British Soldier Executed By Ukrainians Hands Tied Behind His Back Found Floating In Water

Here is some strange news from the war in Ukraine that is not so strange anymore.
A British soldier in Ukraine was found executed, with his hands tied behind his back and floating in the water.  First here is the news from the UK's Guardian followed by Russia's Sputnik news.


British soldier found dead in water in Ukraine with hands tied behind his back Jordan Chadwick, 31 served in Scots Guardstravelled to Ukraine to fight in October last yearEight months later Lancashire police said he had been killed. British government confirmed his deathinquest will be held in Feb 2024 (?) to determine cause of death.

latest British national to be be killed in Ukraine.number of Brits killed  is now in double figuresForeign Office said: “British man died in Ukraine  

British mercenary found dead, according to UK media
Jordan Chadwick part of International Legion
body floating in water, hands tied behind his backThere will be an inquest into the causes of his death.
 increase in foreign mercenaries after failed counteroffensive and soldiers killedMillions of Ukrainians dodging the draft to "avoid certain death"  My Comments :
The news does not say if he was shot dead or strangled, beaten etc.
Hands tied behind his back means this British soldier did not die at the battle front of being shot by the enemy or of wounds suffered in battle.   Something else happened. He was executed by the Ukrainians.
There are increasing reports of the units fighting for Ukraine rebelling against their commanders and disobeying orders. 
 Not only Ukrainian soldiers but foreign mercenaries are also rebelling against the Ukrainian war.  And some of them are being shot and killed. This is likely what happened to the British soldier above.
The British-American War in Ukraine is a lost cause.
Many people do not realise that this war in Ukraine began from before 2014. And Malaysia was an early victim of this war in Ukraine.In 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by Ukraine.

KL: Was Flight MH17 shot down by Ukrainian separatists?In a recent interview with NST Focus, Colonel (Rtd) Mohd Sakri Hussin, who led negotiations with the separatists to secure access to the crashed plane, cast doubt on the issue and said it might not be so clear-cut.The separatists' willingness to provide evidence to Malaysia suggested they might be innocent, said Sakri.  Here is more news :
Former Civil Aviation Department director-general Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abd Rahman said in his book that Malaysia had initially disagreed with JIT's conclusion on Russian involvement in downing the plane.the Malaysian government at that point disagreed and was of the opinion that the evidence was not concrete."the Malaysian government feels that the evidence is not concrete," he wrote in his book, Last Flights of Malaysian Airlines MH370 and MH17. The Russians had demanded that Ukraine divulge data recordings from their (Ukrainian) primary radar (military radar)  which will prove that the Buk missile that brought down MH17 was fired by the Ukrainians and not the pro-Russian separatists.
However this basic request by the Russians that data recordings by Ukrainian military radar be divulged has been completely ignored not only by Ukraine but also by the pro-Western investigating committee that was set up to investigate the shooting down of MH17 in 2014.
So this war in Ukraine has been going on from before 2014. The Ukrainians were not only shooting down Malaysia Airlines flights but they were shelling and blowing up the Russian speaking people living in the Donetsk region - which has since been liberated by Russia since February 2022.

For EIGHT years since 2014 Russia has been trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement in Ukraine including the now completely discredited Minsk Agreements.  No less than Angela Merkel the ex German Chancellor admitted that the Minsk Agreements were just a decoy, a ruse, a bluff to buy time to arm and prepare Ukraine to fight a war with Russia. 
The war is now going very badly for Ukraine. According to Colonel Douglas Macgregor over 400,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed so far, possibly 450,000. This is really insane.
There has to be peace negotiations to stop the carnage.  The problem is this is not a Ukrainian war. This is a British American war against Germany, continental Europe and Russia in that order. Angela Merkel made Germany great again. That was her mistake.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.By Syed Akbar Ali 

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