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A fitness journey is a ride driven by passion, dedication, and a lot of discipline. Take it from Dr. Fazril, a fitness enthusiast and Aaron, an extreme sports enthusiast who both try their best at staying consistent amidst very intense schedules. Aaron is a high-energy adrenaline chaser who said he feels most himself when he’s cycling through dense terrain, relating the feel of mountain biking to the same zen he gets at home. Whereas Dr. Fazril is a focused go-getter whose desires push him to achieve a work-life balance that’s not only healthy, but rightfully sustainable.

So, what’s the secret to go on after a long day? Don’t we all just plop on the couch right after? If you find yourself asking any of those questions, then you’re just in luck! We spoke with the duo to find out their secrets to avoiding feeling drained from their active lifestyle.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Q: How do you have so much on your plate and yet find time to keep healthy?

Aaron: Despite what most people think, we don’t all have the same 24-hours because we have different needs and responsibilities – so it depends on how you schedule those activities according to the lifestyle you lead. My lifestyle has me constantly on the move, so scheduling for the week ahead and staying connected to the schedule I’ve set is step #1. For example, scheduling allowed me to spot an hour of free time before work commences, which I regularly use up for a cheeky mountain biking session to kickstart the day. The routine was tough to follow at first, but I love challenging myself, so find something that works for you and slowly build the pace!

Dr. Fazril: My lifestyle is a contrast to Aaron’s because they mainly involve meetings and appointments so finding time for physical activities are a necessity. Thankfully, the smartphones and tech we have today help plenty in keeping to a daily schedule if you put in the effort to commit. Working out is one hundred percent my way to regulate stress on top of pushing my body to go beyond what’s normally comfortable, and to be honest, it feels amazing to know I’m always the best version of myself both mentally and physically.

Q: When do you ever get to catch a break with such a tight schedule?

Aaron: It may sound like a lot, but it actually doesn’t feel like it because scheduling helps compartmentalise my energy for the whole day. Maybe it’s subconscious? But it really feels like I have an energy tank for each activity on my schedule because I’ve mentally prepped for it, as opposed to having one tank for the entire day which often leaves you drained by the end of it.

Dr. Fazril: Yeah, that’s a very cool way to put it! I want to add, another aspect is that your phone already does the time-management for you once a schedule’s been set. You just need to follow through with the program. I’m someone who relies on my smartphone quite heavily on a day-to-day basis to record workouts and edit them for social media content. Luckily, I got myself a phone with Long-Lasting Battery[1], so it always lasts me for as long as I need.

Aaron: Pretty much the same here except I always look forward to the last few hours before bedtime because that’s when I’ll happily binge on movies with the remaining juice left. I guess that answers the question of whether we take breaks! Rest & Recovery is SO important, never forget that!

Q: Besides a smartphone, what other devices do you use to make sure you’re always on top of the game?

Dr. Fazril: Of course! I love my tech and a convenient ecosystem between my devices. My phone does more than just run my schedule obviously, I use the S Pen it came with for mostly everything at work- from taking notes to clipping webpages whenever I’m doing research. Aside from the S Pen, I also got the Galaxy Watch4 some time ago to help with monitoring health and fitness. Little did I know then, the Watch4 would eventually become a central hub for me to control all my notifications, messages, calendars, and music. It’s crazy how tech evolved to where we are today, it almost makes me feel like I’m an international super spy or something!

Q: We noticed you both have different coloured phones, was that preference or purely coincidental?

Aaron: Well, I think looking good and feeling your best go hand in hand so naturally, my expression of who I am extended to my phone as well. I chose Black because I felt aligned to it. To me, the colour symbolises grit and tenacity – much like how I’d like to think of myself as a straightforward achiever who never backs down from a challenge.

Dr. Fazril: I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to work so a minimalist design amidst the hectic nature of my job feels calming to me. I identified with the colour White because I felt it expresses my state of mine when I’m striving for perfection, like a focused slate waiting to be filled with all the working parts to execute any task flawlessly.

These #fitspirational men later reassured that leading an active lifestyle may sound like a handful, but no doubt it rewards the discipline of sticking through with unparalleled levels of self-growth, love, confidence, and a reminder that anyone can achieve their best selves if they work smart.

Think you’re similar to these aspiring go-getters? Start your journey now and shout it loud with the all-new Galaxy S22 Series, built to empower yourself with endless potential in the journey to be the best version of yourself you could possibly be!

[1] Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4855mAh for Galaxy S22 Ultra. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

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