7 Figure Wellness Online Business

How Elizabeth Rider Built A 7-Figure Health & Wellness Business Online  

For a variety of reasons, people develop online courses. Some people do it just out of a desire to educate others on a subject they are passionate about. Some do it to earn a little additional cash online to augment their regular salary. And some people do it in order to inspire and educate thousands of people worldwide while also developing a very successful online business. And one of them is Elizabeth Rider.
Elizabeth Rider, a top nutrition and whole living expert who educates women all over the world how to become healthier and more successful, is best recognized for her lighthearted and approachable approach to food and healthy living. It would be an understatement to say that she is doing a fantastic job.
Over 2 million people read Elizabeth’s site every year, where she offers simple dietary advice as well as wholesome recipes. Her website was recognized as a Top Health Coach Blog by The Psychology of Eating and a Top 20 Nutrition Blog by List Nutrition. She has been featured in a number of publications, including The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and TheDailyLove. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Integrative Nutrition), a TEDx speaker, and a certified holistic health coach.
Elizabeth has had great success as a teacher online. Her signature courses Clean Up Your DietTM, Purpose To ProfitTM, and The Wellness Business BootcampTM have been taken by thousands of students. She also instructs people in person, not just online. Elizabeth has also developed a successful direct sales firm, which has allowed her to teach countless business owners each year and speak on stages all over the world on living life on your own terms.
So how did she manage to build such a successful business and design an amazing lifestyle in the process?
It turns out that it all started with her blog…
Turning her blog into a business  
Elizabeth has been a health coach for five years, but her love of wellness and good health dates back further. She started a blog seven years ago as a result of this love, first as a method to share her knowledge, nutrition advice, and healthy recipes with anyone who was interested in reading them. “I have been blogging for about seven years, so blogging is what really started my business”, she said.
In the beginning, her goal wasn’t necessarily to build a business from her blog, but as her articles began to attract more and more readers, she started to look for ways to monetize that exposure. “I realized I needed to start selling something in order to stay in business”, Elizabeth explains. “People think that bloggers get paid a bunch of money, but they don’t. There’s no magic blogging God paying us.”
Elizabeth, who has a background in health and nutrition, had no formal training in marketing or internet business, so she started exploring for resources to assist her in learning how to start a business. She found a course by Marie Forleo online just at the right time when she needed it. “I didn’t know a lot about online marketing in the beginning”, says Elizabeth. “I took a course from Marie Forleo called B-School. I’m actually one of her affiliates now, so I take people through her course every year because I learned so much from her.”
Elizabeth was thinking about monetizing her site at that point by adding banner advertising. In this way, she would get paid every time one of her readers clicked on an advertisement on her site. According to Marie Forleo, who taught her about this method, the drawback is that it takes a lot of traffic to make a blog’s worth of ad money, and more crucially, every time someone clicks on an ad, they leave your website.
“I never really understood how people made money with ads because the pay per click is so low. You have to have a very high-traffic website”, Elizabeth explains. “What Marie taught me was that the reason ads are so detrimental to your business and your blog is because they take people off of your site and they forget about you. So not only do you not get paid very much for them, they take people off of your site.”
Instead of trying to monetize her blog with ads for other people’s products and services, Elizabeth decided to leverage her existing knowledge and experience by creating her own products and services. “It was when I took B-School that I was introduced to content marketing, and the whole idea that you can use your knowledge to create a product”, says Elizabeth. “I had just taken my health coaching course right before that so it all kind of came together at the same time for me.”
Offering 1-on-1 coaching services  
Elizabeth started by providing one-on-one tutoring to her blog’s followers as one of her first steps toward making money from her expertise. Although she soon realized that sacrificing her time for coaching others on an individual basis immediately set a limit on her earning potential, coaching others was undoubtedly more lucrative than placing ads on her blog would have been. “I was offering health coaching services, and I only did 1-on-1 coaching for about 6 months because I realized it was very time intensive and you don’t get paid a lot because you’re only helping one person at a time”, she explains.
But the time she spent one-on-one teaching her clients did end up being useful because it essentially gave her the structure for her first online course. Elizabeth adds, “I discovered I was saying the same thing to everyone I was coaching, and that’s what my online program ended up being.” For a while, 1-on-1 coaching was beneficial, but after a while, I felt like I was repeating myself because I kept responding to the same questions. Therefore, I simply turned everything that individuals were asking me in the one-on-one sessions into an online curriculum.
Once she had her first online course created, she stopped offering 1-on-1 coaching services in order to focus exclusively on creating and selling more online courses. “I don’t do any 1-on-1 coaching any more, just my online program”, Elizabeth explains. “And I always tell people when they ask me about 1-on-1 coaching that it would be about 10-15 times more expensive to do the 1-on-1 coaching and you’ll learn more in my online program because every time somebody asked me something new, I added to the online program. I haven’t had anybody go through the online program and still have questions afterwards.”
Creating and selling her online courses  
Elizabeth was utilizing different WordPress plugins to add her course content to her website before she started using tools to design and market her online courses. She would email a student the links to her video lessons after she had been paid for their enrollment in her course.
Elizabeth’s computer screen was recorded while she spoke into a microphone and demonstrated PowerPoint slides for the video lessons of her courses. She explains that the videos in her courses are simply screen captures.
Elizabeth’s decision to use screen recordings rather than live video footage for her video lessons is partially motivated by her desire to give her pupils a successful educational experience. “Most people are watching me from their iPhones or on a tablet or a laptop or something. So doing the whole high definition and professional video shoot can be beneficial, but people want your information”, she explains. “I think people learn really well with the PowerPoint slides and your voice because they’re reading and they’re hearing you at the same time.”
Nevertheless, not all of her material is contained in her PowerPoint presentations. Instead, she lists her arguments in bullet form and then elaborates verbally. Additionally, she uses visuals in all of her presentations to enhance their visual appeal and level of engagement. Just a few high-level bullet points and perhaps some graphics or examples to illustrate her arguments are included on the PowerPoint slides, she claims.
Marketing her online courses:  
One thing is to design a fantastic course; another is to sell that course. Additionally, you need to have a marketing plan if you want to draw in new students to your course, as any successful online teachers will agree. Elizabeth was requested to provide some of her most successful marketing tactics. Here they are:
1. Blogging and social media  
Since she initially started online, Elizabeth’s main method of attracting an audience has been to publish articles on her blog and share them on social media. She also has a YouTube page where she often posts free videos. Her YouTube videos have promoted her website and assisted her in developing her personal brand (she includes a link to her blog in her video descriptions). For instance, The Most Common Juicing Mistakes, one of her videos, has more than 400,000 views since it was posted four years ago. I have a sizable social media following because I have been blogging for seven years now. She claims, “I utilize social media frequently.
2. Facebook advertising  
Undoubtedly, Elizabeth posts a lot of free information on Facebook (for example, links to new blog posts and videos). However, she will spend money on Facebook advertisements when she wants to advertise a course. “If I’m selling something, I use Facebook’s promoted posts a lot,” says Elizabeth. “If I’m not selling something, I don’t think it’s really worth marketing posts, but if it directs people to a program, I will pay to promote it.”
3. Email marketing and Joint Ventures  
Elizabeth frequently collaborates with other persons who have email lists in addition to sending emails to her own list of subscribers (something all online course authors should be doing, by the way). She adds, “I also collaborate with people who have substantial email lists. “We’ll exchange items and add each other to our email lists.”
Tips for other online entrepreneurs and course creators:  
Elizabeth’s experience as an entrepreneur and designer of online courses has undoubtedly taught her a ton of insightful things. She shared the following:
1. Know who your target audience is  
Make sure you comprehend the requirements of your target audience before developing your first (or future) online course. Ask them what they would like to learn from you, then design your course based on their suggestions. This will guarantee that you develop a course that you know people will be interested in rather than one that you assume they will.
“Always make sure that you know who your audience is before you create a course. Know who it’s meant for, and then find a group of those people and survey them and poll them and ask them what they want to learn from you”, Elizabeth explains. “I’ve seen people spend like 6 months creating a course and then have very little sales because they didn’t know what they were creating or who they were creating it for.”
2. Build your email list  
You have the chance to sell your course before it is even created by assembling an email list of people who fit into your target market. You can really ask individuals on your email list what they want, and then based on their responses, construct a course to sell to them. “You want to sell a course before you make it,” advises Elizabeth. “Get an email list of people who are interested, even if you aren’t actually collecting the money.”
The secret to growing your email list is to continually offer your readers value for nothing. Send them information that will enable them to resolve their issues or achieve the desired outcome. If you have helped them for free, they are more inclined to believe you when you try to sell them your course. How can you give individuals value in exchange for joining your email list as building a list is a value transaction? “, Elizabeth says.
3. Build a business you’re passionate about  
Make sure you are creating a business that you are enthusiastic about if you are an internet entrepreneur or an online course provider. If you don’t love what you do and don’t want to see your students thrive, you should probably choose another career. Establish your motivation by being clear about why you do what you do. Start with Why by Simon Sinek is a fantastic book on this subject that Elizabeth highly advises reading.
“Motivation comes from doing something you love”, says Elizabeth. “If you’re not motivated, you’re probably doing the wrong thing.”
Source: Thinkific
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