Top 100 The Best Quotes

Let’s kick off the new year with 100 of the best quotes ever written.
Let stress slide off your back as if nothing happened. No reaction will strike more fear in your enemies than any form of anger or aggression. I dare you to prove me wrong…

Feel every life experience (even the nasty or negative ones) with every ounce of your being. That’s the only way to obtain a lesson from life’s most trying and turbulent experiences.

Diamonds aren’t born that way. They must be exposed to heat and cut with a blade before they become beautiful. People work the same way. Embrace the struggle, because it will make you a stronger person.

The less you talk, the more you grow. Be a fly on the wall. Keep your big mouth shut and blend into the scenery. There’s not a faster way to transform into who you’re meant to be.

Suffering is here to teach you something. Don’t hide from it. Seek it out. Intentionally push your boundaries everyday (or get left behind). The former sounds better to me. What do you think?

Love isn’t meant to be chased like a wanted felon. Love will find you when you least expect it. If you work on yourself, the right person will feel magnetized to you. It’s a patience game. I suggest you play it well.

It’s fun to tackle epic goals like writing a novel, running a marathon, or starring in a movie. But none of this stuff is as fun as you think. The excitement wears off fast. It’s the little things that make life worth living.

Being on the right path is only half of the battle. Moving with speed, efficiency, and decisiveness is the other half. Hurry! You can rest when you’re dead.

You are not your past decisions. Hold no attachment to them. Clinging to a mistake only increases that attachment. Let go. Your life will get a lot easier when you do.

People pleasing is an exercise in futility. It’s impossible to make ALL of the people in your life happy ALL of the time. Do what brings you joy. In time, it will rub off on them. And if it doesn’t, that’s their loss (not yours).
Confidence is a skill that can be learned. If you have to fake it, please do. Eventually, it will feel real enough. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anybody else? That was a trick question, because there isn’t a good answer.

Don’t pursue safety. That leads to a dull and trivial existence. Instead, pursue danger. Don’t be stupid and kill yourself. But do take calculated risks that take you closer to your dreams. Otherwise, you’ll die with immense regret.
“Desire” isn’t a bad word, no matter what the Buddhists might say. Where’s the fun in life when you don’t want anything? You’d become as lazy and worthless as a sloth. Chase your goals like a hungry cheetah in the savanna.

No matter how terrible a situation might seem at first, there’s always a way out. So don’t stay in the water! You might drown or get eaten by a shark. And whose fault is that? Look in the mirror to answer that question.

Trials are your best teachers. They’ll leave an impact that resonates for the rest of your life. The more bitter a lesson, the more likely it will stick. Embrace your inner stoic and learn to see the opportunity in life’s obstacles.

Anyone who’s never failed hasn’t tried anything worth doing. A perfect track record is nothing to brag about. Instead, it’s a sign of untapped potential. Treat small failures like stepping stones alone the path to massive success.
Excuses are lies. You are not too old, young, short, tall, skinny, fat, smart, or stupid to accomplish any goal in life. This belief is only true, because you convinced yourself of it. Self-fulfilling prophecies are real. Stop creating them!

Windows don’t open themselves (especially when they’re stuck). That requires persistent force. Life works the exact same way. Opportunities won’t create themselves. You must manifest them through consistent effort.

Strength must be applied strategically to be of any use. Attack people with hateful words and they will get defensive. Confront people with a persuasive argument and tender heart instead. They won’t be able to resist your persuasion.
Stop being so self-absorbed. There’s more to life than being the center of attention. Instead, join a community or tribe and focus your energies on their success. You’ll feel more fulfilled when the success of others depends on you.

Gentlemen aren’t whipped sissies. They are aggressive wolves who also know how to treat a lady. Never insult your woman through your words or actions. Always be compassionate, even when she falls short for some reason.
Idle chatter is meaningless. Talking about a goal does nothing to achieve it. You must work to get anywhere in life. And work, when done correctly, is nothing more than a strategic form of play. Develop a more playful spirit today.
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Ignore haters and naysayers who don’t believe in your dreams (unless they have something constructive to say). Interrupt their negativity with actions that prove them wrong in the most epic and theatrical way possible.

No victory would be worth it without adversity. Struggle is the secret sauce that gives success its flavor. Accept the necessity of obstacles. Without them, everything would seem “too easy,” which is far from fulfilling. Be more stoic.

Words mean nothing until they are combined with intentional action. Opinions are as worthless as the Kardashians until they are acted upon. Talk is cheap. Action is priceless. For massive success, make this your mantra in 2018.
No NBA player was born great. Instead, they spent hours in their backyards taking shots until they got skilled at it. The same reasoning can be applied to any art, craft, sport, or skill. Develop habits that make success a given (later).
Pain and trauma are here to teach you something. They won’t go away until you dig deep enough to find the lesson. Journal, meditate, see a psychiatrist. Do whatever is necessary to locate the roots of your suffering and cut them off.

No progress happens during moments of stillness. Even meditation and other acts of relaxation require you to be mentally active. If you don’t keep moving forward, you might fall down. Don’t take that risk. Life will pass you by.

It’s not the pot of gold that matters. The important thing is enjoying the process of obtaining that pot of gold. Otherwise, it will make you feel empty in the end. Cherish the memories of what you did to achieve your goals.

Your only true competitor is the person you were yesterday. If you can beat the pants off that person every damn day, you’ll evolve at a break neck pace. Forget about your enemies or foes. They don’t matter. Only compete with you.

Afraid your world is unraveling? Embrace that feeling. Repressing it will only make the emotion stronger. Stay up all night and watch your life continue, no matter how sure you were of apocalypse. It’ll feel nice to prove yourself wrong.

Meaningful work cannot be forced. It must come from your heart and soul. If you’re not “feeling it,” the quality of your work will suffer. Ask yourself, “Am I in the wrong field or industry?” Answer honestly and adjust as necessary.
Failure is nothing to fear. Many of my best life lessons came on the heels of an epic fail. Without those failures, I wouldn’t be half of the man I am today. Embrace failure since it’s nothing more than a great teacher in disguise.
I’d rather be loved by people, but being feared isn’t a bad alternative. People don’t typically mess with somebody who scares them. Be so convinced of your rightness that people hesitate to start a fight with you. Drama will go away fast.
The best way to defeat fear is to face it head-on. Scared of drowning? Take a swimming class. Scared of flying? Board a plane. Scared of public speaking? Audition for a play. You must fight your fear with fire before you can ever beat it.

Following a path created by others is boring. You are a sheep being herded along a designated path. It’s better to blaze your own trail. Only then will you become the original individual you’re meant to be. Forget about conformity.
If your words and actions aren’t in alignment, no one will take you seriously. You must embody the values you preach before they will do you (or the world) a bit of good. Be a living example of your belief system. Walk the talk.

It’s okay to make an honest mistake. Make the same mistake repeatedly and you’ll lose the trust of everyone you love. If you’re not learning from your mistakes, that speaks volumes about your character (and it says nothing good).

Nothing drives a hater or naysayer crazier than pretending they don’t exist. Their words are designed to elicit a reaction. Thus, it’s best to not be reactive. That will ruin their mood more than any nasty words you can concoct.
Children have no concept of time. They enjoy every moment without shedding a single worry over what will happen next. Adults should practice the same concept. Mindfully living in the present removes all fears of the future.
Life is pain. That sounds harsh, but it’s nonetheless true. Suffering is a daily condition. Thus, we must learn how to live with that suffering so that it doesn’t affect us in any obvious ways. Life isn’t fair. Accept it. Be happy despite it.

Empty chatter doesn’t take you any closer to your goals. It’s better to work in silence until you manifest your success. Smart conversations can help you figure out how to accomplish that when they’re with the right people, however.

One friend or lover can compensate for an army of enemies. You only need one person who understands you on a deep level to find joy. Focus all of your energies on that person. If they reciprocate the feeling, they are a keeper.
“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger,” as Fredrich Nietzsche said. Any struggle that doesn’t destroy you should be treated as an opportunity for growth and development. Embody this philosophy and become unstoppable.
What’s the point of being with a person who doesn’t transform you into a better version of yourself? Trick question. There is no point. Cut all toxic people out of your life — even lovers — without regret. They don’t deserve you.

There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a job, city, or relationship that doesn’t serve you. This burden is like a heavy cross that will slow your progress down. Abandon these situations as soon as you realize they are shackles.

Smiling — even if you fake it — will instantly make you feel better about whatever you’re struggling with in the moment. Sharing your smile with others is even better. You’ll make them feel better about their junk, too.

There’s nothing less productive than arguing with people who will never understand you. Smolder these people with silence, because it speaks louder than even the most eloquent words. They can talk to you when they try to “get” you.

Treasure is never found in an open field. To obtain gold, you must invest your energy in a time-consuming dig. Invest your efforts into the fulfillment of your dreams. Otherwise, they won’t exist anywhere besides your mind.

The moment you stop learning is the same moment your growth and evolution will die. If you don’t practice the kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, life will quickly leave you behind. Ignore this advice at your own risk.
Emotion taints the quality of your decisions. Life’s most important decisions should be made from a cold, detached place. Otherwise, you might live to regret those decisions. And there’s nothing more stressful than living with regret.

Friendship will fulfill you more than any amount of financial freedom. Don’t become so workaholic that you discount your friends and lovers. Always make time for them, despite how busy life gets, because they are what really matter.

Your family can be your biggest cheerleaders and saboteurs… often at the exact same time! Love and support them as much as you can, but refuse to let them hold you back from achieving whatever makes you happy. Tricky balance.
Elders aren’t smart because they’re innately more intelligent than you. They just have more life experience that you should learn from. Ask your older relatives to share stories about their biggest successes and struggles. Then, absorb!
The most difficult obstacles you overcome are what ultimately form your character. Don’t see these struggles as a bad thing to regret or wish away. Instead, perceive them as the wonderful teachers they truly are.

Who’s gonna listen to a nasty, negative person who spews hatred with every word? Nobody. It’s better to treat everybody — even your enemies — with a kind and gentle spirit. If you’re lucky, you’ll turn them into good friends.

Your art or craft should leave an imprint on the world. Furthermore, this legacy should make you feel proud of what you accomplished. If it doesn’t, then why are you even bothering to try? There isn’t a good answer to that question.

There are two kinds of people in the world. 1) Friends. 2) People who don’t know they are your friends (yet). Enemies are a creation of the mind. Refuse to see anybody as a foe and you’ll win people’s trust before you even know it.

Anger and resentment always create blow-back. In the end, you won’t make a dent in the object of your aggression. You’ll only hurt yourself, because they will become defensive and stop listening to what you have to say. Sad but true!

Selfish creations — be it art or business — do nothing to make the world a better place. The only person they please is the creator himself. Stop being so damn self-absorbed. Let every action you take be a blessing to other people.

Happiness and sadness don’t exist in a vacuum. You can’t have one without the other. Trying times give you the ability to appreciate good times. And without good times, trying times would be too much for any person to bear.
Personal development should always come before professional development. If you’re not taking care of yourself, how do you propose you’ll be able to run a booming business properly? Everything you do is a reflection of you.

Trust isn’t given. Instead, it must be earned. And if someone violates your trust in a significantly damaging way, it’s likely they will do it again. There are exceptions to this rule, but be cautious and choose your confidants carefully.
No matter how fierce your internal storm is, you must appear to be calm and composed on an external level. Breathe! Nothing is as bad as it seems. And if you embody calmness externally, it might influence you internally.
Anyone can fake a smile. But when the eyes and mouth don’t match, there is a problem. It’s easy to fool a stranger. But good luck fooling a significant other who understands you on a deep level. Please let them share your burden.
Let people judge you all they want for being “different.” They are the true laughing stocks. Being a sheep is nothing to admire. Instead, it’s an indication of conformity. And no conformist will ever be featured in the history books.
“The obstacle is the way,” as Ryan Holiday eloquently expressed. Adversity should be treated like an opportunity to grow or evolve. Otherwise, it will wreck you emotionally. Let these struggles sharpen you like a sword. Be strong!

Certain situations will never change or crumble, no matter how much you resist. There comes a time when it’s best to admit defeat. And when that day arrives, you must instead change yourself in a way that helps you live with it.
Seek community with those who agree. Find evolution with those who disagree. Avoid echo chambers like the plague. Any opinion worth having should be able to withstand criticism. If it can’t, why would you believe it?
Guard your reputation as if it’s the most precious resource on Earth. Even a small dent in your image will require a ridiculous amount of work to repair. And be careful about who you reward with trust. Only give it to the deserved.
Destiny isn’t written in stone. You have the power to create your own destiny. Sure, it can be influenced by friends and family, but you must be your own master. Otherwise, you’re just following a script that’s empty of meaning.

“Get rich quick” and “lose weight fast” schemes are a curse. Victories that are obtained so fast can be lost even faster. Embrace the fact that success is a direct result of time and patience. Want a math equation? Success = time + effort.
The more you need to be happy, the less you will feel happy. Stop chasing possessions that add no value to your life. The less you need to be happy, the more fulfilled you will be. Resist this reality at your own peril. You’ll just be empty.

Darkness should never be avoided. We all have terrible days where death doesn’t sound so bad. If you literally feel suicidal, please see a counselor. Otherwise, embrace those dark moments. They’re trying to tell you something.

Insecurity is loud. Confident is quiet. Let your words — not your volume — do the talking. The volume and intensity of your words has zero impact on how persuasive they are. “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” is a nice mantra.

You talk too much. You own too much stuff. You practice too many habits. Super successful people use few words, own little, and isolate the few habits that make the largest impact on their life. It’s often better to do less (not more).

Entertainment is about distraction. Education is about development. Which one do you think is better to emphasize? The answer is obvious, so don’t think too hard. Put down the tabloid magazine and replace it with a business book.
Eliminate the phrase, “I don’t have the time,” from your vocabulary. What you really mean is, “That isn’t a priority.” You will find a way to make the time for what is important. If you don’t, it must not matter as much as you thought.
Life is a like a video game. If you play it well enough, you can rig the odds of success in your favor. Act as if the scales are already tilted in your direction. The more you believe this to be true, the more you will naturally make it so.
You must achieve mastery over yourself before you can hope to influence another person. Self-awareness is the success secret that keeps on giving. Only concern yourself with your own faults. Forgive others for their flaws.
Petty people will belittle your hopes and dreams, no matter what you do. Your audacity reminds them of their own insecurity. Surround yourself with people who make you feel as if anything is possible. Forget about the haters.

If you try and fail, you’ll live to tell the tale. Failure is a thousand times better than regret. You can live with failure. Regret will lead to a sad and slow death. Take your chances, because the only alternative is a regretful existence.
It’s never “too late” to change anything in life. Don’t waste your time ruminating over what “might have been.” Instead, invest your time and energy in the act of creating what could be. It’s the same idea with a positive spin.
Reinvention should be a daily practice. Don’t get so caught up in who you are that you forget the amazing potential that lives inside you. Claw and dig your way to the core of your being until you figure out what brings you fulfillment.
The slower you go, the slower you grow. Live with ferocious speed and tenacity. The turtle might have beat the hare, but that’s just a fairy tale. In real life, the hare would have run laps around his competitor. Be pragmatic about stuff.
Progress doesn’t stop at any age. There’s no pressure to figure out your reason to exist by age 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60. It’s never too late to leave a mark. You’ll figure out who you’re meant to be when the universe says the time is right.
You are a product of your upbringing and environment. What you call “strange” is socially acceptable to other folks. Embrace the fact that everybody is different. Learn about different cultures. Otherwise, you’re flying with a blindfold.

I could agonize over every word in this article. What would be the point? I’d add hours to my work time for a minor and insignificant improvement. It’s better to trust your gut. Speak from your heart. Listen less to your head.
Don’t be afraid of enemies. Without competition, there would be no incentive to grow. Treat your competitive encounters like mini-boss battles on the path to an epic Final Boss Battle. Every fight strengthens your resolve.

A closed mind is like a set of blinders. No matter how desperately you search, you won’t be able to see a damn thing. An open mind is the polar opposite. You’ll become exposed to new ideas that will make you creative and resourceful.
Don’t trust people’s opinions. Most of them are sheep who have closed minds. Instead, actively shape their opinions in the direction of your value system. In time, enough of them will begin to see things your way. It’s a waiting game.
You could lose nine out of ten battles and still be a victor. It doesn’t matter how many battles you lose. The essential thing is to win the war. Remain firm in your convictions and refuse to back down. When the time is right, execute.

God is everywhere. He’s not some lonely supreme being who hangs out in the sky. The world is a connected place. God can be seen in the people, places, plants, animals, artwork, statues, and sculptures you see in your daily life.
Death is an abstract concept until it strikes a loved one. You’ll never “get” its meaning until you live with a tragedy. Mourn your loved ones, but don’t let yourself become depressed. They’d want you to be happy with or without them.
No matter how many setbacks you face, don’t let yourself become jaded. One bad day (or even a bad year) isn’t a reason to lose hope. The tide could change at anytime. And the more you believe it will, the better off you’ll be.
I can’t tell you how many romantic partners I’ve had who were afraid of being “damaged goods.” This is a false fear. Their stories of heartbreak are what made them so fascinating to me. It helped me connect with them on a deep level.

The chains of habit are hard to break. If a habit doesn’t serve you well, it will hold you hostage. Approximately 80% of your daily actions are automatic behaviors that require no thought process… so choose your obsessions wisely.
You are not your past. With mindful intention, you can become whoever you want to be in the future. Create a vision of the responsible and successful adult you hope to be. Fake it everyday until you intuitively transform into that guy.

Even the most sturdy surfaces will crumble when you meet them with enough force. It might require consistent — or even constant — application. But sooner or later, the wall will breakdown. Be the most stubborn person you know.
Why use violence to achieve an objective when persuasion can achieve the same thing? Persuasion and manipulation aren’t the same thing. Persuasive people can argue their way out of any situation, no matter how dire it might seem.
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