Animals Are Amazing Colored

Usually the color of the animal was striking, the more dangerous animals. Could be toxic or the other, but also animals smemiliki da menajubkan color because he wanted to blend with the surrounding environment so as to disguise themselves.

1. Panther Chameleon

Panther Chameleon has an incredible ability to change colors and hides himself, but he could not choose any color he wants as affected by temperature, light and even by mood.

2. Sockeye Salmon

Human skin definitely be brown because of the heat, or the red so if we are shy, but imagine if the color of your skin completely changed with your environment? That's what Sockeye Salmon used to do, normally blue and silver, they will turn red and green before laying.

3. Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise males have colorful plumage was fantastic, he was dancing, posing and actually change shape to woo the less exotic-looking females. The existence of bird of paradise disadvantaged because it has great value to the natives of New Guinea, where they traded furs and leather, even some endangered species.

4. Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy sea dragon is a creature of the sea floor odd beautiful and colorful. The female can produce 250 eggs at a time, and the male guard after they spawn and he should not lose them. weedy sea dragon is found off the coast of Australia, where the body makes it possible to hide amongst seaweed when predators come.

5. Blue-Footed Booby

Blue-footed booby females are attracted to males legs lighter color, so lucky for birds that have brighter colors legs in the mating season. This bird is commonly found in the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, but can also be found in various other tropical and subtropical islands.

6. Temminck's Tragopan

With the crest of orange and brown, the chest that looks like a whale shark lying on top of the heart, Temminck's Tragopan very striking. It is not surprising that he was considered the most beautiful bird in the world. These amazing birds are found in the forests of South Asia. The blue color is actually the skin of his face, not fur.

7. Clownfish

Clownfish look beautiful with bright orange color and white stripes, but it was covered with mud. It is important for the fish to form one big teams in nature with sea anemones although they are dependent on each other for survival, and the slime protects the Clownfish from the anemone's sting.

8. Lesser Flamingo

Do you know the beautiful pink flamingo famous comes from pigments in the algae are eaten it? lesser flamingo is the smallest and most prolific of the flamingo family found in Africa and parts of Asia. Beautiful birds are hunted and eaten by baboons, wild cats and eagles.

9. Sailfish

Fish sailfish blue patterned definitely make a statement, but it has nothing to do with fashion. They light up when the sailfish hunting, to confuse their prey and let the hunters know what they are doing. Sailfish usually keep their weapons under and returned when he threatened to bring the illusion of a larger

10. Monarch Butterfly

Everyone loved butterflies, especially pretty, but the color is really beautiful serve as a warning to predators not to eat them because they are poisonous. Monarch is perhaps best known when southward migration in North America, when the first winter snow arrives. These butterflies just migrate to the north and south as the usual birds do.

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