choi Myung Gil as Jung Mi Ae / Carrie Jung (Real name: Cha Mi Yeon)
Kim Heung Soo as Goo Hae Jun
Baek Seung Hee or Oh Chae Yi (오채이) as Hong Se Ra
Lee Hae Woo as Denny Chung
Hi bye, Mama!

The drama is about a woman, Cha Yoo Ri (Kim Tae Hee) who after passing away in a tragic accident, is able to return to her husband, Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) and daughter for 49 days as a ghost.
Main Cast
Kim Tae Hee as Cha Yoo Ri
Lee Kyu Hyung as Jo Kang Hwa
Go Bo Kyul as Oh Min Jung
Hospital Playlist

This drama is planned for three seasons. It’s about 5 doctors who all attended the same medical school in 1999 are now friends and work together at the same hospital.
Main Cast
Jo Jung Suk as Ik Joon (hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery)
Yoo Yun Suk as Jung won (pediatric surgery)
Jung Kyung Ho as Joon Wan (cardiothoracic surgery)
Kim Dae Myung as Suk Hyung (obstetrics and gynecology surgery)
Jun Mi Do as Song Hwa (neurological surgery)
How to Buy a FriendThis drama is based on a webtoon by Kwon Laad (권라드) which was first published in 2018-April-17 via Daum Webtoon Company.
It’s about the “contract friendship” between an ordinary high school student and a young man known for using excessive force.
Park Chan Hong (Lee Shin Young) is an ordinary high school student. He has talent for writing and he gets pressured by his parents about his studies. 
Park Chan Hong doesn’t have any specific dreams. He is friends with Uhm Se Yoon (Kim So Hye), who attends the same high school. She is popular at school. Meanwhile, Heo Don Hyuk (Shin Seung Ho) is classmates with Park Chan Hong. Heo Don Hyuk is not interested in studying and he works to pay for his living expenses. 
One day, Heo Don Hyuk saves Park Chan Hong from a school bully. To pay for his rent, Heo Don Hyuk asks to borrow 300,000 won ($270 USD) from Park Chan Hong. 
Park Chan Hong lends him the money, but that money was supposed to pay for his private institute tuition fee. After school, Park Chan Hong now doesn’t have a place to go. He begins to spend time with Heo Don Hyuk.
Main Cast
Lee Shin Young as Park Chan Hong
Shin Seung Ho as Heo Dong Hyuk
Kim So Hye as Uhm Se Yoon
Min Do Hee as Choi Mi Ra
Oh Hee Joon as Oh Kyung Pyo
Jo Yi Hyun as Shin Seo Jung
Hyena (SBS)
This drama is about lawyers who cater to the upper class, the 1 percent. Though the main characters are lawyers, it is not a typical legal drama as they use the law as a weapon of survival.
Main Cast
Kim Hye Soo as Jung Geum Ja
Joo Ji Hoon as Yoon Hee Jae
If the Weather Is Good, I’ll Find You

This drama is based on novel of the same name by Lee Do Woo (이도우) which was published on 2018-June-28 by Sigongsa.
After several bad experiences, Mok Hae Won (Park Min Young) leaves Seoul for Bookhyun Village in Gangwon Province where she lived when she was little. There, she meets Im Eun Sub (Seo Kang Joon), a bookstore owner who lives a simple life.
Main Cast
Park Min Young as Mok Hae Won
Seo Kang Joon as Im Eun Sub
Sila Baca : Review When The Weather is Fine Kdrama (Starring Park Min Young dan Kang Seo Joon) || Review Full Episode
Into The Ring
Koo Se Ra (Nana) comes from a poor background, but she still manages to have bright personality. She supports herself by taking part-time work. 
She is famous in her local ward office for constantly filming civil complaints. Meanwhile, Seo Kong Myung (Park Sung Hoon) works as a fifth-grade public officer. 
He sticks to his principles no matter what and he does his job well. Other people do not like him due to his unfriendly personality. He gets involved with Koo Se Ra.
Main Cast
Nana as Goo Se Ra
– Kim Ha Yun as Se Ra (young)
Park Sung Hoon as Seo Kong Myung
– Seo Yoon Hyuk as Kong Myung (young)
Yoo Da In as Yoon Hee Soo
Han Joon Woo as Kim Min Jae
Ahn Nae Sang as Jo Maeng Duk

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

This drama is about a caregiver at a psychiatric ward who does not believe in love and a children’s book author with an antisocial personality disorder heal each other’s emotional wounds.
Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) works in the psychiatric ward. His job is to write down the patients’ conditions and to deal with unexpected situations, like if patients fight or they run away. He only earns about 1.8 million won (~$1,600 USD) a month. Meanwhile, Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) is a popular writer of children’s literature, but she is extremely selfish, arrogant and rude.
Main Cast
Kim Soo Hyun as Moon Kang Tae (caregiver)
– Moon Woo Jin as Kang Tae (young)
Seo Ye Ji as Ko Moon Young (children’s book author, antisocial personality disorder)
– Kim Soo In as Moon Young (young)
Oh Jung Se as Moon Sang Tae (autism spectrum disorder)
– Lee Kyu Sung as Sang Tae (young)
Park Gyu Young as Nam Joo Ri (mental health nurse)
– Park Seo Kyung (박서경) as Joo Ri (young)
Itaewon Class

This drama is based on webcomic “Itaewon Class” by “광진 / Kwang Jin” which was published from 2016-Dec-27 to 2018-July-3 via “Daum Webtoon“.
It’s tell the story of Park Sae Roy (Park Seo Joon) who is uncompromising in the face of injustice as he goes up against the food industry conglomerate in Itaewon. 
Meanwhile, Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) is a highly intelligent sociopath with the face of an angel but a completely different personality. Finally, Oh Soo Ah (Nara) is an honest and confident woman who was Park Sae Roy’s first love and is now an employee of a rival company.
Main Cast
Park Seo Joon as Park Sae Roy
Kim Da Mi as Jo Yi Seo
Yoo Jae Myung as Jang Dae Hee
Nara as Oh Soo Ah

This drama is about a man who is in shock of losing his daughter and a woman who lives in the past, struggling to save the ones they love.
Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok) is a very successful man with a great job and great family with his wife, violinist Kang Hyun Chae (Nam Gyu Ri) and daughter. But one day his daughter is kidnapped. To change the fate of his daughter he contacts Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young) one month in the past. Ae Ri is a hardworking women whose mother goes missing. She then is contacted by Seo Jin from the future.
Main Cast
Shin Sung Rok as Kim Seo Jin
– Lee Jung Joon (이정준) as Seo Jin (young)
Lee Se Young as Han Ae Ri
Ahn Bo Hyun as Seo Do Gyoon
Nam Gyu Ri as Kang Hyun Chae
Kingdom (Season 2)

This will be Netflix’s second Korean original series. It is adapted from the webcomic series “신의 나라 / Land of the Gods”, which was authored Writer Kim Eun Hee, her first venture into the webcomic industry, and drawn by Yang Kyung Il which was first published on 2015-July-23 by RHK. It’s planned for three seasons and season 1 already aired on 2019-Jan-25.
This drama is a zombie story based in the Joseon Dynasty. It is about a prince named Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon) who is framed as a traitor, but he discovers the truth about the people who have been starved to the extent of becoming monsters.
Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Chang
Bae Doo Na as Seo Bi
Ryu Seung Ryong as Jo Hak Jo
Kim Hye Jun as Queen
Kim Sang Ho as Moo Young
Kim Sung Kyu as Young Shin
Heo Joon Ho as Ahn Hyun
Jun Suk Ho as Jo Beom Pal
Park Byung Eun as Min Chi Rok
Kim Tae Hoon
Kim Jong Soo
Gianna Jun

Happy watching.
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2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For The Whole Family

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide from the Just One Cookbook team From parents kids bosses to friends we ve rounded up the best of the best gifts for everyone on your list READ
5 Best Cheap Tires Of 2020

5 Best Cheap Tires Of 2020

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We compiled the top five cheap tire brands The best cheap tires may not be the least expensive Consider your tires longevity when you consider the cost Affiliate disclosure Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you purchase th...
Best Radar Detectors With Dash Cameras 2020 Guide

Best Radar Detectors With Dash Cameras 2020 Guide

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If you re serious about road safety and protecting your car you need to account for every eventuality A good radar detector covers you from things like speed traps and red light cameras but it does nothing to help you in the case of an acci...
The Best Tips To Help You Secure Your Home

The Best Tips To Help You Secure Your Home

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Being certain that you have properly secured your home is something that most people are struggling for This is because not many people know what to keep in store for their home security purpose Here The post appeared first on
The Best 40 Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas That Will Leave You Breathless

The Best 40 Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas That Will Leave You Breathless

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Besides decorating the interior of your home for Christmas also you should pay attention to the exterior Make a magical atmosphere in your backyard that will be admired by all who pass by it Use The post appeared first on
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