Crash Course For Pakatan Leaders The People S Money Is Not Your Money

‘Money from the federal government is people’s money, not Pakatan Harapan’s.’Senator claims he did not threaten village chiefs but here’s the audioPemerhati Bebas: Same old, same old. When will the politicians ever learn to differentiate between the party and the government
Money from the federal government is people’s money, not Pakatan Harapan’s
When are these people going to start talking about development plans, economic and social upliftment of society instead of issuing threats, implied or otherwise, to get votes
If this is the best Harapan can offer as senator, then he is no better than those from BN
Anonymous 770241447347646: This definitely sounds like a threat. It should be taken seriously if Harapan wants to show that they are different
The logical decision should be to remove him from his political position. It may be a hard decision, but necessary to prove that you mean business
Nobody should be involved in threats, vote-buying or even encouraging the giving of certain positions to anybody for their support
This will help to stop all forms of abuse in future election campaigns
Kangkung: If you were to read the whole context of senator Bob Manolan Mohd’s speech, his ‘sokong’ (support) sounded like he was talking about ‘supporting’ the Harapan government’s way of doing things and what the ‘tok batin’ have to do to work as community leaders
Of course, it could be construed as ‘supporting’ Harapan as in a political party as well
Most importantly, he told the Orang Asli leaders that they have to take care of the welfare of their people. He reminded them to bring forward the grievances of the kampung to the government and not just accept a monthly pay cheque without doing anything
Whatever it is, I still think that what Bob Manolan said pales in comparison to how things were done during the Umno regime
However, two wrongs don’t make a right, so Bob Manolan has to apologise for the way he put things
Isildur: I commend Harapan for taking us into Malaysia Baru. This senator does not adhere to the Malaysia Baru spirit and Harapan should reprimand or sack him forthwith
Lodestar: This PKR senator really screwed up big time. But he was only trying to pull in the votes. It’s just sad that he used such questionable tactics
I think he should be counselled rather than pilloried. After all, it’s the first time that any of them have tasted power. The party and government should set clear guidelines
Caring Citizens of Malaysia: I never thought BN might win the by-election seat, but with Bob Manolan’s one speech, the tide has totally turned
Unless DAP comes up with a strategy, this seat is as good as gone. If I were Umno, I would immediately ask the BN candidate to come out and give a rousing speech which says that no matter what, they won’t abandon the interests of the Orang Asli, et cetera
At this moment, the seat is definitely turning to favour BN now, by at least 20 percent
Proarte: What a terrible insult to the Orang Asli. Clearly, Harapan has no respect for their democratic right to choose a representative of their choice
How different is this to the modus operandi of BN’s Najib Abdul Razak- “You help me, I help you”
No salaries, posts if you don’t back Harapan, senator warns Orang Asli chiefsOscar Kilo: Why are Harapan representatives talking like the old Umno/BN administration
It is time for new thinking. People must be free to choose their elected representative. You can’t force or coerce them. If you do, then you are no better than Umno/BN
Lovemalaysia2: My goodness. However well-intentioned, this is just like the BN days
Time for Orang Asli leaders to be elected by communities, and a fixed salary to be given irrespective of who is in government
Abasir: Instead of jetting about to tell foreigners about his journey “to hell and back“, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim should spend some time at home schooling his party members about what not say in public
Seriously, don’t PKR representatives have guidelines on campaigning? Especially given the fact that many of them are not the sharpest knives in the drawer
Worldly Wise: Senator Bob Manolan spoke with candour, but without honour
The village chiefs have perhaps been told that they are paid by BN. But actually, they are paid by the rakyat for the work they do, not for canvassing for the ruling party
Cogito Ergo Sum: Harapan, you are already handicapped by self-inflicted wounds. Now you inflict another own goal. You deserve to lose, Harapan. You do not deserve to administer this nation
Despite all that has happened in the past, you copy and paste Umno’s playbook of dirty political tactics. You are fast wearing out your welcome, Harapan. Very fast
He belittled us! Orang Asli chiefs skewer senator over threatMW: I voted for Harapan for the past three elections and I totally agree with the Orang Asli sentiment
First, the kuih comments from none other than the candidate, and now this. It took Harapan only seven months to be as arrogant and out of line as BN. This will teach them a lesson
In fact, a win for Harapan is bad for Malaysia, as it will make them feel invincible and untouchable, like how Umno felt prior to GE14. Everyone knows what happens after that
Ravinder: Does this not amount to ‘criminal intimidation’? If it is not legitimate to sack someone from his post if he does not support your party, or not to pay his salary, isn’t that a crime for depriving someone of his rights by the use of unlawful means
The EC has to rise to the occasion and act without fear or favour. There is no need to wait for someone to lodge a report before opening a case file. ‘Tunggu apa lagi’ (What more are you waiting for)
Berani Kerana Benar: The race to outdo each other by putting a foot in the mouth is on. Currently, PKR’s Bob Manolan leads DAP’s M Manogaran by quite a gap
– M’kini

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