Loud Quarelsome Old Men Phenomenon

Retired Brigedier General Arshad Raji told Zakir Naik to shut for insulting Indians.

Apparently, Zakir Naik told the audience at his Kota Baru stadium speech that Malaysian Hindus should be thankful for the far better treatment they get from the majority Muslims in Malaysia than the treatment minority Muslims get from majority Hindus in India.

If Zakir wanted to expose the bad treatment of minority Indian Muslim, he could have reworded it in a more politically correct way than get himself entangled in local political exchanges.

Nevertheless, the overly talkative and opinionated retired soldier, Arshad usually miss the crux of issue and repeatedly need be corrected.

The matter was not about local Indians but Hindus.

So much for his sensitivity towards Indians, a former founder of IJM Berhad insulted our serviceman.

Where the f^¢& did he hid his loud mouth?

Denigrating soldier as farm labour

Former founder of IJN, Tan Sri Koon Yew Yin shot his mouth again.

This time he denigrated our soldiers as lazy and doing nothing. They should be sent to work in Felda plantation.

For one, this is another loud mouth that need to be corrected.

These soldiers train during peace time and are busy during conflicts or serious internal security problem that require soldiers intervention.

Does Koon prefer to see them busy?

If this numbnut money minded capitalist is trying to say to let our soldiers to do the hard, dirty and dangerous work taken up by foreign labours, it means his brain is in a timewarp.

This old school businessman seem is still stuck in the days of low valued cheap labour mindset thus soldiers trained to fight should be made to do menial labourer's work at government expense.

Stucked in FGV shares? 

Felda's plantation investment are commercial ventures thus it is a corrupted mindset of typical contractor and exploitative old Chinaman businessman to justify abusing soldier for Felda's commercial operation.

Certainly Felda's settlers have dignity not to exploit soldiers to toil their farm at government expense.

Perhaps Koon meant it as FGV. He recomended a BUY on FGV after its listing, but the price did not took off.

He then criticise Analyst for not recommending FGV stocks. One can only guess that he must have lost heavily on his investment on FGV shares and looking for a way out.

Booted by Perak government

In case the public forgot, Koon was the Tan Sri who admitted donating to PH campaign funds, but strangely certain DAP Perak leaders denied.

He then made some damning exposure for his sacking from Perak Board of Economic Advisory for dishonouring the Sultan.

Of well... if his solution to address the problem of lazy soldiers is to redeploy them to "Felda plantation", then it is fair to sack him.


Economics and business are two different areas.

Some economist understand business and could be successful as businessmen. But not all can be so, including as corporate man.

More so, if the economist exposure is no more than ecconomic analyst which is similar to the level of credit analyst in Banks. Credit analyst analyse various types of loan applications, but economist analyse only economy day in, day out.

At the same time, there are businessman with intellectual acumen, helicopter view to understand macroeconomics, and contribute to policy making, and strategic implementation.

However, generally businessmen can be either too simplistic or too focus to to view beyond their next P&L. They see all issues; social, economic, and political, from their narrow business examples and exposure

And, this country tend to glorify rich businessman as though their thinking are able to stretch beyond the business and industry they are in.

Koon Yew Yin is a shining example.

There are many more such loud mouth and Mr Know-it-all businessmen in your daily life, if you care to open your eyes and heart.

Time in hand to quarrel

Koon is also like Dong Zong.

Their members are old, have money and time to quarel. They will never give up.

So it suitable for settled old people with all the time to waste like Arshad Raji to quarrel with old Koon. But why is he shutting up?

As he lost his marble, moral bearing, and sense of integrity like all PH politicians and supporters after their win? Or it is another case of being overawed of rich people?

As far as Dong Zong, there is another old person dealing with them. However, the old man has no time to waste and running out of time.

Since a 93 year old return to be PM again, all the retired old men and women got invigorated.

Gerontocratic trap 

Many of those past their due dates in their mid-70s and 80s, whose supposed to be resting and taking care of their health, are returning back to turn the country into a Gerontocratic nation.

It is unsettling to the Gen X and frustrating the up and coming GenY. When will they go away?

At the same time, the later generation are not convincing in the work ethic and value. Smart as they are, they do not seem to get it and have their heart into it.

Their problem is they are bucking up to expectation and have entitled mentality. Without easy path opened, they could not earn it and want it easy.

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