Home Mole Removal Guide

There are many different ways you could try to remove an unwanted mole, such as:
Natural Remedies:
* Apple Juice

* Baking Soda and Caster oil

* Onion Juice

* Dandelions
Over the counter Treatments:
* Herbal Treatments

* Mineral Salts
Cosmetic Surgery
* cut off surgically

* burnt off

* frozen off

* laser
However when it came to removing ugly moles/sun spots from my body I decided to use my own method of removal:
Burning off Moles with a Soldering iron:
* Soldering iron-Clean/Sterile, ensure it has a small tip as large tipped soldering irons may cause damage to surrounding skin.

* Alcohol wipes
I must however state that the moles/spots I chose to remove appeared ‘normal’ in that they were not irregular in shape or colour and what I considered to be risk free of being cancerous.
Obviously, anything that appeared odd I would leave and have it looked at by a specialist.
I must state again that I am in no way suggesting that anyone else do what I do, I am not a specialist in this field and would recommend seeing a specialist before treating anything on your skin.
For the initial removal I will post here I used an assistant as it was on my head, and I obviously needed help to remove blemishes from my head/back/back of legs etc.
-Ensure the soldering iron is clean by using cloth/tissue soaked in antiseptic, steel wool may even be used if the tip has some old residue built up on it.
If the iron was too dirty I would then consider replacing it with a new one.
-Switch on soldering iron allowing it to warm up.
Place it on a heat resistant surface when not in use, eg I use a plate or saucer.
On this occasion I chose to remove a mole from my head:
-Ensure plenty of antiseptic wipes on hand, don’t use tissue or toilet paper as some may be left on the wound.
-Wipe the area to be treated with an antiseptic wipe.
-Now all I was doing was removing the mole/ freckle/sun spot which is basically on the surface of the skin or just under the surface, so I did not have to go too deep.
-What I simply did was give a few light taps to the mole.
The mole or surface of the skin kind of melts/shrivels away with the heat.
-This was only very fast and light taps on the skin, just to transfer some heat into the skin, if I was to hold the iron on the skin too long it would become quite painful and I guess could do some significant damage and cause significant scarring.
-Usually after a few taps 3-5 I would simply give the skin a wipe with the alcohol wipes and usually the top layer of skin would come off and generally the mole with it.
If a mole was not removed after around 10 taps, I would simply leave it as I considered it too deep to remove.
I would then clean the area and leave it to heal over the next 1-2 weeks, ensuring to keep the area clean as it healed.
-What I discovered many times was that even if the mole was not removed and I considered it too deep, as the scab fell off the entire mole would be removed.
I believe the heating process kind of killed the mole or in fact the scab that formed ‘suffocated’ the mole and it would then be removed with the scab.
Source by Ben Hughes
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