Yoursay Mahathir Is Still Doing It His Way

YOURSAY | ‘Some say Latheefa’s qualifications are not in question. That may be so but…’Dr M: Decision on Latheefa’s appointment finalDavid Dass: Sometimes obtaining consensus for every decision is a problem. Already we have many complaints about the slowness of reforms
We have no real knowledge of how decisions are made within Pakatan Harapan and within the cabinet. And the real reasons for the delay in implementing reforms. We have to assume that full discussion takes place there
We also have to accept that the prime minister will make some decisions on his own. In this case, the preponderance of opinion seems to support Latheefa Koya's appointment but question the lack of consultation
A deputy minister within the PM's Department has conceded the issue. The PM is adamant. There has been a chorus of protests. The point is made. Let us move on. There is much to be done. Keep the big picture in mind
The PM is not going to risk a break-up of the coalition. Neither are other coalition partners. So all must focus on the issues at hand and the jobs that need to be done
Anonymous_1543918786: That is not the point. The point is that a promise in the Pakatan Harapan manifesto has been broken, not once, but many times. There is total disregard of respect for the coalition partners, if one can still call them
Arrogance has reared its ugly head again. The one-man rule concept has come back despite pledges that it would not occur again
Guuunner: @David Dass, I agreed and disagreed with some of your points of view, PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad can still discuss this with the cabinet, seek consensus and if not then bulldoze through. The point is that he made this decision alone
What if he is now accused of 1MDB kleptocracy and he has just “retired” the MACC chief that is probing against him and installed his trusted puppet
Sugar Glider: I think we threw out then PM Najib Abdul Razak because he did the same thing: remove and replace the MACC chief as he wished
Harapan’s manifesto says MACC should be independent and that it should report to parliament. That way, the PM can also be investigated. We need to do this so that another Najib cannot arise
Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it..
Mission Accomplished: This is good leadership by Mahathir. It was obvious he was aware that a section in PKR would make a big fuss with his picking of Latheefa Koya as MACC chief
Anonymous_1400734061: Indeed, the PM has the very right to appoint the right person for any appointment
Prudent: Yes, but he has no right to trample on checks and balances when making such appointments. These are checks and balances he agreed to
Anonymous_1527925538: The correct usage of “check and balance” is that parliament must not interfere with executive (government) appointments
The three pillars of democracy mean parliament, executive, judiciary must be independent and which also means not usurping the functions of others
Parliament's role is to create, amend or remove laws. The executive role is to run the country according to the laws in existence. The judiciary role is to interpret the laws
Gaji Buta: Even in the US, the so-called bastion of democracy, the president makes all kinds of decisions by himself
While it is good to aim and hope for flawless conduct and transparency, Harapan must not forget that they are a government, which has a job to do and targets to achieve and not get ahead of itself by having extreme leftists in their midst, setting ridiculous standards of conduct
Quigonbond: Dr M’s modus operandi is clear by now. Harapan manifesto does not apply to him since he is supposedly retiring
But what I don’t understand is how other Harapan cabinet ministers are as silent as mice. They seem to suffer believe that come GE15, Malaysians still scarred by BN will continue to vote for them
There may well be enough voters to cut off the nose to spite the face, maybe by supporting a third force
Harapan can also kiss goodbye to reversing the brain drain or propelling Malaysia forward with a progressive ideology which ideas inspired just enough Malaysians to vote for them in GE14
Every breach of manifesto promise just makes Malaysians increasingly cynical. A tipping point will be crossed eventually, and at the rate promises are being broken, sooner rather than later
Some say Latheefa’s qualifications are not in question. That may be so, but her neutrality is in question. It’s not so much of speaking about nepotism, which remarks are unfair to begin with, but that she sides with PKR deputy leader Azmin Ali in partisan PKR politics
The longer-term implication is voters who mostly voted PKR and DAP into power will find themselves having less representation because Azmin looks to Bersatu to support his fight against party leader Anwar Ibrahim
Just look at Bersatu ministers. Can you name one that is really inspiring? This is no different than previous attorney-general (AG) being appointed from the stables of Umno
Fellow Malaysian: This is vintage Mahathir speaking and I must admit I agree with him more now than ever before
Just like great wine, age and a person's toils and travails are the prerequisites of one's journey through life before one discovers the truths and realisation of your very own actions
To skeptics and critics, I say it is futile to desist this sage old man. I dare say he is wiser than any other living politicians in the country and the thing about Mahathir is that the older he gets, the more sagacious he becomes
As for Latheefa's pestilent, now that you have heard it right from the horses' mouth, I suggest a compromise. Give her a year and promise her that she will be given a free hand to handle MACC
Rather than mauling her and demanding her resignation, you should join hands with her as she has just adorned Hua Mulan's patina in our struggle fighting against corruption
Rather than showing your resentments, the cynical should applaud Latheefa's courage and fearless resolve
Baba Wuay: Of course, Mahathir, you can make the final decision, as it should be, being the PM of the country
But surely, there is no harm, in the spirit of cooperation with Harapan, to seek the views of other leaders before coming to a final decision? Which you did not
Aren't we all in this together? Do not forget your infamous words during the Sabah crisis in 1985 when you said “we swim or sink with Berjaya”? Well, Haris Salleh and Berjaya sank but you fortunately did not
But please, under your leadership, do not let Harapan sink
Scoopy Doo: Mahathir, arrogance and autocracy were the reason the rakyat despised you before. You won our hearts when you became a team player in Harapan. A Harapan manifesto was formed and all parties in Harapan were supposed to abide by it
But your spots never changed. You appointed yourself the education minister, which was not supposed to be. When there were brickbats, you made a U-turn. Of course, your choice of Maszlee Malik from your party was laughable
You took in more MPs from Umno than your original number. Another big mistake. That is why Bersatu is the new Umno
In government-linked companies (GLCs), etc, there were many political appointees, which was not supposed to be so. Unilateral decisions after unilateral decisions - a reminiscent of your autocratic days before - were on full display yet again. That is really disappointing, Mahathir
You know, I was thinking innocently, that finally when you step down in 2020, your much touted Wawasan 2020, you would have so much glory and respect and love, when you pass the reins over, to finally put Malaysia in the right direction, a 95-year-old grand PM
But the camel's back is finally broken. There are infighting and suspicion all over and tumultuousness and chaos may ensue. Instead of being inclusive, you are being exclusive. Your divide-and-rule is coming to the fore
Anonymous_1399778124: Mahathir is digging in. Being obstinate doesn't necessarily mean he is right; just obstinate. Of course, he has reasons for his choice, just like he has reasons for all his other choices
But this time, he is not going public with his reasons, Anwar or no Anwar. Let's just say PKR should be aware of the week of short daggers, especially now that Mahathir has shown he has favourites in PKR
I have said many times that if Mahathir were sincere about anti-corruption, there is a host of other suitable candidates like the reputable ex-Court of Appeal judge Hishamudin Yunus
Let's face it, I mean when has the leopard been known to change its stripes. Only this time Harapan had to let the leopard finish off its prey, Umno. Now the leopard may turn on PKR for its small meals. - Mkini

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