4 Strategies In Increasing Sales

4 Simple Strategies to Increase Online Sales in Small Business  

Most small enterprises barely make ends meet. They make just enough money to stay in operation.
Only 9% of small firms typically generate $1 million or more in annual revenue.
You must enhance your sales and marketing procedures if you want to beat that benchmark and expand your company. Additionally, you need to improve your ability to manage those sales when they come in.
Utilizing the digital environment is maybe the fastest lever a small business can pull to boost sales. Customers are increasingly turning to the internet to find all kinds of goods and services, and with the correct strategy, you can raise your company’s visibility and generate sales at a low cost.
In this post, we’ll discuss how to grow your small business’s online sales, improve productivity, and serve more clients with the staff and resources you now have.
1. Use omnichannel marketing to boost campaign efficiency  
It’s a bad marketing practice to use just one channel for every campaign.
Your campaigns will produce significantly higher results if you incorporate numerous channels and formats:

Additionally, omnichannel marketing isn’t as difficult or expensive as it once was. Free marketing pixels can be used to build multichannel campaigns that are integrated.
Nowadays, the majority of SMBs use digital channels because they are simpler to expand, track, and don’t require a minimum initial expenditure. Pay as you go is an option.
Digital channels:
Organic social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Social media advertising (FB Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.) SEO and organic search Pay-per-click search advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.) Email SMS  
Some small firms (both retail and e-commerce) further rely on conventional marketing strategies, particularly regional newspaper ads, classified ads, direct mail, and advertisements on regional TV or radio. A typical campaign’s results are more difficult to measure unless you speak with every customer individually.
Here’s a basic approach to setting up an omnichannel marketing campaign:  
Set up your CRM software and combine it with your various marketing channels, email, social media automation software, PPC, and more. Install the required tracking tags and pixels from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics. When nurturing new and current consumers, combine email with SMS and social media messaging.  
In 2020, a lot of platforms come pre-integrated with native support for CRM software and other platforms. For SMBs, an omnichannel sales funnel is now feasible.
Get more word of mouth marketing by improving customer experience  
One of the best ways for a small business to attract new consumers is through word-of-mouth marketing.
Consider this. Who can you rely on more? A commercial or a suggestion from your best friend?
83% of US customers say word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family increase their likelihood of making a purchase, according to the Chatter Matters survey.
They’ll give you a chance even if they’ve never heard of your business before thanks to a suggestion.
Delivering a fantastic client experience and sharing a story that resonates with them are the finest ways to encourage word-of-mouth advertising.
John’s Crazy Socks are a fantastic illustration of this.

Without making significant promotional investments, the father and son business has grown to generate millions in income. Instead, they used their special tale and a dedication to the customer experience to generate a lot of positive word-of-mouth publicity.
They were not only written about in blogs and magazines, but people also like discussing them on social media.

There is a handwritten letter of gratitude, as you can see. One comes with every single shipment that John sends.
The Cronins put their attention on nurturing existing client connections through email, social media, and direct mail rather than attempting to acquire top-of-funnel customers through advertising.
Everyone is focused on the customer experience.
There is a simple technique to raise client satisfaction if you offer tangible products for sale or make house calls. Ensure that the service or delivery is improved.
Give your consumers trustworthy ETAs and order tracking tools, deliver goods more quickly, and arrive on time.
Additionally, satisfied clients are one of the most effective marketing tools a business owner can have since they spread the word about your product or service to their contacts (and so on).
2. Nurture potential customers with email marketing and snail mail  
Email may appear to be outdated, but in the world of marketing, nothing could be further from the truth.
You won’t get strong conversion rates even if the first ad in your campaign successfully reaches your ideal customer. In order to persuade and convert new consumers, follow-up is crucial. Email marketing campaigns that target users who add items to their cart but leave before checking out can drastically lower cart abandonment.
Reaching out to potential clients via email is efficient and affordable.
The ideal medium is a multi-stage email campaign, which frequently yields a significant return on investment. The average return on investment for email marketing is $42, according to DMA.

That’s why it’s still one of the most important channels for marketers and businesses.
Best practices for email marketing:  
Tailor your copy to your target audience, using a voice and vocabulary they can relate to. Highlight testimonials and social proof to drive home your call to action. Promote new products and services to current customers in separate campaigns. Use A/B testing to try out different ad designs or copy and see which messaging is most effective.  
You can also include snail mail in the mix if you want to advance lead and customer nurturing.
Best practices for direct mail:  
Send coupons directly to leads and potential customers. (Even Google does this.)  

Deliver special offers and catalogs to existing customers. (Especially inactive ones.) Send personalized thank you notes or New Year’s wishes to important customers. Use your existing delivery fleet to efficiently drop off coupons or catalogs. 3. Sell a subscription service  
Zuora’s study indicates that the average annual growth rate of subscription-based business sales is a dizzying 18.6%, which is five times higher than the S&P 500.
Add a subscription service to your company’s menu of services. While using subscriptions as a “bulk discount” strategy can be effective, doing so will reduce your margins on each good or service.
Try to create fresh offers instead that give your target client even more value.
Instead of attempting to gain repeat business from a single interaction, recurring upsells are far more effective.
4. Improve your local SEO  
One of the easiest digital marketing actions you can take to boost sales for your online store is to improve your performance in search engines as 90% of consumers use the internet to seek for local companies.
Because of this, you must appear in searches for “business near me” or “business + location” or else you run the risk of losing potential clients. You can achieve this by developing landing pages that are search engine optimized or by using content marketing to promote local keywords.
For most local searches, the map results show up above the text-based results:

You must optimize your Google My Business listing if you want your company to appear in these results.
Here’s how to do that:  
Publish high-quality pictures of your company’s operations and products. Include a menu and all other necessary details. Encourage pleased clients to publish reviews (in a post-sale email campaign, for example).  
Instead of merely having a static homepage, you should additionally invest in relevant content marketing that addresses typical customer questions.
With all these tips in mind, if you plan to start your own small online business any time soon, we might be able to help with name generation!
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