8 Tips On How To Study At Home Effectively

 How often do you study at home? Some students find it better to study at home rather than school, well some find it the other way around. However, when it comes to short school break or mid-semester break, you will be around at home. There must be homework and assignments given by your teachers and lecturers (not a break after all).
 While studying at home can be a bliss, but it can also be utterly challenging at times. With too many distractions available within the perimeters, you can easily be distracted. The internet, unlimited food supply, TV, your siblings and pets, what’s more? Yeah, you get to wake up and do anything as you wish, but if you don’t get any important tasks done, then what’s the point.
 We are going to share with you some tips on how to make your study-at-home journey a success. You don’t want to do all the assigned tasks at the very last minute, do you? School and semester holidays do not mean you have to leave all your books behind.
 Below are the tips you can use to make use of your time at home to study:

1. Force yourself to focus

 It can be hard to keep yourself focused when you’re at home. It’s time to drop all the thoughts about being lazy and procrastinating, it’s time to take the situation more seriously. If you have a subject that you’re lacking in or you feel the subject requires you to do more revision, then you should pay full attention by doing more revisions. Browse some Youtube videos online, take this opportunity to create your own study experience.

2. Keep your surrounding clean

 Before you begin your study session, you have to do all the cleaning and chores, especially in your room if that is where you study. Living in a messy room can be distracting and you will find it difficult to stay focused. Being a clean and healthy environment will give fresh vibes to you. Light up some scented candles and have a relaxing moment while studying.

3. Find your own comfort study zone at your home

 Find comfortable and less distracting places in your house. You might not have the opportunity to go to the library, so if you have your own study room, make sure it is comfortable enough for you to live in.

4. Prepare all the study materials

 Set up your study table, get all the books of the subject you’re going to learn. You must be prepared so that you don’t have to go back and forth getting the important materials to and from your study space. You do not want to waste even a bit of your time.

5. Adapt to your own study techniques

 Every individual may have different study techniques. If you enjoy doing mind maps and flashcards, then you can adopt this learning method. Some students find they study better when listening to music, while some are not. It’s up to you! You know yourself better. Most importantly, you need to understand everything you learn. You have to make sure the technique you use has the level of effectiveness on you.

6. Make your own study schedule

 When spending your days off at home, it will be great if you have your own timetable and organise your own study plan. Which time of the day you want to study and which subject you want to learn. If there are assignments you have to complete, which one has the earliest submission date. It’s all about being organised. Trust us, this will help avoid you from rushing to get something done at the very last minute.
 Find the opportunity to study at the right time. Some can prefer to study early in the morning, while some are night owls. You can use this moment to find which time of the day suits your productivity in learning. Do not study 24/7. Allocate a specific duration of time on how many hours of studying and break you should have.

7. Eat and sleep well

 Yes, education is important, so do eat and sleep! Your body and brain need its fuel too to keep your mind healthy and active. Be sure to eat healthy food and don’t starve yourself while studying. Your brain will be lacking in its function if you have an empty stomach. Don’t let your stomach growling and begging for you. Having some snacks to munch while you are studying will also work.

8. Turn off or keep your phone silent

Here comes the king of distraction: your phone. It can be hard to concentrate when you have your phone next to you with a notification sound popping up. The best thing you can do is to turn off your phone or set it into a silent mode and leave your phone at a place where it is not reachable from your study table. Remember that you don’t want to be interrupted.
 There is also an app that can keep you away from your phone and social media. If you find the best app that can help you with your ‘addiction’, you can probably control this problem.

Every student has their own self-study-at-home methods. You don’t really have to apply for all of the tips mentioned above. Do it according to your will and convenience, best of luck!
Source: https://www.easyuni.my/en/advice/study-at-home-tips-2769/ www.zukidin.com {Estd 2012}

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