Selecting The Transportation Company For Your Bike Useful Tips

The ideal approach to transport a bike is to ride it, yet that is not always conceivable. Breakdowns, punctured tires, and international transits can be the stumbling blocks when you transport the bike yourself. If you intend to use a friend’s trailer to move the bike, perils in form of messy tie-downs, and carelessly attached anchors are always lurking around. Therefore, it makes the selection of the right shipping company even more significant.
Inquiring about various motorcycle shipping organizations in your city can be an elaborate process, one that entails hours of research. There’s is also the dilemma of whether to opt for a large organization or a small scale one. At times there is inadequate data organizations share on the internet. Then some companies will bombard you with reviews and numbers. It is anything but difficult to lose the way and make the wrong decision.
Here are a few important things to consider before selecting a transportation firm for your motorcycle.
Opt for experience – You should search for a trustworthy bike transportation service that has been a part of the industry for years. Such a company knows the meaning of customer satisfaction as they have their market reputation at stake. Selecting an inexperienced firm to save a few bucks may not be the best approach because your motorcycle may get damaged in transit. And you may end up paying a lot more than the initial price. Likewise, be careful with phony organizations that may promise a lot but fail to deliver. Such organizations trap their customers using attractively deals only to leave them high and dry.
Compare the prices – After short listing the companies, the next step is to get a price quote. Most quotes depend on how far is the destination and the common fuel price. It is advisable to contact directly the company to acquire a proper statement. That allows you to compare the prices with other competitors and also, gauge the quality of the service provided by the organization.
Don’t ignore the reviews – The reviews of the past clients tell a lot about a specific company. Well-reputed transporters regularly have upbeat clients willing to share their experience. Peruse the company’s website for testimonials to get a fair idea about how well it has performed in the past. If satisfied, approach the organization directly. It will enable you to further comprehend the general nature and level of communication skills of the employees working there.
Be prepared with paperwork – Before enlisting the services of a professional motorcycle transport company, be ready with all the important details about your bike including its license and registration. Most people are not aware, there is a great deal of paperwork to be submitted to the transporter that includes details such as the destination, the specific time and the definite date. Besides that, you also need to inform them about the make and model of your bike. That will spare you a great deal of hassle later on.
Licensing and Insurance – It is imperative to cross-check beforehand that the organization in question is authorized with the Department of Transportation. All professional transporters have a permit number. Keep away from the organizations that can’t furnish you with their DOT permit number as they most likely are not authorized. The similar rule applies to the insurance of your shipping firm.
The delivery method – A few organizations use twofold stacking method for transportation which is certainly not the most preferred way. No one likes the scenarios where their bicycle is being trickled on by the cracked old mixer on the top rack. And some companies load motorcycles one next to the other without utilizing the proper equipment to ensure safe transit. Without proper strapping, there is an increased probability of a bike toppling over and in process, causing damage to the encompassing motorcycles, possibly yours. Therefore, it is important to get well acquainted with the type of shipping process your company is using.
By keeping the above-mentioned pointers in mind you can avoid situations that may lead to discontent and ensure safe and timely delivery of your motorcycle
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