Yoursay Can There Be Two Tigers On The Same Mountain

YOURSAY | ‘It is best that Anwar is not in Mahathir’s cabinet as it will antagonise Mahathir more…’PM: No one wants to resign, so no room for Anwar in cabinet nowVeritas: There is a simple solution to this problem, as many have pointed out. This is for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to resign very soon

I think more and more people are becoming disillusioned by him and think PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim can be a breath of fresh air. It looks like Dr M does not want this to happen
Readers should take note of a few things which they did not earlier because they so unquestioningly wanted to believe that Dr M had changed and had repented. This was wishful thinking
When Mahathir said he made mistakes, he meant endorsing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Abdul Razak as PMs, and not his own questionable policies and approaches from the past, such as the national car project, Islamisation, the use of Internal Security Act (against his critics), forex losses, etc
If he cared about Malaysia, he would bring Anwar in soon. Anwar needs to consolidate his base for the sake of future stability. But Mahathir seems to have no such intention
Bravemalaysian: With the trappings of power, privilege and money as a minister, who would want to resign
The PM has to do the right thing, not wait for the right thing to happen. It is entirely his prerogative to select his cabinet so it’s not fair for Anwar to wait for a minister to resign
The last time someone resigned to make space for him courted so much flak, it is not wise to repeat this again. The PM is just giving excuses, not that I think Anwar is very anxious to join the cabinet
Of course, the easy way is for Deputy Prime Minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to resign and make way for Anwar. Will Mahathir agree? I am sure she will agree. So cut the crap and start doing the right thing, Mahathir
Enough of the ‘sandiwara’ and hypocrisy. I see through every sinister move of yours. In fact, it’s time to go as a hero. Please step down in favour of Anwar as promised, soon
Capo: Mahathir, you may have the prerogative to appoint or remove ministers, but you don't have the power or authority to remove the current DPM or mess with the pre-agreed transition of power agreement among all coalition parties in Pakatan Harapan
At this point in time, why would Anwar want a cabinet post when his accession to the prime minister's post has already been agreed, signed and endorsed by the people who voted Harapan into power
We dare you to dishonour that agreement and make our day. It’s no more my way. It’s now the people's way
Salvage Malaysia: The arrogance of it all. As much as Tun (Mahathir) doesn’t trust Anwar, the feeling is mutual on the part of Anwar. Notwithstanding that, Anwar had:1) convinced his party members, family members and coalition members to accept Tun;2) allowed the PKR logo to be used by all coalition partners when the Harapan logo was disallowed by the then BN regime;3) ensured everyone kept their promise that Tun was made PM despite having only 13 MPs. Wan Azizah could have easily become the PM then
And now this is how Tun repays Anwar
Fairsquare: The focus should be on righting the many wrongs and not who should be the next prime minister. Let Mahathir do his job, which includes keeping his promise to pass the baton to Anwar
We need to see the thieves in prison first and then Anwar will not have to deal with this problem. By the looks of it, Umno/PAS cybertroopers think that if Anwar becomes PM, the trial of 'Boss Ku' will stop and a compromise reached, hence the insistence for the Tun to step down
Tun should be left to do his job
David Dass: No one is going to believe this. This is probably about Wan Azizah resigning to make way for Anwar. Why will she not do it
The truth is Mahathir is probably comfortable with her there. Having Anwar by his side will be uncomfortable pressure on him to step down. Perhaps the status quo is better for now
The question is how does Anwar keep himself relevant? How does he prepare to succeed Mahathir? Whatever he does, he must not upset the old man. It’s a difficult position to be in
Anon 93751028: Dr M was elected as an MP. Not as a demigod to whom the whole country must give everlasting thanks and obedience. Will nobody bell this cat
Remind him he will not be here forever, but we want Malaysia to last, not fall apart because he wants everything his way. He won't be around to see the results. Our children and grandchildren will
That's why we elected the others in Harapan. To work towards the goal of a new and positive Malaysia for everyone, not just for the personal vision of one man
Mushiro: It is best that Anwar is not in Mahathir’s cabinet as it will antagonise Mahathir more and may lead to a major split. Also, Anwar will not feel really free to do things his way. It is better to let Mahathir complete his two years as PM
But it was not necessary for Mahathir to declare that since no one wants to resign, there is no room for Anwar. This is showing that Anwar is desperate to be a minister. It also shows that Mahathir is not in control of his ministers or able to move out his fumbling ministers
Anonymous_b3cdcd05: Gone are the days that Mahathir could call the shots, let loose the balaclava squad, deliver the black eye and cart the mattress in and out at his pleasure
The roles have reversed. Mahathir is now on borrowed time. A PM without a commanding base in Harapan and clinging on to his seat merely by his wits
For insurance, he has touched base with his old 3R (race, religion and royalty) comrades on the other side. He fears Anwar as he could be the potent force of retribution. The advent of his karma
Any wonder why he is evasive and keeps evading the succession issue with the silliest of excuses
The Rover: The most redundant minister at the moment is the current DPM. We don’t want 2 DPMs and more so, a husband and wife team. If Wan Azizah steps down today, Anwar can be DPM tomorrow
Clearwater: The DPM’s post is not Wan Azizah’s to give to Anwar. She resigns and Mahathir can always appoint someone else. Whoever opposes him will be told to pack their bags
Mahathir’s greatest enemy is time, and this may be how it will be played out eventually. Meanwhile, we better watch out for ourselves. Forget the politicians and their games
Blue Mountains: Indeed, the only person who is required to resign and give way to Anwar is Mahathir himself and not the other members of the cabinet. - Mkini

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