Best Night Markets In Taipei Enjoy The City S Nightlife And Cuisine

What comes to mind when you think of Taipei City? Taiwan's capital is renowned for its delicious food, such as boba drinks and noodles, as well as its numerous captivating tourist destinations. 
Taipei is also known for its modernity and bicycle-friendly environment. Finding a Kuala Lumpur to Taipei flight on Traveloka is also incredibly easy, as many airlines operate daily flights to Taipei.
The Night Market is one of the best places to find delectable and unique snacks. Taiwan boasts several night markets, each with its distinct culinary delights. Taipei, in particular, is home to several famous night markets, offering various unique food options.
During your culinary journey through Taiwan's night markets, be sure to try some popular snacks, such as crispy chicken, stinky tofu, papaya juice, oyster omelet, and many others. Rest assured, these culinary delights are available at very affordable prices.
Worth Visiting Night Markets in Taipei1. Shilin Night Market
Have you tried Shilin Crispy Chicken, usually sold in various shopping centers? Did you know that Shilin is one of the largest night markets in Taiwan? This market is commonly referred to as Shilin Night Market. If you have only tried one of their dishes, you should explore other delicious foods in Taipei.
Located in the Shilin district of Taipei City, Shilin Night Market is famous for offering a wide variety of mouthwatering culinary delights at affordable prices. Here, you can indulge in the famous stinky tofu, rice noodle soup, sweet potato balls, and other toppings.
Don't miss out on trying the phenomenal crispy barbeque chicken as well. And it's not just about the food! At Shilin Night Market, you can enjoy various games and shop for trendy clothes. To get to Shilin Night Market, take the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Redline and get off at either MRT Shilin Station or MRT Jiantan Station.
2. Ning Xia Night Market
If you have visited Shilin Night Market on your first night, you can also explore other night markets in Taipei. While not as large as Shilin and Raohe Night Market, Ningxia Night Market has become a favorite destination for indulging in Taiwanese culinary delights.
At Ningxia Night Market, you can sample various authentic Taiwanese dishes at affordable prices, including Taiwanese chicken rice, papaya juice, and a mouthwatering oyster omelet. The food prices at Ningxia Night Market are relatively inexpensive. 
Additionally, you can try out light snacks like potato balls, mochi filled with strawberries, or fried milk. To reach Ningxia Night Market, take the red MRT Line, alight at MRT Shuanglian station, and walk for approximately 5 minutes.
3. Huaxi Night Market
Unlike other night markets, Huaxi Night Market is unique because it is also known as Snake Alley. This name stems from many restaurants at this night market that specialize in selling processed snack products. From snake soup to processed snake meat, visitors can witness firsthand how restaurant owners transform snake meat into food. So, are you curious to try it?
Many Taiwanese people believe snakes have health benefits and are good for the skin. However, apart from snake products, Huaxi Night Market also offers various other delicious snacks to try. You can take the blue MRT Line and alight at MRT Longshan Temple station to reach the market.
Are you ready to go on holiday to Taipei and explore the birthplace of various unique snacks worldwide? Start by booking a flight ticket to Taipei and planning your trip. Discover exciting tourist destinations and visit the recommended night markets mentioned above. Don't forget to book accommodations at the best prices on Traveloka.

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