Comfort Zone


Comfort zone is a situation where one feels safe or at ease; a place where activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. Stepping out of this zone, comes with uncertainty, as it never quite sure what will happen and opens up to the possibility of stress and anxiety.

Breaking out of your comfort zone starts with one first step. Then, taking ‘baby steps’ is a great way to de-sensitize yourself to the feelings of anxiety. 

Once you have a plan in place, the following tips may assist in taking further action:-

Get informed

Become aware of what Is outside of your comfort zone. The more you know about something, the less scary and more powerful you will feel.

Think of your goals

Write down a step-by-step blueprint for how you are going to get out of your comfort zone. Then, create a plan to get to each level. In this plan create benchmarks; mini goals that put you one step closer to pushing past your comfort zone.

Keep a positive mindset

There will be times when you experience a negative outcome. It is a natural part of the process but remind yourself that it is going to happen. In fact, you are being given feedback about how you can do something better.

Coach Yourself

Ask yourself: “What Is the worst that could happen?” and “What is the best-case scenario of what could happen?” Both of those questions will help you address any fear or discomfort.

Revisit your accomplishments

It is said that accomplishments are often made because of courage. By revisiting our greatest successes, we remember that courage is what got us there.

Challenge your routine

Try something new once in a while and keep at it until it becomes comfortable. Then think of the next thing that makes you feel uncomfortable to challenge yourself.

Fake it until you make it

Start acting as if you are someone who would have no problem taking this step. The reality is that once you do it and see you can do it; the rest comes naturally.

Get physical

You could focus on embodying the change by either standing in the Wonder Woman/Superman pose or other expansive poses to help increase your sense of power and confidence. The more you improve your body language, the more you will strengthen your confidence for the next steps.

Change your mindset

Replacing disempowering though habits with empowering ones can help us take a new perspective and move to action. For example, start repeating “I am fearless” and envisioning yourself achieving what you fear to reprogram your disempowering thought habit and move forward.

Learn from failures

Keep visualizing the success and in the meantime, do not forget all valuable lessons learned. Focus on what you learned from every unpleasant experience and how you can take that lesson to the next level in order to increase your chance of success.
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