Living The Best Life Met Q2han Hi Touch With Ong Seong Wu In Malaysia

I named my Saturday as my entertainment day because at 3PM I went to Q2HAN meet and greet and at 6PM, I rushed to Ong Seong Wu 1st Fan Meeting in Malaysia! Let's see how I can bring you to this journey with these remarkable and enjoyable events.📸: Q2HAN @jdinkoreasince2012 & ONG SEONG WU @hatchery_thQ2HAN MEET AND GREET AT GRID SS15I am so freaking happy when I saw the news that Qwon & Qjin are coming to Malaysia and doing meet and greet (M&G)! I followed them for a while now and seeing them did M&G at Singapore and Indonesia makes me like 'Erghhh, it's so closed yet so far'! 
So, I drove to Grid Space and found parking, arrived around 1PM and lined up. I have to admit that it's hot, but I met a couple of new friends, and we talked along the way until they open the gate, so the hotness it's kind-of-forgotten.
They are very friendly!
Gonna keep this as the best memories this year!Nice to meet you Jay, Mama QQ and Dava!They arrived quite early because they need to do some quick Q&A or they called it Media Session - so yeah, when the gate was open at 3PM, the aircond just save my life. 
Initially, I have so many questions that I want to ask when I met them, but I forgot every single thing because I was too happy and nervous at the same time. Like they are an inspiration for me to keep going and their videos just made my day. Truthfully! 
I took a few pictures with them, give them some present. Honestly, I feel like I need to give something, but I don't know what to get them. Since I did my pre-wedding photo shoot at Muzium Bank Negara, I get them a sketchbook, and a card - all of the covers are design by a local artist, and I think it's going to be cool to show them the great designs. With a Rice Milk Soap from Thailand because I just came back from Kelantan and I want to share the goodness of the soap. 

Overall, it was such a happy moment from me because I get to meet them after I talked about them a lot with my friends and also post about them on my social media. Hopefully one day, I will get to do an interview with them or something for my blog, just need to think some of the ideas and plan it thoroughly. #mybucketlist.
Thank you for the gifts and ice cream!ONG SEONG WU 1ST FAN MEETING IN MALAYSIAAfter saying goodbye to Qwon, Qjin and Mama QQ (it was a sad moment), I rushed to Axiata Arena to attend Ong Seong Wu 1st Meeting. This is my first time going to an organised fan meeting in a stadium, I went to Seventeen before in Pavilion, but this one is different.
The event started at 6PM and ended around 8PM, and since we get to Hi-Touch with him, it's officially finished around 9-ish something. The fan meeting was okay, and it's worth it if you really like the idol because of the interaction, question and answers are kinds of intimate and long. It was exciting to see the events were being run through and for me it's a new thing because I only went to concerts before not the official fan meeting. 
Thank you @nuriyarisa for the tickets!One with the flower boy!
I just knew about Hi-Touch yesterday and oh boy I got to high five and saw Ong Seong Wu really up closed - like seriously - his skin is flawless and bright! At that moment I just want to his skincare routine.
To be honest, I almost missed high five him because all of the staff and securities were wearing a black shirt which same as him and I got confused. So, yeah, I kind of want to laugh because I almost missed him and showed a really shocked face. Oh yeah, and he wore a glove because in Malaysia it's known as an Islamic country, but I also want to say that Malaysia is still a melting pot of culture and races. 
I think it's cool that he did that plus we cannot to document any memories of the Hi Touch or else, we cannot experience the Hi Touch. I think it's also best to not record it to avoid any misunderstanding or what I called 'Mak Cik or Pak Cik Bawang' regarding K-POP. Because you know, everyone has their own inspiration and some of the songs might keep them through a hard time, we don't know. I'm personally okay and very open with them loving the idol as long it was not too over (FYI, everyone that I saw followed the rules and very calm yesterday). Everything has to do in moderate.
Overall, it was a good experience despite very tight security and a loud voice from the management. I just hope that Winner will do the fan meeting in Malaysia soon but let's leave the shouting, away. Finger cross!
We had fun! He was such a funny and cutie during the fan meeting. Love when he did the popping dance!
I'm so happy to share these two events with the readers because for me it's a dream come true meeting Q2HAN and more to a new experience with Ong Seong Wu Fan Meeting. Plus, I want to record or write good and bad memories on this blog because that's why this blog is called Curitan Aqalili.

Thank you so much for coming all the way here Q2HAN! Hopefully, get to meet you again soon.
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