The Natural Scenery In This Area Is Known As One Of The Country S Best And Is An Ideal Place For A Weekend Getaway

Only an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur city center, Genting Highlands can be a place to retreat. Its location on the highlands makes the experience of staying at Genting Highland like being above the clouds. The following are recommendations for hotel near Genting Highland, as well as tourist destinations and holiday tips for you.

Activities to Do in Genting HighlandWhat activities can you do while in Genting Highlands? Here are some recommendations:
1. See the Beauty of Genting Highland from HeightThe cable car is the most popular attraction in Genting Highlands, spanning 2.8 km. From the glass floor of the Awana SkyWay Gondola, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the tropical forest. If you're afraid of heights, there are also standard gondolas with closed floors available, so you can still experience the ride without any worries.
2. Wander Around SkyAvenueOne exciting thing about visiting SkyAvenue is that you can get many things in one place. Starting from the Kome Peng Heng Art Museum, Vision City Video Games Park, Sky Symphony, and many more. You can even spend the whole day exploring this area of around 13 hectares.
3. Nature Tourism and EducationConsidering that Genting Highland has a beautiful panorama of the highlands, there are many environmental-themed activities that you can do. Like seeing butterflies at Butterfly Wonderland Genting and trying organic honey at Happy Bee Farm Genting.
Recommended Hotels in Genting HighlandGenting Highlands offers various hotels to choose from for your stay. These are some suggestions you may want to consider:
1. Swiss-Garden Hotel & ResidencesAddress: Windmill Upon Hills, Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands
Price: Starts from RM 265.30 (Deluxe Twin - 2 Single Bed)
Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences is the right hotel with a strategic place close to tourist attractions. From this hotel, you can easily reach Strawberry Garden, Awana Cable Car, First World Plaza, and various shops.

The facilities are complete, like the sauna and fitness center there are also darts, a game room, and a squash area. You can also stay with children because this hotel has a child-friendly children's play area and swimming pool.
2. MagTree Genting HighlandsAddress: Grand Ion Delemen, Tower Jade, 1, Jalan Ion Delemen, Genting Highlands
Price: Starts from RM 135.58 (Club Deluxe Twin - 1 Twin Bed)
For a hotel that is offered at an affordable price, MagTree Genting Highlands has spacious rooms. If you want to save even more, come with friends by booking a Club Suite 3-bedroom room.
The new building also makes this hotel feel clean and comfortable. This hotel does not have rooms with breakfast, so that you can look for breakfast around the hotel with a varied menu.
3. The Yanne, Onsen HotelAddress: Jalan Ion Delemen 1, Tower 4, Genting Highlands
Price: Starts from RM 276.33 (Standard Studio Suite 1 Bedroom Ensuite Mountain View - 2 King Bed)
Genting Highlands is in the cool highlands, so staying at The Yanné, Onsen Hotel is the right choice. As its name suggests, The Yanné Onsen Hotel has a spa, hot tub, and sauna that are perfect for relaxation. Not only is the facility complete, but this hotel also offers beautiful mountain views from the balcony.
Tips for Holidays in Genting HighlandsWhat should you prepare before going on a holiday trip to Genting Highlands? Here are some tips for your holiday in Genting Highlands:
1. Create an ItineraryThe itinerary is essential during the holidays to be more effective in utilizing your time and adjusting your budget. However, you can change or add to your schedule if you get recommendations from trusted sources.
2. Choose Accommodation Near Tourist DestinationsYou can now decide on accommodation well in advance to go straight to the Hotel Genting Highland. The accommodation that is close to the destination only requires a little travel time and costs.
3. Optimize PromotionsDuring your vacation, you may need several things, including plane tickets, accommodation, and transportation to get around. You can get low prices if you take advantage of the promos available, for example, at Traveloka, which provides holiday needs.

That's a review of the recommended hotel Genting Highland and exciting activities you can do. You can book all the hotels described in this article via Traveloka at affordable prices. Ensure you follow the holiday tips, including looking at promos from Traveloka to make your holiday cheaper.

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