The Meaning Of Independence Day

In Malaysia, we celebrate our Independence Day on the 31st of Aug every year. That is called 'Merdeka Day'.

Back to the sharing,

A few days ago, I let my mind wanders for reasons why people celebrate Merdeka Day. Why people feel happy about this whole Merdeka thing. And I came to a simple conclusion, that humanity is happy when they feel at peace.

Merdeka means freedom. Freedom means peace. Therefore, freedom brings peace into your heart.

When we talk about freedom...
In these modern days, people think about financial freedom. Because this type of freedom brings peace to their heart by not having to think of where to find money, and not having to look at the price tag while doing their shopping. Eventually having financial freedom is them seeking for peace.

People also talk about freedom of speech. Because I think, this type of freedom enables them to feel that no matter how low their social status is, they still can convey their thoughts no matter what. Eventually, by having freedom of speech, they will have the peace they are seeking.

And perhaps the simplest form of peace or freedom is having a day off from your responsibility at work, by celebrating Merdeka day. So you can feel peace at home doing things you love and spend free time with your family.

It is all about 'peace' in the heart.

But one inspiring talk brought me to this thinking.

Do you ever wonder, what is the highest form of peace? In other words, do you ever wonder what is the highest form of freedom one could attain in this world?

Some of you might think that 'be happy' is the best form of freedom. When you have tons of money, you feel happy. But happiness does not prevent you from feeling worried or feeling sad if some other event afflicts you. (i.e. family death). Or the feelings you have when you love someone, but you are missing him/her =(

So love between human, and feeling happy, is eventually not the highest form of freedom.

Therefore, I came to notice that the highest form of freedom is the 'freedom from feeling sad' from any heartbreaks for whatever that you perceive as bad for you in this world.

Come to think about it. Some people somewhere in this world, they are so poor they can't even buy a piece of cake to celebrate their birthday. It is supposed to make them sad, right?
But, for some people, they have attained this freedom from sadness, even when they are poor, they are happy. Also when they are forced to shut up, they are able to contain their anger and their thoughts, and just keeping mum about it. Even when they have to work on Merdeka day, they don't feel bad and blame their bosses on social media.

How can these people make it possible?

The answer is, because they put their hopes and dreams, not in this world. So whatever bad things happen to them, they feel OK, because the world for them is just a temporary place. What they should be worrying about, is, what would happen to them in the place where humanity will live forever.

So these people, they put their worries in the hereafter, the akhirah, the life after death. Or whatever names you called it. It is not really an issue for anyone to relate to this as I believe most religions in this world have this concept of life after death. Unless you are a pagan or a free-thinker.


How can you confirm that you will never be sad if you put all your worries about your life after death? I will give you an example.

Imagine a poor homeless man, standing in front of a bakery feeling hungry. He really wants that piece of croissant. He wonders why he was born homeless. He is not in peace. He feels sad about his life.

What if, in a different situation. A homeless man, standing in front of a bakery, feeling hungry. Yet he chose to feel happy for all the people who get to enjoy that very croissant he really wants. He chose not to feel sad. And he feels content with what he has at current. Even it is just a cup of tap water to avoid feeling hungry.

Therefore, peace can only be felt, when you have HOPE, and you feel CONTENT with whatever you have at the moment things occur.

That homeless man can only feel content if someone has given him HOPE. And that is the HOPE that only 'one' can provide us with. It is the HOPE for eternal life, life in the hereafter. Whatever inflicts him, he doesn't feel worried or sad, because he knows life in this world is just for temporary. If he prevents himself from having doubts, evil thoughts and feels angry at his creator, he can get wayyy better than just a typical man-made croissant.

So that is the purpose of why God creates 'life after death'. Because life in the world is just a test. To see who, among His creations, are good enough to enter heaven for eternity. A place where ‘sadness’ does not exist.

Therefore, be in this life like a stranger, who is determined to do the right thing, even when everyone else around you is doing the wrongs.

And be in this life, like a wayfarer. Who is aiming to return to his eternal homeland, and live happily ever after.

Nisa Yachiru


Happy Merdeka Day!


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