Lg Nova Selects Companies Entrepreneurs For Second Annual Mission For The Future Program

LG Electronics North American Innovation Center Explores New Ideas to Accelerate for Innovation Program with Cohort Led by Digital Health

The LG Electronics North American Innovation Center – LG NOVA – has announced its new selection of companies in the second annual Mission for the Future Global Search for innovative concepts and transformative solutions that create a positive impact on people and the planet. Selected from 2,170 submissions, these companies are joining the LG NOVA program to explore joint business creation with LG NOVA.

A subset of these companies will be presented at the LG NOVA lounge in Eureka Park during CES® 2023 to visually showcase a vision of the future built with solutions centered on improving the quality of life for all. This year, LG received 752 applications focusing on digital health – lending confidence to a promising future in health and wellness technologies.

“With 800 more submissions than our first search, we at LG NOVA are honored and inspired by the dedication of so many – through their innovative ideas and business concepts – to making a positive impact on the world, true to the goal of our Mission for the Future program,” said Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, LG Electronics Senior Vice President of Innovation and head of LG NOVA. “This new selection of companies and our growing LG NOVA universe demonstrate that there are solutions on the horizon with the goal of making the world a better place. We’re looking forward to working with these companies to accelerate their ideas to the broader market.”

Attendees of Eureka Park at CES 2023 will get an inside look into LG NOVA’s unique model of innovation through outside-in collaboration, and learn about companies spanning LG NOVA’s focus tracks, including Digital Health, Display Solutions, Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) & Electric Mobility, Metaverse & Gaming, Smart Lifestyle and Open Innovation.

LG NOVA Mission for the Future 2022 companies are
Digital HealthAZOVA – a digital health benefits management platform that seeks to make healthcare simpler.AudioCardio – a mobile app that delivers clinically tested personalized sound therapies designed to maintain and restore hearing and provide relief from tinnitus.Ciba Health – a global digital therapeutic health company leveraging AI and its virtual care platform to prevent, treat and reverse chronic conditions, starting with pre- and Type 2 diabetes and digestive health, while optimizing the physical and mental well-being of its patients.FULLFILL – an innovative digital program that delivers unlimited, live human coaching to your entire organization, reducing the cost of chronic conditions, increasing employee engagement and happiness and is 100 percent covered by insurance.HealthSnap – an integrated Virtual Care Management Platform using remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, AI-guided care coordination and more, that helps to manage chronic conditions remotely.Heartbeat Health – a virtual-first cardiology provider, delivering a range of clinical services, including same-day diagnostic reads, televisits and heart care programs for patients with atrial fibrillation, vascular diseases and heart failure.Intellihealth – scaling access to medical obesity care with full-service chronic disease management services using tech-enabled tools, including virtual care platforms that incorporate telehealth, clinical decision support, remote patient monitoring, online education tools and medical treatment approaches.Minded – a leading online psychiatry practice specializing in women’s mental health.Neutrally Health – a metabolic health company building the future of eating for wellness, longevity and weight loss for the middle aged.QuickTake Health – using vital signs automation and patient engagement in HD to transform the patient intake experience.Skinopathy – provides healthcare practitioners and patients real-time solutions on how to screen, triage, track and manage skin cancers, skin diseases and skin wounds through artificial intelligence, data and automation.Woebot Health – develops digital therapeutics that combine AI, clinically-proven techniques and a mental health ally called Woebot to deliver mental health solutions that engage at scale and fit right into people’s lives. Display Solutions  Amorphyx – an innovative company in thin film electronics developing the next generation of high-performance integrated circuits for consumer and commercial electronics.Avalon Holographics – creates professional holographic display technology for natural 3D visual experiences.Ocula Interactive – a company specializing in the development of interactive technology solutions, including a mixed reality display which allows interaction with surroundings and provides no-code solutions to make interactive contents for display screens.Social Rewards – a smart photo booth utilizing data capture and AR for engagement and distribution.VideowindoW – transforms glass facades into transparent video screens on which the content doubles as glare and climate control, combining immersive entertainment with sustainability and profitability. ESG & Electric Mobility  Albatross Energetics – a sustainable thermal engineering company focused on re-engineering sustainable cooling.Allumia – a software, IoT and services platform designed to make it easy and cost-effective to deploy decarbonization improvements to mass-market commercial and industrial customers.Charger Help! – a reliability management platform for EV charging stations.Hobeen – a business-to-business software-as-a-service that tackles energy resources and waste at a household level.Patch – a technology platform making meaningful climate action a part of every business by providing carbon credit buyers with access to carefully vetted climate action projects.TwingTec – a company focused on developing wind energy 2.0 through its energy drone that unlocks untapped wind resources at higher altitudes on-shore and in deeper waters off-shore. Metaverse & Gaming  doWow – a solution that enables Web3 ready, bi-directional broadcasting bridging physical and virtual environments, from websites to digital out-of-home experiences (DooH) to the metaverse.Fabrik – a no-code XR authoring platform for the metaverse.Nakamir – leverages the power of augmented reality and AI to create a personal expert for everyone.QuarkXR – a cloud streaming platform which enables enterprise use cases on XR devices like the Meta Quest for industries like telecoms, manufacturing, automotive and architecture.Sequin AR – accelerating the adoption of the premium metaverse by creating high-fidelity 3D worlds and immersive experiences that excite, engage and preserve culture.Tap Systems, Inc. – makes using virtual and augmented reality as easy to use as a smartphone.Talespin – a spatial computing platform to power talent development and skills mobility for the future of work. Smart Lifestyles  allt.tv – patented, connected entertainment technology that allows virtually every app and device to connect to media at the push of a button.Cuisine Machine – a smart kitchen appliance that automatically introduces ingredients separately during cooking, while also stirring and controlling the temperature, just like a chef.Hoomano – a software company that has developed emotional intelligence technology for digital assistants that enables more human-like interactions and improved personalization.LCT (Li Creative Technologies, Inc.) – creates vivid, exciting and directional 3D audio solutions enabled by AI and VR.Ottonomy.IO – develops a fully autonomous and accessible delivery robot, providing scalable solutions for first mile, curbside and last mile deliveries for airport, retail and restaurant industries.ROYBI Inc – an immersive and interactive edutainment platform utilizing AI, robotics and the metaverse. Open Innovation Grapheal – embedded, digital-by-design, minimalist and wearable biosensors with the goal of sensing targeted molecules anywhere with a simple smartphone.Kebotix, Inc. – a venture-based company that uses AI and advanced robotics for automated experimentation to facilitate and accelerate materials discovery.Sentry AI – a software-as-a-service venture that provides “AI Guards” to security companies for crime prevention.
The selected companies may have the opportunity to explore the development of joint solutions with LG NOVA, that deliver a better life for people and a better future for our planet. Following the exploratory phase, companies may be chosen for a pilot program or to develop the product or concept with LG NOVA and participating businesses within LG. Some may qualify for potential investments from LG Electronics, LG Display and other LG NOVA affiliates; and co-collaboration opportunities that may develop into multi-million-dollar engagements as new businesses within LG’s global innovation portfolio.

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