Bossku To Ijazahku Shooting The Messenger To Diverting The Message

Dato' Wong Chun Wai's column is seldom filled with rhetorics and cliche that reading the headline is sufficient to figure out what and with whom he is trying to curry flavour.

These days he has swayed with the wind as The Star pander to its DAP supporters-readers to get their sales.

His column today is quite humourous. It is probably his way to ride the wave of public uproar over Ministers lying on their diploma and evade the serious issue by spinning with a Najib facade.

While yesterday was "shooting the messenger" exercise in public relation, today is diverting the message and toning the BossKu momentum.

Heck! That was the punished Old Malaysia, but why New Malaysia compromised on integrity and making all sort of silly excuses?

Before going any further, there have been new exposes of Dato Mahfudz Omar, and Sabahan Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Jaujan Sambakong. Not sufficient attention given to Tourism Minister, Dato Mohamaddin Ketapi whose actions do not reflect that of a law graduate.

Dato Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir's Wikipedia profile showed him with two similar degree from Sophia University (1982) and Boston University (1987). But he was still doing his Form 5 in MRSM Pengkalen Chepa in 1981!

Chun Wai wrote:

Malu apa, bro!

The Star
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019

WE seem to be heading towards a dangerous edge. There is now an emerging culture of shamelessness.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak may have been slapped with countless charges of corruption and money laundering, but his campaign, Malu apa, bossku (“Why the shame, boss?” in Bahasa Malaysia), has surprisingly attracted millions of likes on social media.

The scandal-smeared former prime minister has traded in his tailored suits, impeccable English and political elite-aristocratic crowd for the Mat Rempit and Malay working class.

As part of his makeover, he is now decked in black parka, black jeans and black sneakers.

He is even hanging out with the young Mat Rempit and posting wefies with them. He is also happily showing off a black-and-red Yamaha Y15ZR 150cc moped that is all the rage with the youths of today.

And the registration plate on his bike is 8055KU, which insinuates “BOSSKU”, and to these newfound supporters, Najib is called Boss kita! (Our Boss.)

The key phrase here is Malu apa bossku, and while many learned Malaysians are cringing over this new culture, it barely seems wrong for our embattled former PM, who is basking in it and promoting the malaise.COMMENT: Enough of the BodekBossMu. 

Najib was only charged and no court has judged him wrong. The development on the SRC case, which is supposed to be in the bag since it is local and money trail easier to verify, is not doing too well. Though their side claimed there are clauses on the power of the Finance Minister, prosecution side cannot take it for granted. They need to prove for entrustment. 

Court has allowed stay of SRC trial pending COA appeal and AG confirmed following cabinet interference by seeking court to expedite. Prosecution's credibility at stake. 

A new development from The Edge on Sheikh Mansour and Topaz will eventually raise the pertinent question: What is the point of charging Najib when the principal culprit of Jho Loh (and accomplice) and Sheikh Mansour  (and accomplice Khadem Al Qudaisi and Muhammad Badawi) are still on the loose? 

But a similar show is also surfacing on the other side of the political divide.

One Pakatan Harapan leader after another is having his or her dubious education credentials exposed after Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya was questioned over his.

Johor Mentri Besar Osman Sapian’s education history has come under the spotlight with the allegation that he didn’t obtain a degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), as claimed.

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin’s social science degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS), as reported when she became a minister, has also come into question. Now, she’s washed her hands of ever having had one.

DAP Assemblyman from Tronoh Paul Yong Choo Kiong claimed to have a masters in business administration from Akamai University – an alleged degree mill in Hawaii – among his academic qualifications.

None of these politicians have apologised for not correcting these errors when they were revealed, but now, they have conveniently shrugged off the news reports, claiming no knowledge of such revelations.

Worse, Marzuki passed the buck to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (read Joceline Tan here), saying it is now up to his boss to decide. The Johor MB chose to remain silent, hoping that the storm would blow over.

The central issue here isn’t whether an elected representative should have a tertiary education – the point here is, should we put our trust in anyone who lies to themselves?

If some of these individuals buy dubious online diplomas, they are only cheating themselves. Worse, the electorate has also fallen for this charade hook, line and sinker.

Instead of working hard, like most university students, these individuals apparently chose the easy way out. Are we expected to believe them when they talk about accountability and integrity from now on?

What’s worse is, most Pakatan leaders have chosen to look the other way or have lamely justified these dishonest transgressions.

If they were in the private sector, the sack would be a foregone conclusion, but then they are “Yang Berhormat”, despite these dishonourable acts.

Apa nak malu, YB! Aku ada SPM aje, bro!

And of course, that’s not the end. PAS leaders have found themselves in unfamiliar waters.

With their turbans and goatees, they like to appear pious and holier than thou. However, they are now seeing their names flying on social media, associated with a taste for sports cars and bikes, and not just under their names, but those of their children and spouses.

A report filed with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over allegations of PAS leaders getting RM90mil from Umno under the previous administration involved “a list of expensive cars”, properties, high-powered motorcycles and “the purchase of number plates at exorbitant prices”, it has been widely reported.

According to the report, several PAS leaders were accused of using these funds to acquire the cars and properties.

The cars include BMW, Mini Cooper, Toyota Vellfire, Range Rover, Porsche Cayman, Audi Q7, Audi A6, Toyota Camry, Toyota Fortuner, Volkswagen Passat, Mercedes Benz, and a BMW motorcycle, according to a report.

“As for the properties, this includes a bungalow in Bangi worth RM3mil,” says a report. The only item missing is camel ownership.

PAS Mursyidul Am (spiritual leader) Datuk Hashim Jasin has admitted to owning a Porsche Cayman, but said his son was the real owner, who was entitled to an Approved Permit (AP) when he served as the Arau MP between 1998 and 1999.

Every one of them has branded these accusations as part of some grand political conspiracy, pleading innocence and insisting they are virginal and pure instead.

But we are sure they will be okay, and they will continue to preach accountability and transparency, and possibly continue to look – invoking race, religion and God – to their faithful followers, who will readily give away their savings and, brave the rain and scorching sun to support them.

Malu Apa Bossku? Tatap Sokong Boss (as the Sabahans will say).COMMENT: Strangely, the comment on PAS is more lengthy than the one on PPBM, PKR, Warisan and DAP. Obviously, PAS is DAP's target to safe Semenyih seat for PPBM.

Not much commented on Lim Guan Eng.

Yesterday, Monday, MCA President Wee Ka Siong accused Lim Guan Eng for lying to the public on his profession as an accountant. He was never one and mere provisional member as he elaborated well on his FB here.

Wee went further today Typically, Guan Eng will threaten and use the court to shut his opponent up. It is an abuse of the court process.

Blogger Abu Leman raised issue on the official declaration that he became member of ASA before graduation. The website got the wrong date.

It does pose the question as to whether Guan Eng is a just a politician and incapable of being a Minister of Finance.

Media Adviser to the PM, Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin said that the just announced Economic Action Council is a manifestation of the inability of Cabinet to handle issues related to economy, finance and welfare of the people.

It points to Guan Eng, Azmin and Darell Leiking. What do you expect with one of them faking their real qualification?

Unfortunately, all three will be key members of EAC. Frankly, not so sure on the capability of the members, which are either too old or unknown, to drive the nation forward. The challenges of the country's economy is coming from external, so the EAC is not relevent without Foreign Ministry (unfortunately, gullibly "condemning" Foreign Minister has to be brought in)!

The EAC is an insult not only on Guan Eng, but wunderboy adviser Tony Pua. Prior to this in mid-January, PMO announced the Debt and Liability Management Committee to reduce government's debt to manageable level. That is supposed to be under the direct purview of the Ministry of Finance.

Some of members of that committee has questionable capability and tend to make presumptions purely on their urbane observation without anything to back them up. Not only Ministers and economic policymaker, even police has not enough credible people in the succession plan.

This comes from Mahathir perpetual reliance on loyal donkeys instead of credible and capable people that could contribute honestly with an independent mind.

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