Top 3 Ways To Give Your Car An Extreme Makeover

There may a time that you want some changes for your car’s appearance. Maybe your original finish has been damaged, or just that you’re bored with previous factory paint job. There are several ways to change your vehicle’s color, but there are three that are most common: paint, Plasti Dip®, and vinyl wraps.
It’s important to know if you’re correcting a paint problem or simply changing your car’s look. If you’re looking to fix a scratch or ding, you should first consider painting the vehicle. This process is fix, and should be applied to the whole vehicle for a uniform look. Modern paints use clear coat formulas to make your car’s finish durable, and need regular cleanings and wax to maintain its shine. A good paint job and regular maintenance can be a costly process, but one that will leave your vehicle looking showroom ready for years to come. If you’re simply looking to change your vehicle’s appearance, a rubber based coating spray such as Plasti Dip® may be a better option than a full paint job. Plasti Dip® can be sprayed on to nearly any surface and is offered in dozens of colors. Its best application is to specific areas of your vehicle like the wheels, trim pieces, and lights. No professional application is necessary, but it will take a bit of trial and error to get the perfect finish you’re looking for. Conveniently, Plasti Dip® can be peeled off without much effort to either be restored to your original color, or to be redipped.
An alternative to paint or Plasti Dip® would be a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are exactly that; a printed vinyl laminate that can be applied over your current paint job. There are an unlimited number of colors, designs, and finishes that produce a result similar and sometimes even better than a factory paint job. Because it’s applied in sections, vinyl wrapping is easy to repair and remove when you’d like to return to your original look. When covering paint in good condition, vinyl also serves as a protectant by shielding your vehicle’s paint from the elements to reveal a still-fresh paint job when removed. Of course, this quality comes at a cost. Vinyl wraps can only be printed and applied by professionals, and can cost far more than a standard paint job. Wraps also have a lifespan of 1-5 years before needing to be replaced. If you don’t mind shelling out the cash, a vinyl wrap could be the solution you’re looking for when personalizing your vehicle’s style. When it comes time to change up your car’s look, it’s important to know your end goal.
For a factory like finish, a good paint job may be your answer. If you’re looking for an affordable, DIY project that you can knockout over the weekend, Plasti Dip® is the way to go. If variety, personalization, and protection is what will complete your look, check out your local vinyl wrapping professionals. Remember to check with your vehicle’s owner before changing up the look if renting or leasing your vehicle, and always consult a professional before making permanent changes to your car.


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