The Thought That Counts

I've shared this on my Insta stories but I think I better make a single entry about it, for my own satisfaction and to show how life really is plus to acknowledge awesome people do exist :)

It was the day when I stayed alone in my ward, trying to handle between new cases to clerk and to approach so many "doktor, nak noted patient bed xx, complain bla bla bla...." Well, it is a good thing there are nurses who can update doctor what has been going in the ward because seriously you have no time to really check on every single patient the whole time. And this is obviously a government hospital, please don't expect one doctor and one nurse for one patient basis. No such thing, okay

I am sorry because sometimes, there are patient's relatives who keep on complaining this and that in which they can obviously help with. T___T
On that day, I received a call from a colleague from another medical ward requesting for one houseman to accompany patient to send to HRPB, Ipoh for further intervention. In view of there was only one houseman in each Ward A and Ward B, 2 housemen in Ward C (in which I am in charge now), so of course we need to help with man power. One houseman to take care of 35-40 patient is doable but trust me, it is super tiring. After informing my MO about the request, she told me to stay with her in the ward instead and to send another colleague of mine to HRPBI

I wish I was the one sending the patient, especially when I have completed my beds' carry out...haha
So, the day went on.... until 9.57pm, I finally done with clerking the last new case before planning to call the day off. After reviewing the patient with MO, she asked me to prepare to go home after settling the carry out for new cases. And finally it was 10pm, time to go home. 
"Dr, patient bed xx tu GCS* drop, SpO2 pun tak boleh pick up, 80% je"
The patient was already on BiPAP (a device / machine to help with respiration) and I still remember my MO said to me to prepare with intubation if her GCS drop. Rushing to call my MO who was in ED with another new referral, she rushed back to the ward and intubate the patient. It was already 10.40pm when I was offering to manual bag the patient until the anesthesiology team arrived to connect the endotracheal tube with ventilator, meanwhile my on call colleague went to settle with the STAT blood for that patient. 
Since my HO friend was working alone that night, I didn't feel good to leave him. 
And phone kept on ringing, I suddenly remembered I was planning to have late dinner that night with friends. Staff nurse helped to cover while I picked up the phone. Trust me again, talking to a phone while you are bagging the patient is not something you should do. Family members can make viral of you. 
Approaching 11.30pm, finally the anesth came and I passed over the tube to the MO and slowly I went to pick up my bag to leave. Suddenly, I saw my friends walking to the ward, planning to help.

I felt like crying, blessed to have these people. T_T
They even had my meal packed, in case I am too tired to eat outside that night.

*GCS - Glasgow Coma Scale - to rate one's level of consciousness for eye, verbal, movement response. If GCS less than 8, indicate for intubation.

Good people exist!

SM, Perak, Malaysia190210

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