Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Comes To Sabah For First Time

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Sabah will feature Augmented Reality (AR) books as well.KOTA KINABALU: The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has arrived in Sabah for the first time, where it will spread the joy of reading to more Malaysians from May 30-June 9 at the Sabah Trade Centre in Kota Kinabalu
Brought here by popular demand, Sabahans can now rush over to snap-up books from 75%-95% off the recommended retail price, any time from 10am to midnight during the duration of the sale. Entrance is free
Known as the world’s biggest, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is loved for its unbeatable discounts on a wide range of genres such as sci-fi, crime, thriller, business, art and design, cookbooks, architecture and more
There is also a diverse range of children’s books that includes board books, story books, activity books, and more
Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Andrew Yap said, “We are happy to visit Sabah for the first time and happy to know that there are many customers who are continuously supporting us and who agree with our mission in creating a platform to inspire people to achieve their dreams and empower them with knowledge.”Augmented Reality (AR) books are highlight of saleFantastic discounts aside, the highlight of the Sabah sale however will be the new and interesting Magic Book featuring Augmented Reality (AR) technology
Known as Asia’s biggest and most exclusive seller of AR books, the sale will feature 13 titles of children’s stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella and many more
Children will be able to read, play and learn with these AR books as it uses cutting-edge technology to revolutionise reading for the young ones
Yap said the “come-to-life” feature of AR books will give kids a magical experience when they see their favourite characters talking and engaging with them
There is something for everyone at the book sale and shoppers can also find education books from prominent publishers like Grupbuku Karangkraf, PTS, Kualiti Books, Pernerbitan Pelangi and Sasbadi that will be on offer
Besides a selection of contemporary Malaysian novels by Buku Fixi, The Patriots, Iman Publication and more, customers can also purchase badges, magnets, and other Big Bad Wolf Books merchandise
A mobile library for kids in KeningauWith its aim to give back to the community and make reading accessible to all, Big Bad Wolf Books’ corporate social responsibility arm, Red Readerhood, has pledged 200 books to make Yobel Activity House Sonway’s (YAHS) mobile library a reality
YAHS is an organisation committed to providing a wide range of resources and programmes for children in need around Keningau
The public can also play a part in changing the lives of the children in Kampung Tiga, Keningau by donating books purchased at the Red Readerhood corner
“In line with our 10th anniversary celebration, we at Big Bad Wolf Books are aiming to visit at least 10 states in Malaysia to ensure that affordable books reach more Malaysians,” Yap said
The sale has so far visited Pahang, Johor, Sarawak and will be heading to Negeri Sembilan, Penang and Terengganu in the coming months
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has also been to Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, UAE and Taiwan. - FMT

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