Hindu Coalition Stung Over Agc S Decision To Let Zamri Vinoth Off The Hook

A coalition of Hindu NGOs today demanded the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) to review its decision not to press charges against Islamic preacher Zamri Vinoth who allegedly insulted Hinduism and its followers in a ceramah in December last year
The coalition's coordinator Arun Dorasamy said they were "very disappointed" with the Chambers's decision and has doubts about its sincerity based on five reasons
"First, the letter on the AGC's decision not to charge Zamri Vinoth dated July 5 was never sent out or known by anyone until Sept 5
"Second, was the investigation used as a ploy to delay and then bury this issue instead of serving justice

"Third, why did the AGC and police not engage Hindu religious leaders to get their views on the sensitivity of his (Zamri) insults? The understanding of a Muslim officer and a Hindu officer on Hinduism would be totally different," he said during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Arun said they also questioned authorities' decision not to use Section 504 of the Penal Code to investigate Zamri's case
He claimed that the law, which covers intentional insults that provoke someone to disrupt public peace, would be more suitable for the case
According to Arun, they also want to know why the AGC hesitates to charge anyone for insulting religions other than Islam
Zamri VinothHe claimed that this had been the case for years with the police and AGC not making efforts to take action when other religions are insulted
"For many years, if there were insults or elements of insult against religions other than Islam, there were no efforts by the police or AGC to take the cases seriously and to charge them," he said
"But if you see the statistics, this year has already nine months and there have been nine popular cases (for insults against Islam) including one person who got jailed for nine years and nine months
"I am not condoning this bad behaviour (insults against Islam). But I am saying that the same thing happens to the non-Muslims too. Where is the sincerity of the AGC and police in treating these cases fairly?"Arun said the group wants the AGC to revisit their decision on Zamri's case and for the authorities to analyse the full video of Zamri's speech in Kelantan which had touched on Hinduism
He said the analysis should be done together with Hindu religious scholars who can point out which parts are insulting to the religion
"The AGC should not make the decision. Just let the courts to decide. Charge him and let the courts decide," said Arun
Arun DorasamyHE said the coalition also plans to send a memorandum to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to get the attention of the king on this issue faced by non-Muslims in the country
The group is also mulling suing the AGC and reporting them to the MACC for allegedly abusing their power, he added
Last week, it was reported that the AGC has decided not to press charges against Zamri. They had reportedly sent a letter saying this to the Hindu Agaman Ani Malaysia Association
The letter dated July 5 signed by solicitor-general Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria and also said that the AGC would not pursue the matter further. - Mkini

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