Yoursay Bersatu Gets The Mic Mca Treatment From Umno

YOURSAY | ‘It’s no surprise that Bersatu is being mistreated by the biggest party.’Bersatu Youth booed at BN event, told to prove their worth to Umno's Slim candidateHonma: It’s no surprise that Bersatu is mistreated by the biggest party in the ruling government. Who is Bersatu? It’s only a second-term party that is still considered an infant
Muhyiddin Yassin stole the premiership from Dr Mahathir Mohamad when Bersatu became “Berdua”. Bersatu then absorbed PAS and Umno into the government. Now they are being bullied by the bigger party which treats Bersatu as a pawn
What happened in the Slim by-election campaign is expected and sorry to say, Bersatu asked for it. Being a mosquito party, they can’t demand anything from the big brother
Mind you, this is only a by-election. Bersatu will know where they stand come the 15th general election. PAS and Umno will throw them aside like an unwanted partner
Vijay47: In its own gentle way, Umno is the light revealing that Malaysia and especially BN is an equal-opportunity haven, where race and religion do not matter, a bond where everyone is treated the same
So, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s words to Bersatu Youth, unbecoming as they falsely appear, were just a suggestion of the path ahead for Bersatu to follow. Like, as they say, the loving words of a caring father to a wayward child
Nothing should be made of the fact that Zahid’s caustic advice was given at a public function when comrades-in-arms had gathered to ensure victory for their candidate
Crude words at BN events are not uncommon. People's Progressive Party leader M Kayveas will fondly recall how extremely rude Malacca governor Mohd Ali Rustam was at the 2007 party’s AGM in Malacca
In true BN spirit, no malice was intended, no hearts were broken - after all, yes, they were only the loving words of a caring father. Which reminds me, wherefore art thou, Kayveas
Zahid’s performance, as only he can present, would be especially comforting to MCA and MIC who have all along enjoyed such attention from their political masters
This they would take pains to put in proper perspective as they invite the Bersatu delegation to the back of the hall, yes, next to the toilet, to enjoy some nasi lemak bungkus
Sorry, the udang galah (tiger prawn) is only for the patricians at the main table
Newday: Bersatu Youth, do you really want to be part of this dishonest coalition when you are treated like stray dogs? Can you, in all honesty, put up with this bullying
This is just the start of putting you in your lapdog place, much like the treatment dished out at MCA and MIC in recent years by Umno
BN? How fake is that? Umno is running the big show and at this event, they made sure you understand that
Dear PM, is this what you want from your partners? Get rid of them. Apologise and grovel if you must to the ones you had betrayed and go back to them
Just make sure you don’t take Azmin Ali with you. The dark lords are back and will do anything for things to stay that way
Bobby0: Rest assured, Umno will want their position back by the time the next general election comes around
The real questions are, why didn’t Zahid and his Umno allies win the last general election? Why didn’t they garner enough votes to win
Why then insult and humiliate Bersatu? Bersatu is now in the driver’s seat with their leader sitting as the prime minister. Can Umno garner the same number of votes they received in the last elections
Bersatu should field the same question to Zahid and Umno instead of quietly accepting the humiliation. Demand should go both ways. Both are equal partners and Bersatu should not be treated like MIC and MCA
This is just the beginning. Wait until the next general election when Umno uses PAS and Bersatu to win more seats. Then, the real colours will be shown to their so-called equal partners
Mushiro: Yes, Perak Bersatu Youth chief Mohd Hafez Mubin Mohd Salleh was cool about it. He probably did not understand
Zahid was using this forum to demand more for people like him and Najib. Bersatu Youth should have retaliated since Zahid should not bring up his unhappiness during this by-election campaign
IndigoTrout2522: It appears that big brother Umno does not want Bersatu to be aligned with them. So, it is Muhyiddin who is begging Umno to let Bersatu join Muafakat Nasional
Perikatan Nasional is as good as dead. Will those PKR rebels, Azmin and gang, join Muafakat Nasional, forsaking their multiracial principles to a one-race party? I guess that is politics and self-serving interest
ScarletKancil7475: Wake up, Bersatu. You will all be kicked out in GE15 unless you give your seats to Muafakat Nasional and just be ordinary members. Who is big brother now
All this because of Bersatu's stupidity to leave Pakatan Harapan and forming a backdoor government which has no support from the rakyat
Clever Voter: The real issue is money. As the economic pie shrinks, less are available for the ever-growing hunger. The majority of these members cannot even earn their livelihood, let alone be able to find a job
Umno has, for years, capitalised on this by feeding those in their food chain. Bersatu is no better. They’re also opportunists but squeezed between two greedy and corrupt parties
The country is now filled with these dishonest people. The election is a scam. Everyone knows money talks
Kawak: It’s the beginning of the end for Bersatu. As predicted by Mahathir, Bersatu will be squeezed out of Muafakat Nasional and Perikatan Nasional
Umno and PAS will not let go of their traditional seats. Bersatu can only contest in mixed-race seats dominated by PKR, DAP, and Amanah. Bersatu will die a natural death. Muhyiddin will only be the PM till the next election. - Mkini

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