Thrice Is He Armed That Hath His Quarrel Just

Name-calling is, oh, just so infantile! Much ails Malaysia, we can do without the “labelling”, for sure. “Racist”, definitely, is not a word we should bandy about, not in Malaysia. All it does is to produce knee-jerk reaction for no one would accept this label without question or not, challenge this description
Yes, we may be “offended” by what others have said but to label them without necessary self-reflection will just make these others and perhaps many others, defensive, without a clue as to why their behaviour has been so offensive
How on earth are both parties concerned able to see eye-to-eye? Is it a human right, now, not to be offended unless again, some of us have that special privilege of being able to offend while others just have to bear the brunt of being offended
Come on ... is this "New Malaysia"? Grow up, my dear fellow Malaysians, labelling is a bankrupt currency that can bankrupt our country if we allow wounds to further fester

Dr Jordan B. Peterson, known for his critique of political correctness and offence-sensitivity in the context of higher education, in response to Cathy Newman’s question why his right to freedom of speech should trump a person’s right not to be offended, Peterson said:“Because in order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive. […] you’re certainly willing to risk offending me in the pursuit of truth.”Come on lah, can we outlaw each and every organisation when their members offend us with their opinion, perception or even, what they hold to be true? There is your truth. There is my truth. And then, more importantly, there is the “Truth”. It’s okay to be offended, just consider it an “ant-bite”
Get engaged and be offended, by all means [...] hear each other out. If each of us value our identity, then we are committed to “agree-to-disagree” in a rational way, even if we don’t like how these disagreements sometimes make us feel
My dear fellow Malaysians, let’s reflect not react
On another note, Malaysia needs true and real leadership, right now. So much is broken and yet, stupid and unnecessary ideas and policies are being thrown about
Leaders are like fathers. We know how fatherlessness is the root of the many woes of society. Why do children go astray? Where can we, Malaysians, go astray
We are human, after all. Our hearts need to encounter the love of a father. We need to feel and experience this love for authentic transformation to occur. And yes ... name-calling won’t help. It will turn us into prodigal sons and daughters, instead
A leader, like a father, is supposed to help us find our identity and self-worth. This, then, will lead us to discover our sense of purpose. A leader, like a father, provides, materially. He creates safety and security. A leader, like a father, helps us know that we are capable, powerful and beautiful
My dearest leaders of Malaysia, listen calmly without being judgemental. Communication can only be efficacious if we listen carefully, not give knee-jerk reactions each time we are “offended”. Please listen without over-reacting
If “children” think that their “fathers” will lose their tempers quickly and be judgemental, these children will have little incentive to express their inner feelings to these fathers
Or, leaders, you don’t care to listen? Are you all men in a hurry? No time and patience to hear and know the implications of your actions? Remember the story of the hare and tortoise? Listen lah, calmly, show that you have a genuine interest in our fellow Malaysians
It is about our future generations and not for them to be wiped out from the face of this earth, as compared to lofty ambitions and immediate results that help us, not
True, what was a kleptocratic government left behind issues and pressures which leave all of you drained and hard-pressed for solutions, however, what your “children” need to hear from you present leaders are wise words, words which you must have the courage to speak
Be those leaders who can nurture “children” to fly like arrows and hit their mark in life. Road rage which results in loss of lives. Abduction of innocent children, ending in deaths. What ails Malaysia? The need to learn calligraphy? Let’s get real, okay
Even if there’s truly a need for this or that, please employ the right people who can provide sound arguments for a need. Someone who can make a quarrel, just. Kangkung ministers should be a thing of the past, please
My dear leaders, thank you for doing your utmost best for us Malaysians but you do need to deliver justice to all ... hear, listen and engage all concerned. Pray for wisdom, my dear leaders and to be able to discern, in the varying circumstances of daily life, how to do just by our fellow Malaysians. - Mkini

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