3 Key Features You Ll Want For Your Kereta Raya

Hari Raya is just around the corner and as you wrap up your preparations, you might have considered making the purchase for a Raya car, or a Kereta Raya as we like to call it.

However, we understand the frustration of not being able to balik kampung and you might be questioning your decision to buy a Raya car in the first place. However, with the many Hari Raya promotions floating around, it may be a strategic move to finally get that car upgrade you’ve been wanting, or to buy another car that fits your lifestyle needs.

Plus, you’ll eventually be able to travel back to your hometown and it’s nice to know that you have a new car ready for that road trip. Of course, buying a car itself is a large financial commitment which is why we have outlined three simple features to look out for when buying a car.

Count your seat spaces
When it comes to cars, there are various makes and models to look at. While it may be overwhelming, one way to narrow down your search is taking a look at seat space. To do that, just decide the maximum number of people you will need to fit in your car - remember, you will also need to factor in your extended family, or even friends that may ride with you in the future.

Once you’ve decided the maximum capacity you require, you can pick a car type (as we have listed below) to shortlist your car choices.

Hatchback: Hatchback cars usually seat up to five people. However, because of the rooflines that sweep down to its rear bumpers, it can be quite compact especially if you seat three passengers in the back row. Sedan: Sedans also usually seat up to five people, including the driver. However, compared to hatchback cars, sedans offer more legroom and can seat passengers comfortably. Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV): MPV models range in terms of seats from five-seater makes to larger, seven-seater models. MPVs are known for their spacious interiors and ample legroom for comfortability, especially during long drives. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV): Similar to MPVs, SUVs offer five-seater car models to spacious seven-seater rides as well.
Check the boot space
Boot space is incredibly important, especially for long drives or even a trip to the supermarket to grab your Raya groceries. Although we may substitute the passenger seats as additional storage space, it is not practical in the long run when you balik kampung with your family in the future.

So, think about your lifestyle - do you often find yourself running out of boot space for your items such as bulky baby strollers? Will it fit all your family's luggage without having to compromise seat space for comfortability? This is why we would suggest viewing the car in person to have a better grasp of what you can, or cannot fit.

However, these days, car e-commerce platforms such as Carsome include a close-up view of their cars in their online listings, including a still shot of the boot space.

Map out your driving roads
Especially on your Raya drives (or future Raya road trips), you’ll need to consider the terrains you’ll be driving on because your car’s performance will vary depending on the road you drive on.

If you tend to drive on bumpier or rocky roads, you may want to consider an SUV as these are built for the outdoors. An SUV’s driving performance caters largely to scaling different terrains. However, if you are looking for an easy city drive and only stumble across rocky terrains occasionally, you can opt for a hatchback, sedan or an MPV.

Always test drive before you book & buy
Different drivers have varying preferences which is why it is best to avoid impulse purchasing a car. You’ll want to get a feel of the car first-hand to ensure you’re satisfied with its overall driving performance or build.

If you are going the affordable route and looking to buy a used car, you should check for additional factors such as dents, squeaks or rattles during the test drive as it may indicate a potential issue. You can always direct your queries to the consultant or dealer immediately if you spot anything during the test drive.

However, when buying a used car, it is important to have transparency in the process from start to finish. So, do your research on used car platforms online to understand their services and narrow down on a car that suits your needs, as well as affordability.

If you are not sure on how to select a good used car, look out for the inspection report - this report will detail everything from scratches to the undercarriage condition. Additionally, if you hate price haggling, there are car platforms that offer an all-inclusive price with no hidden fees, while some even issue a one-year warranty and a five-day money-back guarantee.

Nowadays, buying a car is as easy as buying groceries online. Plus, this Raya, Carsome is giving out discounts up to RM8,888 and up to RM1,000 duit Raya.

If you haven't heard of Carsome, it is an online used car platform that lets you buy and sell used cars, hassle-free - their online car listings come with complete transparency as you can check out the car with a 360-degree view and see the full inspection report.

With that, we wish you Selamat Hari Raya and all the best in your car-buying journey

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