Ceo Mindset

Having a CEO mindset means being able to think ahead and plan where your business is going and how it’s going to get there. Working bottom-up leaves you open to distractions and getting lost in tasks that will not help push the business forward. Instead of working bottom-up, you should work top-down.
ORGANIZATIONS INCLUDED WITH THE RIGHT WAY, THERE ARE 5 THESE THINGS 1. Organizations are moving toward the same vision and goals.
– The vision needs to be clear, and who are you 10 years from now? It takes an indicator and a value that proves that you have achieved your vision.
2. Each task and work has been documented and programmed.
– Each SOP, checklist, guideline and work instruction is clearly and easily understood by everyone in the organization.
3. Everyone is clear with flow of process and report.
– Teams need to be clear and transparent with the work they do, based on the company’s SOP.
4. The organization has the right amount of labor based on the correct calculation method.
Every company knows how many people it takes to avoid unnecessary labor.
5. There are no characteristics of SILO and each employee and department cooperate with each other.
– There is no “you do your job, I do my job”. This has caused a bank overseas, collapsed.
The existence of these five things will prove that the organization is a properly structured organization.
Think Big Patek Phillipe This morning wants to share something that may be out of our mind. Recently there were auction hours sales. And this watch sold at record breaking price; CHF31 million or RM130 million!
Highest in world history (so far).
If in Malaysia, maybe also most places, “why waste it. Even hours ”. Just because you can’t afford it, and you don’t have the plan to become more capable, satisfy your heart with “waste”.
Even if you have never traveled before, surely you can say such “waste” right?
For this reason, mmg is “wasteful” in the eyes of the public. The hottest model for the Patek Phillippe brand is RM250,000. That’s why not many people use it.
Billionaire Jeff Bezos (Amazon account) used it. When we went to Roger Barnett’s house for a day, and while others were not there, I figured out what time he was wearing it.
You know, he used a short sleeve T Shirt. The next time he wears a long sleeve suit, it’s hard to see. And yes, he even has this Patek Philippe Jam.
This Patek Phillippe watch, for some models, doesn’t even have the money to buy it. Because Patek wants to maintain the quality, he will first look into the buyer’s background, if somebody is making a “world a better place”, just to buy or join the Patek Jam auction.
That’s it.
So, why would this great person buy?
What many do not know is that in many watches, these Patek Philippe brand watches are among the brands that will not diminish, and even increase. As each wearer, will pass the watch on to their children / grandchildren. It’s not a clock, but an asset!
I used to try to buy. But almost every model (with the complication I like) that we surveyed has gold plaque. We are Muslim men who can wear gold, illegally.
So, why are you talking about this wasteful stuff?
In most cases, in business, we don’t think big enough. We like to think small, which is the most fun. Work or business, getting some numbers, 3-figures or 4-figures, is enough for us to relax. “What do you want to do, when relax2 is already 3/4-digit. 4-figures are enough to eat. ”
In business, we have to think big.
Only when we think big, are we strong enough and excited to go through business challenges. Plus, the dreams we have are far greater than the challenges that come our way.
But if we think small, our dreams are smaller than business challenges, almost confirming that we will die. Customer stop eating vitamins, down. This month’s promo we don’t like, it’s down. Actually, anything’s down.
If you keep going down, it’s hard to get UP.
So think big guys.
If you want Patek for RM130 million, make it your dream & work for it. If you want to travel overseas, then make it a dream & really try. And when it comes to uprank, of cos make it a target, and work hard to become.
That is the only way to make your dream come true.
Start with the big think.
Always, think big guys.
The more you destined to grow, the better.
Jack Ma once said ‘When Selling to close friends and family, no matter how much you’re selling to them, they will always feel you’re earning their money, no matter how cheap you sell to them, they still wouldn’t appreciate it.’
There will always be people who do not care about your Costs, Time, Effort, they rather let other people cheat them, allowing others to earn, then supporting someone they know. Cause in their heart, they will always be thinking, ‘How much did he earn from me?’ instead of “How much did he SAVE/MAKE for me?”
This is a classic example of a poor person’s mentality!
Jack Ma on Sales: ‘When doing Sales, the first people who will trust you will be Strangers, Friends will be shielding against you, fair-weather friends will distance from you. Family will look down upon you.’
The day you finally succeed, paying the bill for every get-together dinner, entertainment, you will realised: Everyone else is present except the Strangers.
Bob Iger, ex-CEO Disney for 15 years A great storyteller and in one of his lessons, he shared his (complex) experience acquiring 21st Century Fox. It’s one of the largest acquisition in broadcasting history. Prior to Fox, Bob also involved in acquiring Marvel and Lucasfilm for Disney.
Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline Hollywood commented, “given how Disney made the Marvel and Lucasfilm deals under the cone of silence, if this happens we’ll probably only know it when it’s announced.”
How to make big and bold decision?
1. Make a Choice Right Now – It is powerful to make choices.
2. Choose the Open Door – Opportunities present themselves and then are often gone.
3. Don’t Underestimate Speed – Haste doesn’t always make waste.
4. Mistakes Count – Fear of making mistakes is what paralyzes many from making life choices.
Tony Robbins explained that you should make big and important decisions only while you’re in a peak and passionate state. When you do so, you set yourself up to live at the highest level, consistently.
Have you made any bold decision recently? How passionate are you with the move?
Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994 Amazon recorded a loss And Amazon started making its first profit in 2003, 9 years ago Jeff Bezos started. And 24 years ago Jeff started Amazon, he became the richest org in the world.
Amazon started as an online place to sell books. It’s a good story, if Amazon still sells books today, it’s very likely that Amazon will still not be able to make a profit of more than 100 million and it’s impossible for Jeff to be the richest person in the world. He did not give up and began to pivot to create a marketplace that can sell everything. And because he didn’t give up, and changed his business, today Amazon is one of the largest giant companies in the world, and Jeff is one of the richest people in the world.
My own story many have forgotten that the success we get is not immediate success:
1. I studied on my own for almost 2 years before buying my first house.
2. I only used a motorbike until I bought my 13th house.
3. I made a profit of almost RM2 million after the house price went up 8 years ago when I started investing.
4. I can feel the pleasure of profit a lot because property bullrun only 8 years ago I invested.
5. Today the FAR Capital group is the largest buyer in Malaysia, and has over 15,000 clients. Today can only feel like buying a house at a discount of over 50%, after 8 years we started FAR Capital. It used to be difficult to get a 15% discount. Today because we buy a lot, it is not difficult to get a discount of 30k to 200k more from outsiders.
In conclusion, friends, it doesn’t matter if we don’t look like we have succeeded for the first 5 years. Because great things do take time. And this is the reason why not many people can succeed because they give up very quickly when the first or second year does not see results. It doesn’t matter if it’s an industry or an investment.
The secret is simple. Miserable and hard work first today, so that we can enjoy 6 – 10 years from now. Who is willing to do this thing will succeed, but how many are willing to do it? ceo mindset
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