Selangor S Bedazzling Outdoor Night Vibes

 State’s Unique Nature and Outdoor Attractions will Certainly Live-Up Your Night!

Unplug your devices, turn off your cell-phones and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Try out some night-time outdoor activities to explore and appreciate the mystery of the dark. It also creates many other opportunities for peace, tranquility and exploration. As such, we list out 5 of Selangor’s attractions which will bring you closer to nature and bedazzle your night.

1)    Explore Some of the Best Stargazing Spots

Taking 45-minute journey from Kuala Lumpur and easily accessible by KTM, Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) remains as one of the best spots preferred by avid stargazers. Stargazing activity in KKB is an ideal getaway from the city. The fewer the streetlights, the better. Enjoy the night vibe while stargazing to helpreducethe emission of the Chlorofluorocarbon Refrigerant (CFC) if you were to stay at home switching the air-conditioner.

You do not have to go very far to enjoy stargazing activity as Selangor has the best spot for you. Semenyih Dam is another spot to add to your list of stargazing sites. It doesnot require hiking but it does take a little bit of a drive. Bring along some comfort items like blankets, yoga mats or reclining chairs to improve viewing experience. When you are away from home, you help save energy.

2)    Mesmerising Fireflies

A trip to Kuala Selangor without stopping by at Kampung Kuantan 
to watch fireflies will not be complete. The village is situated about 56km from Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the most well-known firefly-watching spots in Selangor. You can ride on the traditional sampan accommodating maximum four people to see the lightning bugs!
Besides, replanting Berembang trees would help supporting the efforts to conserve fireflies’ habitats so that our future generations stand a chance to admire these beauties. Apart from that, Bukit Belimbing which is also located in Kuala Selangor is another firefly paradise along the Selangor River. It is an enchanting experience to ride a boat during the evening and witness the beauty of the fireflies. It is very important to create awareness on conserving Berembang trees for the fireflies to breed and to help maintain the cleanliness of the river.

3)    Camp-it-Out!

Having a picnic by the Sungai Chongkak river is a must-do to those to who love vast greenery surroundings and swim-able rivers. It is situated in Hulu Langat district and takes about 50 minute-drive from Kuala Lumpur but it is worth the visit!Nevertheless, the effort in keeping the campsiteclean is always the crucial part to every visitor. So do not forget to always pack and tidy everything up before you leave.

A place that deserves many returns for everyone that loves camping! Commonwealth Eco Forest Park is for those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the great outdoors. It provides an idyllic green getaway by combining dense jungle with landscaped gardens, lakes, campgrounds, chalets, jogging tracks, hiking trails and many more! Also, “leave nothing but footprints”; the simplest and most fundamental rule of all time.

4)    Love Heritage, Love Nature, Love Life! – Jungle School Gombak

Jungle School Gombak is a hidden gem that welcomes you on an eye-opening outdoor and cultural adventure. It is situated in Batu Caves and you get to experience Indigenous People’s authentic lifestyle, life skills, cultures and day-to-day activities. The Interpretation Walk module at Jungle School Gombak allows you to learnon the history of the jungles of Gombak and diverse jungle knowledge. It is important to preserve nature and culture as they will become valuable heritage to the new generation.

5)    Staycation – Eco-friendly and Unique

With the tagline “Get Lost, Naturally”;The Sticks, KKB brings you to several jungle houses. It takes an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur and is an off-grid glamping retreat with 12 unique houses.
You will unwind and enjoy the moments spent swaying in hammocks under the stars, floating down the river or dining on hearty home-cooked meals by enjoying comfort during the stay. A staycation that would disconnect you from your gadgets as phone signals weaken. It is an indication of the remoteness of the eco-friendlyThe Sticks.

The retreat that provides back-to-nature experience that aims to connect visitors to nature; Sekeping Serendah Retreats is a private retreat that strives to be environmentally-conscious. The sheds are transparent to celebrate the natural-beauty surroundings. An hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, it provides fun in a calm way to escape from the demands of the city life.The fact that there is no air-conditioningsystem and you have to bring your own toiletries here also shows how eco-friendly the place is. Activities range from jungle trekking, taking a dip in the waterfalls, visiting Orang Asli’s villages, and many more. 

Invite your friends or family to some quality outdoor night activities in Selangor, and, enjoy and appreciate bedazzling moments together with your loved- ones! The campaign “Nak Bercuti? Pusing Selangor Dulu” by Tourism Selangor has been highlighting the State’s best attractions to the masses. However, it is to be reminded that tourists in Selangor must adhere to the SOPS set by the Malaysian National Security Council. They should also register through mobile application “SElangkah:Langkah Masuk Dengan Selamat”, maintain social distancing, use hand sanitizers on a regular basis and wear face masks at all times.
For more information, please log on to the official website of Tourism Selangor at Selangor.Travel.

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