Maszlee S Incredibly Stupid Answers Time For Latheefah And Macc To Investigate Khat Maybe Camouflage Going On

Yesterday I almost developed ulcers listening to the Minister of Education talking rubbish to some reporters about the khat controversy.

If you want to get ulcers you can listen to the moron  here. 

1.  Among other things he said that this khat controversy was actually mooted since 2014. He is saying that it is NOT his idea. It is a carryover from the previous government. In 2014 the government in power was the corrupted BN/UMNO government. The moron does not understand that in 2018 we threw out both BN/UMNO and their policies.  

But the moron seems to think that it is a good thing to still implement the corrupted BN/UMNO policies. Why is this guy so stupid? 

I say brader dunggu salam, imagine Donald Trump buat kerja bodoh lepas tu dia kata 
'Ini bukan idea bodoh saya. Obama dah buat dah daripada dulu lagi. Saya sambung saja.'    Brader dunggu salam boleh faham ke?
2. Now the Cabinet has decided that this khat  shall only be an elective in the Chinese and Tamil schools.  The headmasters and teachers (of the SJK Chinese and Tamil) will decide. But the sekolah kebangsaan have no choice. They will have the khat in their textbooks. (Will come to the textbooks shortly - that is where this issue really lies). 

Elective means it is not an examination subject, the guru besars must decide if they want to teach khat or not.  In other words this is just another stupid waste of time.  Then why go through all this controversy? Just drop the subject.
3. Brader dunggu also said that coding is already being taught to Std 6 and other students in the sekolah kebangsaan.  He even says that 431,000  students have been learning coding since 2016. Fuiyyo !   Even India, Vietnam and South Korea are going to be left behind by Malaysia  in computer software.  We already have 431,000 students learning computer coding. This is not true.   

Coding is not part of the school syllabus. It was partially implemented under ko-kurikulum. This means it was taught by some schools only AFTER school hours. And the guru besars / pengetuas had to decide if they wanted to teach coding in their schools. It is another option, an elective.  

And here is a question that the Press should ask brader dunggu - exactly how many qualified computer science graduates are full time teachers with the MOE?  Press pergi tanyalah. Di sekolah ramai ustaz dan ustazah. Tapi pergi lah tanya berapa ramai guru sekolah ada degree in computer science. 

Tamil schools have been teaching some coding to Tamil school children through the efforts of an Indian NGO. Chinese schools have gone one step better. Chinese schools have got parents to contribute funds which have been used to hire an education company to teach computer coding to Chinese schools. They have been doing this very professionally.  The Chinese are always three steps ahead.
4.  Brader dunggu says that teaching khat in SJK is also to teach Chinese and Tamil kids about multi culture ie Malay culture.  Ye ke?  If that is the case what is the purpose of teaching khat in sekolah kebangsaan?  Dont Malay kids in sekolah kebangsaan already know Malay culture? They learn Jawi / Arabic in tadika, sekolah rendah, kelas arab, in UPSR, they get 21 As in SPM because they study so many subjects in jawi / arabic already. Habis pasal apa nak tambah lagi khat for Malay students in sekolah kebangsaan?  

I have another outsyed the box suggestion : why not teach Malay kids in sekolah kebangsaan Chinese calligraphy and Tamil alphabet? Then you can say the sekolah kebangsaan kids (over 90% Malay) will be exposed to Chinese and Indian "culture".  Bukan kah begitu?  Then everyone can respect everyone's culture.  China, Tamil respect Arab culture. Melayu respect Chinese, Tamil culture.  Semua happy, happy.  Atau budak Yindia kata 'Semua yappy yappy'. Tapi saya ada soalan cepu mas sikit -  since when is it the concern of the Ministry of Education about spreading inter cultural or multi cultural understanding? 

That is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture or MOTAC.  That Ketapi guy. 

Now this is where I think Latheefah Koya and the SPRM should investigate this khat controversy.

A couple of statements made by the Minister makes me suspicious.

The first was of course the really stupid statement that this khat policy was determined from 2014 - by the corrupted UMNO government. That is a clear red light. 

The second set of statements that attracted my attention are these: 

Khat or Jawi calligraphy now three pages from initial six, Minister told press 
sekolah kebangsaan still required - Year Four Bahasa Melayu
continue to have dialogue with all stakeholders 
six out of 164 pages in new Bahasa Melayu Year Four textbook 

Kekawan,  three pages, six out of 164 pages,  Year Four textbook, stakeholders means one thing only - book publishers and book publishing contracts.

In the old days this was the monopoly of the UMNO cronies and their Ali Baba Chinese printers.  I believe they are still in the game.  
Now with the power struggle in Pakatan Harapan and UMNO/PAS throwing their support behind Tun Dr Mahathir as PM,  somewhere along the line all this should also translate into money. 
You scratch my back I will scratch yours.  Cik Latheefah Koya I hope you are reading this.
The MOE has a budget of RM54 billion (??) That is a lot of money.  
 Katakanlah the MOE sudah bertaubat and now they are only 10% corrupt. 
That means RM5.4 BILLION duit boleh kena corruption. 

Katakanlah the MOE sudah bertaubat NASUHA and now they are only 1% corrupt. That means RM540 Million duit boleh kena corruption.

Tuan-Tuan under the PH, do you think the MOE is 100% corruption free? 
Ha ha ha ha.   (This is just a joke, you can laugh if you want).

I think the book publishers have a hand in all these stupid and useless debate about this really useless khat issue.

It is a useless and time wasting controversy. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said :
learn khat; the most silly thing to doother things that need to be learnteducation system overloaded with nonsensewith unnecessary, frivolous subjects
And yet it is being dragged on.  Tuan-tuan the billion Ringgit question. The soalan cepu mas. Who benefits?

Answer : the book publishers. 

The Malay text book publishers are still in the corrupted UMNO crony orbit. You scratch my back I can arrange our MPs to scratch your back.

Imagine if  the SJK China and Tamil also have to buy the new  khat textbooks (even if only three pages,  the entire book has to be re-published and re-printed). Tens if not hundreds of  millions of Ringgits will be involved.   That is big enough money.

Cik Latheefah Koya it is time you put your MACC officers on standby.  Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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