Malaysia Sedang Kiamat Dr Mahathir Maszlee Dan Kabinet Jadi Malaikat Maut

1. Some  PPR people are not sending their children to school.
We are located in Bangsar South, in Pantai Dalam (Parlimen Lembah Pantai). Yesterday one of our customers (Melayu, retired Civil Servant) walked in and shared some news with us. 
She said that in the PPR apartments in our area some of the PPR people are so poor that they cannot afford to send their children to school. Despite the free text books, no fees (or almost none) the parents cannot afford school uniforms, school shoes, pocket money, school bus fare etc. They rather just keep the children at home. This is just one case in one PPR flats. There must be other cases and also in other PPR flats. These cases are ALL Malay kids.

2. Bank in Bangi says no housing loans below RM300,000. 75% margin of advance only.
This morning we were at our bank in Bangi. The staff told us that in their bank, they are not giving out any more housing loans for houses below RM300,000. The reason is because the bad loans are too high in this category. As for houses above RM300,000 the  bank is only giving out loans for 75% of the house value. So if a house is worth RM400,000 then the bank will only loan RM300,000. The buyer must fork out RM100,000 on their own. For an RM500,000 house the 75% works out to RM375,000. The buyer must fork out RM125,000. 
So dear readers, how many of YOU (yes YOU) have RM100,000 or RM125,000 lying around to pay up the 25% upfront for a house?
Again the vast number of people negatively affected by this reality will be Malays.
Poorer urban Malays who can only afford houses below RM300,000 will not get a housing loan at all (This is in the Bangi area ok. I don't know the situation in Sauk, Kati, Gerik or Kuala Nerang.)
As for houses priced at RM400,000 or RM500,000 how many Malays can afford to cough up RM100,000 to RM125,000 for the 25% upfront payment? 
Maszlee says 60% of graduating students remain unemployed. Majority are Malays. Guan Eng says total unemployment is over 500,000 of which 160,000 are graduates. This simply means there are not enough value added jobs in the economy. 
Now the Indonesians are taking over the contracting businesses from the Malays and Chinese. The Banglas are taking over the retail businesses. The Pakistanis have taken over Gua Musang in Kelantan (I was there to see this myself).
Dr Mahathir is going around insulting the Indians and the Chinese (yes the Chinese have replied to Dr M's silly comment about Carrie Lim). Our palm oil and other exports are already suffering as a consequence.

And as though our Malaysian economy is not already facing so many external threats, the OWR (Ostard Wal Retards) are embarking on their own campaign to destroy the Malaysian economy. And no one is taking action against them. Look at this :

The government does not seem to have a clue about generating new wealth. The government is sticking to the failed (and corrupt) method of building useless infrastructure or over priced infrastructure (like the RM40 BILLION ECRL, RM450 million Federal government complex in Kota Bharu etc).  
Or creating useless layers of license holders which only adds to the cost of economic goods to the end consumers. One new example is the monopoly granted to State owned companies to own licenses / permits to construct those "lamp posts" for the cellular phone radio base stations. It just creates an extra layer of ownership (and rental costs) which adds zero value to the mobile phone networks. It is buta money.
That is not creating new wealth. Just pouring cement and concrete on the ground is not new wealth. New wealth means high value added, innovation, creativity, free market competition, new companies with new ideas, new blood entering old industries etc. That is new wealth creation. This is not happening. Hence there is no new wealth creation, no new jobs (value added high paying jobs)  in the economy.
That is why people cannot afford to send their kids to school where text books are already free.That is why people cannot afford to buy houses, including low cost houses.   
3. Maszlee is abolishing the science stream in schools.
This is the final nail in the coffin for Malaysia and especially for the Malays. I am not kidding.  
The Science stream is being abolished in Malaysian government schools (sekolah kebangsaan).

Teachers split over streamless system, hamper industrialisation
Secondary school students option to choose subjects from next year Educationists, teachers, parents divided to remove stream system 
one side suggesting it could backfire 

students opt for easy subjects instead of science, tech, mathsimpair efforts to catch up with the world set back country’s industrialisation 
Malaysia already worst performing nations in science, mathsboth subjects form foundation for skilled workforceMalaysia falling behind Vietnam, Indonesia 
2018 PISA rankings
S'pore scored best in all three aspectsVietnam no. 8 in science Indonesia 63rd in mathematics M'sia failed to make top 70 countries in all three fields 
(OSTB : The three fields are 1. Have brains 2. Have human brain 3. Have any brains.)need to look back 10 - 20 yrs when students allowed to choose subjectsmany students went for easier subjects insteadLook at what happened then Now we don’t have enough engineers or scientists
Malaysia needs 500,000 scientists and engineers by next year to grapple challenges from rapid disruptions confronting industries (??)Yet there are only 70,000 registered engineers, 17%  of target poor English proficiency among Malay students students will pick easy-to-get-A subjects dropping English thwart chances of getting good universities 
M'sia desire to become high-income nation (OSTB: By 2100 AD).number of students in STEM subjects declined44% in 2018 from 48% in 2012, according to govt datastudents have option to choose subjects they prefer Maszlee said 
My comments  : Here is a secret folks.  To begin with only 20% of our secondary school students are in the Science stream.  Next year the number is expected to fall further to just 18%.  

This is really bad news.  Here is more news :     

INDUSTRY alarmed - only 20% students study Science .. Maths
downtrend among M'sian students at worrying state
worst since Independence in 1957 number of secondary students pursuing Science reduced tremendously
Only 20% going into STEM - alarmingIn 1960s govt target 40% students pursuing STEM
2018 only 20% - this percentage to drop furthercountry cannot keep up with other nations

developing nation needs a lot of STEM graduates engineers, software architects, Artificial Intelligence etclow enrolment for STEM due to lack of interest students finding STEM programmes too difficult 

My comments :
1. Did you know that Science labs have long been abolished in Malaysian secondary schools. So students do not perform science experiments in schools anymore. And since they will never get another opportunity to learn Science we will produce yet more generations of Malaysians who cannot think rationally and scientifically. Kita akan jadi miskin. 
2. Anyway this is also why I say that it is actually the Science stream that is being abolished.  If there are already 80% Arts students in the secondary schools and then the "Arts and Science streaming system" is abolished do you expect any of the 80%  Arts students to rush over and take Science subjects? 
I don't think so. 
What will happen is more of the "remaining" 20% Science students will rush over and take Arts subjects. And I can assure you these will be majority Malay kids again.
So in a few years the number of students who study 'O' level equivalent Additional Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics will just shrink.
Agama Arab subjects will shoot up. Everyone will become an OWR. 
So Tuan-tuan, 10 years from now or 20 years from now when you realise 'kenapa anak-anak kita masih tak cerdik pun' just remember 'It is your fault'. 

Do not say that no one warned you. And in Malaysia everything is race, race, race. Siapa nak jadi penarik beca untuk tourist? Di Vietnam?

Posted by Syed Akbar Ali 

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