Make Every Day Epic With Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Samsung’s latest S Series empowers you to easily share and connect with state-of-the-art camera and video, bold new design and streamlined connectivity capabilities

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+, the latest flagship devices that empower you to express yourself. Made for the way we live now, Galaxy S21 is loaded with state-of-the-art innovations so you can make the most of every moment. The new flagship series debuts a head-turning, iconic design, an epic pro-grade camera for users of any skill level and the most advanced processor ever in a Galaxy device. And each device offers the connectivity, power and performance that only Samsung can deliver.

“We are living in a mobile-first world, and with so many of us working remotely and spending more time at home, we wanted to deliver a smartphone experience that meets the rigorous multimedia demands of our continuously changing routines,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “We also recognize the importance of choice, especially now, and that’s why the Galaxy S21 series gives you the freedom to choose the best device for your style and needs.”

For over a decade, the Galaxy S series has delivered groundbreaking, flagship mobile experiences for people who rely on their smartphone for expression, connection and entertainment. The new Galaxy S21 series builds on this legacy to offer the premium flagship experience and make every day epic. Galaxy S21 will be available in a variety of models, so you can find the perfect complement for your personal style and needs. For users who demand a flagship mobile experience, with pro-grade camera innovations and top-of-the-line performance, at various price points, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ deliver in every category — and then some.

Bold New Style
With a bold new style, Galaxy S21 is built for expression. Galaxy S21 was designed for those who want a light design and compact 6.2-inch display [1]. Galaxy S21+ sports an expanded 6.7-inch display and a larger battery, perfect for marathon gamers and binge-watchers [2].

The Galaxy S21 series introduces an all-new, iconic Contour Cut Camera housing that seamlessly blends into the device’s metal frame for a sleek, yet striking, aesthetic. S21 and S21+ will be available in a range of eye-catching colors, including a new signature color: Phantom Violet. And each device is coated with a luxurious haze finish on the back for a sophisticated look and feel.

Galaxy S21 touts an intelligent, edge-to-edge Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling and viewing [3]. It automatically adjusts the frame rate based on the content whether you’re swiping through your social feeds or watching shows. The display is also easy on the eyes. To help reduce eye fatigue, the new Eye Comfort Shield [4] automatically adjusts the blue light based on the time of day, content you’re viewing, and your bedtime.

Make Everyday Moments Epic
Galaxy S21 continues Samsung’s legendary camera heritage with pro-grade enhancements and video innovations that enable users of every skill level to get the best shot. Whether you’re recording your puppy’s first encounter with a mirror, chronicling series game night antics or documenting spectacular views on a week-long road trip, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ have you covered. Just point, shoot and let Galaxy S21 do the heavy lifting — so you can capture the moment before it’s gone.

Improved 8K Snap lets you grab crystal clear images from your 8K video footage, so you can capture all the live action and get standout still shots every time you hit record. Even in fast-moving or bumpy conditions, your footage will be buttery-smooth with Super Steady video at an improved 60fps [5]. New Director’s View lets you see, switch, and select the best shot to tell your best story. Capture video with the front and rear cameras at once for real-time reactions with Vlogger View, and preview or change the angle, zoom or go wide without losing any action with Live Thumbnails. Paired with Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Pro [6], you can capture both ambient sounds and your voice at the same time using multiple mic recording [7].

That means you can set up Galaxy S21 in Pro Video Mode on a tripod and use Buds Pro as your voice mic, so you can step away and record speech, movement and background sound in crisp quality. With the power of AI, the popular Single Take [8] feature allows you to capture a variety of still and video formats with one tap. It has been enhanced with new pro-style video settings like Highlight Video and Dynamic Slow-Mo, which lets you focus on the most compelling action in stunning stills and highlight reels.

Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+’s AI-powered triple-lens pro-grade camera is designed for those times when you want to be more intentional and have more creative control. The camera system intuitively assesses and adjusts to your scene to ensure you can perfectly capture any environment. In Portrait Mode, the AI-powered camera leverages an improved 3D analysis that more accurately separates the subject from the background. It also brings in options for virtual studio lighting and AI background effects to make sure the subject pops from the frame. It also works for selfies too. For elusive faraway shots, whether you’re on a hike or sitting in the back row, improved Space Zoom helps you get clear and steady shots. The new Zoom Lock minimizes shaky hands and captures clearer images at 30x zoom on Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+, by leveraging AI to keep your focal point in the center of the frame. Plus, enhanced processing power means bright pictures, even in the dark, so you can do proper justice to gorgeous sunsets and skylines.

Connectivity and Performance That Delivers
Samsung is committed to helping you stay connected, and keeping your data secure, in more convenient and personalized ways. Galaxy S21 delivers next-generation performance and seamlessly connects you to the Galaxy Ecosystem to give you more flexibility, no matter your routine, so you can do more with confidence.

Galaxy users love and expect powerful experience. The Galaxy S21 features the latest and most advanced smartphone chipset yet in a Galaxy for greater speed, energy efficiency [9], and advanced computing capabilities to support 5G connectivity and on-device AI [10]. Galaxy S21 packs all the power you need to process photos, record 8K videos, enjoy a cloud gaming marathon and make the perfect video clips.

We rely on our smartphones more than ever, which is why protecting sensitive information is more important than ever. Galaxy S21 is secured by Samsung Knox Vault, Samsung’s own proprietary chipset level (SoC) security platform. By adding tamper-resistant secure memory to our secure processor, Samsung Knox Vault enables S21 to add a new layer of protection.

Galaxy S21 also introduces a new tool to protect and monitor your privacy. You can safely remove location metadata from photos before sharing. With Galaxy S21’s all-new Private Share function [11], you can also control who gets access to the content you send, and how long it’s available – so you can share content worry-free.

Galaxy S21 is designed to be used with other Galaxy devices and with SmartThings Find, it can help you quickly and easily locate your compatible Galaxy devices even when they’re offline. Whether you left your device in another room, under the seat of your car or in a completely different city, SmartThings Find will send you in the right direction. You can now locate non-connected devices, with Samsung’s new Galaxy SmartTag [12] Bluetooth locator. Simply attach a SmartTag to your keys, a bag or even your pet’s collar and you can use SmartThings Find to find the item or your pet.

Galaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G Specifications

*All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice.

[1] Display measurements are diagonal, and actual viewable area is less due to rounded corners and camera hole.
[2] Display measurements are diagonal, and actual viewable area is less due to rounded corners and camera hole.
[3] Compared to 60Hz screens.
[4] Eye Comfort Shield is ‘off’ by default, and must be turned on in Settings. SGS, the world’s leading certification company, awarded Galaxy S21 series’ display the Eye Care Certification based on its ability to drastically reduce the harmful effects of blue light. This certification can be found on
[5] Super Steady video is limited to 1080p resolution.
[6] Sold separately.
[8] Single Take captures images and video up to 15 seconds.
[9] Compared to Galaxy S20.
[10] Requires optimal 5G network connection, available in select markets. Check with your carrier for availability and details. Download and streaming speeds may vary based on content provider, server connection and other factors.
[11] Private Share works between Galaxy smartphones with Android P or later. App download required to send/receive Private Share link.
[12] Sold separately.

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