Harapan One Year Report Card Why They Ll Be One Term Gomen

The anti-Najib, 1MDB-busting paper The Edge is circulating an online surveyreviewing Harapan’s Year One performance. I’m responding below to their questionaire.PART ¹Questions 1-5ANSWER #1What’s the difference between Mahathirism 1.0 and Mahathirism 2.0?ANSWER #2Book your Proton FlyingCar™ quick. The waiting list is long.ANSWER #3Regime change now!ANSWER #4Only sado-masochists would think of voting for Harapan. A vote for Harapan = inflicting self-punishment, esp. in taxation on the middle class.ANSWER #5Cat food costs more under Guan Eng’s SST regime than Najib’s GST previously.It could also be due to Malaysia’s weak ringgit against the baht (Thailand has a developed fishing industry and some brands are imported from our northern neighbour) as well as higher transportation costs because fuel is no cheaper.PART ²Questions 6-10ANSWER #6See last Stick Figure in poster below. Unlike Dapsters, I don’t drink piss believing it to be holy water.ANSWER #7Since Pakatan Haprak took over, the one area showing greatest improvement is Malay Unity. (This answer, however, is not listed among the survey’s multiple-choice reply options.)ANSWER #8Mahathir has exceeded my expectations in his dictatorial tendencies. Falling below expectation is Hannah Yeoh who’s only No.2 behind No.1 Syed Saddiq in the matter of Jilat Bontot Bos. ANSWER #9“Malaysia’s future” … ur optimistic or pessimistic?Speaking of Hannah: If only she were a bit more honest, she would not have shut down the Dapster young generation weighing whether to emigrate – ref. her old tweet below – just because she herself is a failed Australia-PR applicant.Hannah Yeoh✔@hannahyeohJust heard news another young lawyer friend will b migrating 2Australia.Young people,don't lose hope.Dont change ur country,change ur govt!27:13 PM - Dec 3, 2010Twitter Ads info and privacy39 people are talking about thisANSWER #10The pollsters behind this survey appear to agree that DAP’s “colour blind” rhetoric is complete bollocks. If race doesn’t matter, why bother to ask?To see questions 11-12, go to https://www.research.net/r/OneYearReportCardMY NOTE ON QUESTION 5The most important issue is Cost of Living and its corollary, Inflation.My jaw invariably drops whenever I walk down the supermarket aisles. e.g. A regular size (400ml) bottle of Himalaya – tagged above at RM32.84 – is a market brand sold everywhere and not a hair salon product. Imagine paying RM33 for shampoo in New Malaysia.The normal price for Joy 500ml (below) is RM6.95 according to Tesco e-shop. O joy! How long will satisfaction with Harapan last?From my grocery bag this week, 96 sen for two small Holland onions. I only cook single-person meals, so I don’t buy a lot.The other day, I paid 55 sen for a scoop of beansprouts at the leftover shop, i.e. fresh food items available in the afternoon that are collected unsold from the morning wet market. The 55-sen taugeh portion was just enough for me to fry myself a plate of char koay teow.Granted there are more economical brands than Himalaya and Joy but I already shop at the most budget-conscious grocery chain there is, Speedmart 99.Meanwhile in the supermarkets, offer items fly off the shelves before you can count to 10 – see below.The Ayam brand promo price last October was RM5.79. Its normal price then was RM5.90 — a savings of 11 sen. Are we supposed to be thrilled at the measly reduction? Err, yes apparently.Currently the same Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil – pix above – retails @ RM6.25 at Lazada, RM6.46 at Aeon, RM6.50 at Jaya Grocer, RM6.50 at Mydin (results from online search). So roughly, the cash & carry price for this Ayam 150g tin of tuna has increased 60 sen from its RM5.90 price 6-7 months ago.While waiting my turn at the price checker machine, I exchanged a few friendly words with a Malay youth who was deciding whether or not he wanted to buy a bottle of cooking oil. I asked him if he is a student since he was carefully tabulating his grocery bill total using the calculator on his mobile. He replied he was already working.Each grocery shopping trip I must draw a sharp breath – this happens often – because prices go up every five weeks or so for essential foods. Take Maggi.The mee-in-cup price is RM1.79 and mee-in-bowl price is RM3.09 (Tesco). Imagine, it’ll cost you RM3.10 to cook instant Maggi Mi at home and this is plain noodles without any additional ingredients.Nowadays shoppers are putting less stuff in their grocery carts. This can be observed when you’re queuing up at the check-out counter.Harapan will assuredly lose GE15 unless the government can get a grip on harga barang naik. - helenang

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