A Dose Of Tony Roma S Famous Ribs With New Flavours This Ramadhan Season

Juicy, succulent and mouth-watering meal this coming Ramadhan month
with Tony Roma's
If you’re in the mood for a juicy, succulent and mouth-watering meal this coming Ramadhan month, TONY ROMA’S has cooked up yet another amazing menu, specially curated to capture the spirit of Ramadhan for meat lovers. The exclusive menu which will be available from April 19 until June 15 in all TONY ROMA’S outlets throughout Malaysia presents a bountiful spread of dishes perfectly concocted with a twist and promises to leave any palate craving for more.
With the past year taking a toll on Malaysians, the iconic restaurant brings everyone together through the love of food. In preparation of the coming Ramadhan month, the menu features a much larger portion to ensure more friends and family can gather to enjoy precious time and a delicious meal together at an affordable price. From a unique version of 'Sup Tulang', introduced as Rib Bone Stew as an appetiser to the FESTIVE BEEF RIB PLATTER offering 10-pieces of ribs, the Festive Lamb Slabs Platter with three slabs of lamb, T-Bone Steak along with drinks and dessert, the menu presents a feast not for the faint hearted.
RM 359.90 (4-6 pax)
The Rib Bone Stew uses traditional flavours but with a preparation that is wholly American. Braised for several hours, the Rib Bone becomes fall-off-the-bone tender glazed in a robust, and rich stew, delivering a warm and cosy flavour so loved that it would make you feel right at home. The Festive Beef Ribs Platter that is so massive, it can be shared with the entire table, comes with sides and Rib Bone Stew and is served in five different types of flavours. Customers will be able to try each distinctive seasoning without having to worry about whether or not they made the right choice, plus this means there will be something to please everyone. The ribs are specially seasoned with its newest signature homemade Dry Rub flavour using a combination of spices rubbed on the rack to amplify the flavours of the meat for a finger-licking experience, for those who prefer a spicier touch, the Sriracha or Black Pepper will do the trick, or for a more authentic taste, there is also the Original BBQ along with its Spicy counterpart included in the mix.   

RM 299.90 (4-6 pax)
The FESTIVE LAMB SLABS PLATTER which also comes with Rib Bone Stew and sides has three lamb slabs that pack a sumptuous punch. Marinated with Honey and Plum sauce, it is a brilliantly tasteful dish both juicy and tender. There is even something for the small eaters who will be able to dig into a wholesome T-BONE STEAK cooked to perfection, accompanied with Rib Bone Stew and sides as well. Once all the meat is cleared off the table, dig in for some sweet, savoury dessert with the Kurma Tiramisu and then wash it down with a refreshing Lychee Bandung or Lychee Mojito. A feast fit for royalty; this TONY ROMA’S set menu is guaranteed to please.

RM 29.90 NETT
“Our brand values have always been anchored on providing amazing experiences to our guests when they come to TONY ROMA’S. This is the main inspiration behind our festive menu. We want to be catalysts in providing memorable and shareable moments for our diners and we want them to enjoy those moments with the people who are most important to them. With the past year being difficult for everyone, we decided it’s time for us to bring some joy to our diners by creating something that they can share and indulge in together,” mentioned Daniel Chan, Revenue Valley Group CEO.
As an international American brand, TONY ROMA’S is still very much a local citizen, valuing the importance and significance of cultures and celebrations. Knowing that hours of fasting is no easy feat and understanding that the breaking of fast is a significant time, TONY ROMA’S brings a hint of tradition that is tantalizing and easy on the eyes, tummy and wallet, pricing its full menu at only RM359.90 for 4 – 5 pax.
This coming Ramadhan season is not just for Muslim diners, but all Malaysians who enjoy the hustle and bustle of dining with friends and family. For more information about the menu or to make a reservation, log onto www.tonyromas.com.my

“Providing an Amazing Experience to Our Team Members and Guests” is the company mission of TONY ROMA’S, one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry. A full service, casual dining family restaurant, TONY ROMA’S is where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in over 150 family restaurant locations on six continents.
Since the first outlet was opened in Florida in 1972, TONY ROMA’S has focused on serving its signature BBQ beef and lamb ribs, world famous Onion Loaf and Kickin’ Shrimp, seafood, steaks, pasta, chicken, sandwiches and burgers. The company has won numerous awards across the U.S. for the “Best Ribs” and has also received nationally acclaimed industry recognition as “The Best Ribs in America”. In 2017, TONY ROMA’S has been acknowledged as the ‘Master Franchisee of the Year’ at the Malaysia Franchise Awards 2017, proudly presented by the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA).
TONY ROMA’S first outlet in Malaysia was opened at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya on 4th October 2006. Currently, there are 9 TONY ROMA’S outlets - six in the Klang Valley, two in Johor and one in Melaka.
In Malaysia, TONY ROMA’S is not just a place for ribs anymore. The menu has been expanded to include variety for all guests; not just rib eaters. Available is an extensive selection of seafood, steaks, chicken, lamb, salad, sandwiches and burger entrées along with the most unique appetizers and mini desserts. All food items served are suitable for Muslim consumption.
Malaysia was announced as the Regional Training Centre (RTC) for TONY ROMA’S Asia Pacific during the third quarter of 2014. Due to its highly skilled professionals, easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness, Malaysia proved to be the ideal location for the RTC. The comprehensive training provided to TONY ROMA’S employees across the region includes customer service, cooking, food preparation, food hygiene, supply chain and cost management, using the latest kitchen equipment and operational procedures.
For more information about TONY ROMA’S, visit www.tonyromas.com.my

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