7 Easy Ways To Spread Kindness

Along these 2 years, we’re isolating ourselves. We’re avoiding touching our faces, keeping ourselves away from other people and and using masks every  time we're outside. We also has experienced a new normal and it seems as if everyone has become experts in keeping the spread of diseases at bay. But, while we’ve certainly improved in terms of handling contagious diseases, it’s time to focus on spreading kindness

One of the easiest ways to help those in need is by being kind. 
Strengthening A Caring Culture & Society
In conjunction with World Kindness Day which will be celebrated on 13th November, I'd like to share this list features 7 simple and sweet acts that will make a difference in the world

1. Practice KKM SOPFollow the guidelines set by the KKM for good health. Doing so will help keep you and those around you safe. There are a variety of resources and links to help keep you on track like official MKN & KKM Telegram channel. And one more thing, don't forget to download MySejahtera apps to your mobile phone to keep yourself stay updated

2. Control your Emotions (self love)It’s important to breathe deeply and with intention when things get stressful. We might have works to do, as we're still on work from home mode, or maybe full of kids that completely irritated being self-isolated for so long. They might craving social interaction and playing outside. As a mom, we should not lose our temper. We have to keep practicing regular meditation techniques to stay calm and rational

3. Lend a Helping HandSometimes, it's helpful to step up and help those around you. Take the time to ask for help when you have time. It's a good idea to reach out and ask for help when someone needs it

4. Share Positivity on Social MediaUse social media platforms to uplift others. Posts about uplifting news stories or videos that highlight uplifting moments can help make people feel good and less anxious. Ohh by the way, you can be friend with me at Tiktok so that we can laugh and hanging around together, okay

Also you can use your influence on social media to support local businesses by sharing their social media posts! It is not necessarily to order from them. I know that in this hard time, we are not in a position to spend money, but we can engage with small and local businesses social media post to help amplify their engagement and reach more people

5. Support Local BusinessesAs the effects of the COVID-19 crisis have started to become clear, many people have been let go and those who were deemed unfit to work have been furloughed. While it is difficult to imagine not being able to work, there are some local businesses that are still offering support

6. Give an Extra TipAlthough many people are struggling to make ends meet due to the current economic situation, it is still important to tip those in the service industry like Grab Food or Abam Food Panda because they need it now more than ever

7. Make a DonationThere are also various ways to donate to those in need in your community. You can find local Food Banks that need of supplies, or donate some cash to non-profit organizations and other charitable organizations that accept donations

So that's all for now. Let us to this for Malaysia, to be a better, gentler and kinder place

#KitaAdaKita #KitaJagaKita #WeStandTogether #WorldKindnessDayMalaysia 

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