Bmpil Writing Challenge My Favourite Desserts And Snacks

I was having a rather slump-ish weekend and thought to myself that I needed to write stuff here - last night. It's now almost noon - the next day.

Also, I actually wrote something that just needed a minor tweaking but I don't like it anymore. I guess I needed to edit it some more. I also don't have a really nice vibe with my previous post, which is kinda a ridiculous reason. These have all and all made me want to just delete both of them but we'll persevere, I guess, and simply move on to our next topic.

I love this topic (insert heart emoji here)

I usually have a very specific mood for desserts and snacks. I needed to have that feel before actually eating it. I'm a slow eater and tends to savour everything and is even more so if the said food is desserts and snacks. These two were meant to be enjoyed consciously and deliberately.

Although, even after having said that, it was rare for me to really want to eat these. I don't know why though. Like if you give me something now, I won't touch it. 

Ok, let's do this, favourite dessert will go first. 

I am a chocolate enthusiast. Especially the creamier ones which means the ones with creams or dairy. So if it's a chocolate bar, it must be the milk ones. If it is a cake, then it must be the moist ones with luscious chocolate ganache. Naturally, this means I'm mad for moist brownies. There's this buffet we went to during our first year that served amazing chocolate souffle and I am hooked but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells it. If it's a drink, it must be a creamy chocolatey goodness one and hence that's why I hardly buy a chocolate drink. I usually buy iced drinks so I hated when the ice dilutes the drink and it's hard to find a good chocolate smoothie. I'll usually make hot drinks at home so milo and those Cadbury drinks are easily my favourite chocolate drinks.

I swear to all the good looking guys in anime that I've watched (tibber), dal.komm and this one local online cafe here made the best chocolate smoothies.

You can hardly go wrong with brownies as long as you stick to a recipe that includes putting chunks of chocolate into the batter but a chocolate cake from a good bakery is just on another level. I'm so into Gula Cakery now since it's close by. Apart from that, I do enjoy cheese tart as well. Be it a plain one or a fruits ones, I like them all. I'm not really a fan of egg tarts though. It's nice but I usually have this mood where I tend to not-feeling-like-having-an-egg-aftertaste.

I'm not really a snack eater.  I don't hate it though. I don't know why. I eat snacks but usually, I just don't feel like it. I might eat it if it's there or when the "want" come but I try not to buy much cause I know it will take forever to finish. Like there's this keropok ikan that I bought last Tuesday I guess because I feel like eating it and I don't have time for lunch so it was a good and rather filling snack. There's about a third of it left still laying around in the pantry.

The only cookies that I eat are either those big and chewy cookies (like the Subway's) or this cookie that my friend sells (she made it herself, it is so good and addicting). I used to like Chipsmore and always buys it but I don't anymore for like months now because I think I started to not like it. This is a weird realization to me because I've been loving Chipsmore since I'm a kid. 

I like those crispy chocolate snacks like the ones with wafer or rice crispies like Zip from Cadbury. I love that thing. I still only do chocolate flavour though. The chewy ones like Snickers is a big no no cause I hated how it stuck to my teeth.

It seems like these days, my snacks are on the sweet sides only. I don't really do savoury ones except for potato chips (any flavour is good, you can't go wrong with potato chips) and also, Super Ring. I think I only ate two types of bagged snacks - Super Ring and Pop Corn Perisa Durian. They are no bagged snacks that can compete with these two - period. 

As for ice cream, I'm usually sticking to the basics. Chocolate or vanilla. That Magnum one, the plain one, of course, is top tier. I rarely bought packed cone ice cream. I also love sour-ish popsicles which are my go-to on hot days. 

I also always have mints with me but the chewy ones instead. I do enjoy hard candy as well but I don't really have any preference. It's simply nice to pop one into your mouth. I think I can stock on hard candy in my room. That will be nice. 

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